New Video: River Otter’s First Swim!

Click below to watch a new video of a young river otter taking its first swim!

This video was filmed in LTWC’s River Otter Rehab cage, which is a great environment for orphaned otters like this one to learn to swim and fish–skills that are vital to their survival. This otter will get a lot more practice here over the next couple of months before it is released back to the wild.

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2 Responses to New Video: River Otter’s First Swim!

  1. Karen says:

    Just so adorable. Would love to hold one, but I do know that is not the best for the otter.

  2. Janice S Johnson says:

    This video is just wonderful. The otter looks like he is really enjoying the swim. You gys do such a good job. Thank you

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