Mystery of Unbearably Cute Cub Named Tahoe Solved

NBC News has posted a story with more information about our new little guest. Check out the full story here, and enjoy the BEAR League’s video of Tahoe, below.

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4 Responses to Mystery of Unbearably Cute Cub Named Tahoe Solved

  1. Gloria Armstrong says:

    I have seen the article about little Tahoe and saw her feeding from a bottle placed in a stuffed duck. I I thought you may desire to have a stuffed bear that looks like her and very authentic looking stuffed bear which we listed for auction on EBay which looks like Tahoe that his caregivers might wish to purchase to place his feeding bottle into. It is listed as Item No. 141271401514, seller name: armstsidglo. Will also send a link if you send me an email. the stuffed bear is 33 inches tall – pretty large. Regards.

    • Terry says:

      Wouldn’t have hurt to have bought the stuffed bear from ebay and donated it to the folks at LTWC for their baby bears!! They aren’t made of money and depend on donatiions!!

  2. KC says:

    Thank you for posting this video here, could you post the other ones from their site. “Tahoe” looking forward to watching you grow up.

    • KC says:

      Well see there are more on their site of Tahoe. May try to view them another way. She is a cute bear I would like to see grow up, be released and have her own cubs one day.

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