Li’l Smokey Videos

Below is LTWC’s collection of Li’l Smokey videos. Li’l Smokey was a bear cub who arrived at LTWC in July 2008 after a firefighter rescued him from a forest fire. Although Smokey arrived with severe burns on all four of his paws, he was rehabilitated back to full health by LTWC and released back into the wild in February 2009. Smokey received national media attention and drew the attention of thousands of fans who followed his story from rescue to release.

One Response to Li’l Smokey Videos

  1. Christopher Knisely says:

    I would like to know if Lil Smokey has been seen since his release. I sure hope he has survived, he missed much learning he would have gained from being with his mother. I also want to say thank you for what you do at LTWC. I wish I had a job or lived near by, I would be sending you money and volunteering for anything you need. It is a great and noble thing LTWC is providing.

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