About Supporting LTWC

Who needs to support us? You!
As our communities spread outward and the forests and wetlands diminish, the survival of our remaining wildlife becomes critical. Without your financial support, many injured or orphaned creatures who desperately need help will be turned away. If these animals, cannot be adequately cared for, the loss affects us all. Please! Help us to help them. Let us not lose the pleasure of listening to songbirds, watching the flight of wild geese, and knowing that when we walk in the forest, we are not alone.

Where do the funds go?
Funds are used to purchase food, medical supplies, veterinary assistance and housing. Special formulas are needed for the raising of infant mammals and birds. All injured wildlife receive immediate medical attention. For the best possible care, adequate and safe housing is provided. Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc. also provides community education by presenting illustrated and informative lectures to local schools and service clubs, giving children (and adults) a good start in wildlife awareness.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc. (LTWC) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Our Federal ID number is 94-2799765.

Membership Benefits
As a member, you will be kept up to date with the latest advances in wildlife rehabilitation through the newsletter, The Quill. Here you will find articles on orphan care, upcoming activities and events and always very interesting stories. Each year, for a very nominal charge, a training seminar is held where those who would like to become an Active Volunteer can learn the latest techniques in the care and rehabilitation of wildlife. A membership card in LTWC is issued to those successfully completing this educational session.

Becoming a Member
Honorary membership is open to everyone. Honorary members support LTWC with an annual financial contribution. Click here to donate to LTWC.

Active: Active members help care for injured and orphaned wildlife. Active members must take LTWC’s annual training class, which is usually held in May. The first year of membership is included with the cost of the training class. Click here for more information.

Volunteers: LTWC needs volunteers from all walks of life to help with fundraisers and events, as well as just about anything and everything that is involved in running a wildlife center! If you can donate a talent or service, or just a little free time that you’re willing to donate to a good cause, visit our Volunteers page for more information.

One Response to About Supporting LTWC

  1. Pamela Aronson says:

    Hi, I have been a registered nurse for almost 32 years and though I don’t currently work at the bedside, I’ve performed complex dressing changes, tube feedings, intravenous starts and the like. I would love to contribute time and assistance if you are looking for anyone with a clinical background. I work during the days at Barton, but can give time in the evenings or weekends. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need assistance. My work number is 530-543-5899. Thank you!

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