Photos: Open House 2012

otter-picture-taking-2Thanks to everyone who showed for our annual Open House this past Sunday! Nearly 1,100 people visited LTWC to see the river otter pup, bobcat kittens, raccoons, and the many other orphaned and injured birds and animals that LTWC is raising and rehabilitating this summer.

Thanks also to all our wonderful volunteers who made this day possible.

Missed the Open House? Check out the photos from this year’s Open House, courtesy of local photographer John Adamski. Want to see more wildlife in action? Be sure to check out our webcam and video pages.

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3 Responses to Photos: Open House 2012

  1. Susan Gethen says:

    Wondering about the Bobcat “Chips”?

  2. Craig Carter says:

    Would like to get an update on Chips too. Any new news?

  3. Bill Mayne says:

    Hows CHIPS Doing?

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