Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

If you have found an injured or orphaned bird or animal:

  1. Never approach an animal you feel is dangerous. Err on the side of caution.
  2. Keep the animal warm.
  3. Do not give it any food or water.
  4. If possible, put babies back in their nest. In most cases, their mother is getting food and will return.
  5. If you are in the Lake Tahoe area, call Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care at 530.577.CARE (530.577.2273)
  6. Bring the animal to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care at 1485 Cherry Hills Circle, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150-4921. If you are not in the Lake Tahoe area, please contact the wildlife center closest to you.


4 Responses to Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

  1. Lisa Hull says:

    I was hoping for an update on the bear cub flown into you from WA just this past week. I understand he was pretty badly burned and after seeing pictures of the poor little guy can’t help but be worried about him. Any news would be awesome!

    Thanks, Lisa

  2. John Arnold says:

    I know your busy down there and the information I have to give isn’t an emergency so I won’t call again. There is a coyote den located under a storm drain grate just beyond the wooden retaining wall at the cold creek pump station. My dogs located the den and it was partially covered with roofing material so the coyote wasn’t immediately visible but the growl coming from the drain was such that it sounded like a badger or something. I checked the other end of the drain and it opens before the creek and is about 100ft. of 10in pipe. I don’t know if she has had her babies yet but I know it’s a coyote because I stuck a stick through the grate and her nose and forehead darted out and broke the stick. I have passed the location on 3 occasions over the past week and she is still there. A lot of people and their dogs pass this drain on a weekly basis. As long as there aren’t any flash floods I guess she will be OK, I would hate to drop something in the drain and reach my hand in to get it. OUCH

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Thank you for the information. Coyotes here in Tahoe seem to prefer storm drains for dens & often have their pups in them. We’ve had several occasions where the young pups were out playing & people picked them up & brought them to the center ” assuming” they were orphaned. It’s worrisome with all the dogs & people in that area but hopefully you can spread the word to just make a wide berth around her & leave them alone. Thank you for your concern!

  3. Scott "Oly" Olsen says:

    I’m from Sierra Army Depot. I dropped off a bird yesterday to one of your voluteers at the Sierra Summit Mall, Just was woundering the status. Thanks for all you do!

    Environmental Chief

    ps Imature Golden Eagle or Sharp Shin

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