Two River Otters Meeting for the First Time

Two River Otters Meeting for the First Time

In May, WildCare (of San Rafael, CA) admitted a young baby river otter. The otter, who was too young to swim, was found drowning in Corte Madera Creek. After stabilizing the cold and hungry baby for several days, WildCare transferred the young otter to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, so she could learn to swim in our river otter pool.

By August, the young otter had mastered swimming. However, since she was the only otter admitted to LTWC all summer, we transferred her to Sonoma Wildlife Rescue in Petaluma, CA, which had a (male) orphaned river otter who was also alone.

The video below takes the story from there. Thank you to WildCare for this wonderfully funny and heartwarming video!

Chips the Bobcat

Many of you may already know that LTWC has a new visitor — a young bobcat kitten named Chips, who was rescued from the Chips fire near Lake Almanor, CA.

[singlepic id=143 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The little kitten is on her way to recovery after suffering second degree burns on her paws.  Please check out our new Chips the Bobcat page to check in on her progress, and see Chips photos, videos and news stories.