Meeks Bay Bear Cub Video

KTXL, Fox40 in Sacramento, did a very nice piece on the Meeks Bay bear cub this past Tuesday (June 11th) — click the here to check it out. Thank you to Dennis Shanahan!

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2 Responses to Meeks Bay Bear Cub Video

  1. KJSacramento says:

    I saw your organization on the news and came to your site to learn more. I clicked the video on the bobcat, but it was overridden by the duplicate running of the bear cub story. While your embedded news story about the bear cub is nice, I could not shut it off – it kept restarting, preventing me from continuing my interest in other areas of your website. I thought you should know, as this drove me from your site from irritation, not lack of interest. I will come back another time when I feel more patient so I can learn more and share some of your stories on Facebook.

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