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Membership Types
Membership Levels
The Quill
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Membership Types:

Honorary: Honorary membership is open to everyone. Honorary members support LTWC with an annual financial contribution. Click here to donate to LTWC and become an honorary member or to renew your honorary membership.

Active: Active members help care for injured and orphaned wildlife. Active members must take LTWC’s annual training class, which is usually held in May. The first year of membership is included with the cost of the training class. Click here for more information.

Volunteers: LTWC needs volunteers from all walks of life to help with fundraisers and events, as well as just about anything and everything that is involved in running a wildlife center! If you can donate a talent or service, or just a little free time that you’re willing to donate to a good cause, visit our Volunteers page for more information.

Membership Levels:
Membership level is determined by donation amount, as follows:
Black Bear $10,000
Bobcat $5,000
Bald Eagle $2,500
Golden Eagle $1,000
Great-Horned Owl $500
Beaver $300
Merganser $150
Red-Tailed Hawk $100
Raccoon $65
Fawn $35
Steller’s Jay $20

The Quill
As an LTWC member, you will automatically receive The Quill, LTWC’s newsletter.
You may choose to receive your issue in the mail or via email.

LTWC’s Online Community
Discuss what’s happening at LTWC or your love for wildlife, comment on what’s happening on the webcam, post photos and videos, and meet other LTWC supporters from across the world by participating in LTWC’s online community!

  • Facebook: Click here to like LTWC on Facebook and receive LTWC news, photos and video clips in your news feed.
  • Message board: You’ll find most of LTWC’s online community in the comments section of the webcam page. Pop over and say hello!
  • Comments: Share your thoughts in the comments sections throughout

2 Responses to Membership

  1. Michelle Whited says:

    Tom, If this is you…Forgive me- (It’s Michelle ) My cellular charge died.

    I said the bulk of what I wanted you to know… Thank you for everything.

    The animals are blessed to have you both over-seeing their lives.

  2. Kristen Remondini says:

    I was excited to hear about your orginization. We live in Kings Beach and I have an eight year old animal enthusiast. Is it possible for her to volunteer on some level next summer? How old do you have to be for the annual training class? Thanks Kristen

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