Owls taking flight on ABC 7 tonight!

ABC 7 KGO San Francisco will be airing a story on LTWC’s owls tonight on the 6pm News!

Not in the Bay Area? Check out the ABC website later tonight for the video!

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LTWC on ABC-7 News, KGO TV San Francisco tonight at 6pm

If you’re in the Bay Area, be sure to tune into ABC-7 News on KGO TV tonight at 6pm for a story on Cinder and the other bears in LTWC’s care.

Not in the area? Check out ABC-7′s website for the story tonight.

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Cinder on KOMO TV 4 in Seattle

Check out the great piece about Cinder that KOMO TV 4 Seattle aired last night!

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Looking for bear updates?

Welcome! As you may have heard, we have our hands full with bear cubs this year!

We have received many requests for updates on Cinder, the burned bear cub who was flown to LTWC from Washington. Cinder’s paws were badly burned. Her burn management includes changing her dressings every other day, and keeping her on pain medication for the time being. However, she is healing as expected!

We are currently developing a page just for updates on Cinder and the other bears in LTWC’s care. In the meantime, please visit our Facebook page for the most current updates (you can see updates even if you do not have a Facebook account): https://www.facebook.com/laketahoewildlifecare


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Join us at the LTWC Open House August 3!

Come join us during the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Open House!

When: August 3, 2014 from 10am  until 4pm.
Where: Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, 1485 Cherry Hills Circle, South Lake Tahoe.
What: during our annual Open House, LTWC opens its doors to the general public for tours. You will get to learn about our facility, see animals live on our exclusive closed circuit monitors (even the 9 bears!), and of course shop for goodies.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about local wildlife and the work that LTWC does. We look forward to seeing you on August 3!

LTWC Open House

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Mystery of Unbearably Cute Cub Named Tahoe Solved

NBC News has posted a story with more information about our new little guest. Check out the full story here, and enjoy the BEAR League’s video of Tahoe, below.

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Bear Cub Video!

The video shows the little bear cub LTWC received last week chewing on a blanket and “chortling,” which is a noise bear cubs make when they are in a happy state.  Enjoy!

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5-lb Bear Cub Arrives at LTWC!

LTWC welcomed our newest guest last night — a 5.4-lb bear cub! This female cub is likely only about 10 weeks old, given her weight and overall physical condition. She is just beginning to walk (she doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet!).

So far, we have no details on this little cub’s story or where she came from. She was dropped off at the Bear League’s door yesterday with no note or additional information. Her condition is good overall, young age aside, and she is eating pretty well. Stay tuned for more details!

All photos courtesy of Dan Thrift.

5lb bear cub arrives at LTWC, April 15, 2014. Photo courtesy of Dan Thrift.

5lb bear cub arrives at LTWC, April 15, 2014. Photo courtesy of Dan Thrift.

5lb bear cub arrives at LTWC, April 15, 2014. Photo courtesy of Dan Thrift.

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Chips the Baby Bobcat video is the most popular USFS video ever!

LTWC received a message from the US Forest Service that their video highlighting Chips the Baby Bobcat is now the most popular Forest Service YouTube video ever, with nearly 210,000 views as of this writing.

Chips was just four weeks old when she was rescued by a firefighter during the Chips fire in August 2012. LTWC rehabilitated the cub and released her successfully back into the wild in April 2013.

You can check the heartwarming video out for yourself below.

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Heavenly Bear Continues to Heal

Heavenly (the bear rescued from Heavenly Mountain Resort earlier this month) is continuing his recovery. Below are a few photos from his examination at LTWC last week.

Heavenly gets a checkup

Heavenly gets a checkup last week at LTWC.

Heavenly's lacerations are healing nicely.

Heavenly’s lacerations are healing nicely.

Heavenly is expected to continue his recovery, has a good appetite and is getting along well with the other cubs that are rehabbing at LTWC. Be sure to check them out on LTWC’s webcams:

Cam1: Bear Cub Play Area

Cam2: Bear Cub Feeding Area

Cam3: Bear Cub Sleeping Area

Bears are one of the most costly animals for LTWC to rehab. With the cost of food and medications, it will cost about $1,000 to rehab Heavenly before he’s released. If you can help, please click the “donate” button on the right. Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc. (LTWC) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Our Federal ID number is 94-2799765.

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