LTWC’s search for a new home

Golden eagle arrives at LTWC

This adult male golden eagle came into LTWC on Tuesday, April 10, from Squaw Valley. He arrived with major blood loss from the wrist area of his left wing; how he was injured remains a mystery.

The eagle received a few sutures. Although he’s not eating on his own right now, we’re able to feed it via tube. We’ll keep you posted on how he’s doing.

Click the image below to enlarge. Thanks to Dan Thrift for the photo.
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San Luis Obispo Cub Returned to the Wild

As of this past Thursday (March 29, 2012), the San Luis Obispo cub was successfully released back to the wild.

The image below shows Barry Trammell and Dr. Kevin Willits moving the bear cub down from her perch in LTWC’s bobcat cage in order to prepare her for release.

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The black bear cub originally arrived at LTWC weighing only 16 pounds, and with a severe injury under her chin that made it impossible for her to swallow. When the Department of Fish and Game picked her up this past Thursday, she weighed in at 35 pounds — a healthy bear ready to live life outside of LTWC.

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