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LTWC License Plate Cover

LTWC Plastic License Plate Cover $1
Show your support for LTWC all around town!



Animal Magnet

LTWC Magnet $1
Keep LTWC’s phone number and website handy with this adorable magnet.

LTWC Letter Opener


LTWC Letter Opener $1
Our letter opener features the multi-color LTWC logo.


LTWC Tote Bag

LTWC Tote Bag
The LTWC tote bag is available in 25th or 30th Anniversary additions and features our one-color LTWC artwork on the front. Great for carrying your stuff to the beach, to work, or as a reusable grocery bag.

Addition :

LTWC Poster

LTWC Poster $5
“If all the beasts were gone, man would die from loneliness of spirit for whatever happens to the beast, happens to man.”


LTWC Note Cards

LTWC Metal License Plate Holder $10

LTWC Note Cards feature images of Sierra wildlife.
Single Card $3

Two Cards $5


All prices in the LTWC Store include sales tax.$6 per item will be added for shipping.
If you would prefer to pick your items up at LTWC, please call 530.577.2273 to place your order.

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