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3 Responses to Bears

  1. JW says:

    I was a dedicated follower of LTWC when Smokey was around. I stumbled across the webcam link in my favorties menu on my internet browser today and cannot believe I lost touch, however it’s amazing to see how many other animals I don’t recognize that have gotten your help. All of Smokey’s pictures brought tears to my eyes. I love that (little) guy and hope he is doing well (?) Keep up your amazing work LTWC!!!

  2. Joe says:

    Funny to see a bear cub play with a stuffed teddy bear human invention. Bear cubs look nice and fun but they are wild animals and do not do well as pets. Best of luck to the little bear cubs.

  3. Diana Lynn Smith, Ph.D says:

    Spectacular work, photography demonstrating progressive steps towards eventual return to the wilds, and your obvious devotion have elevated my spirits this Sunday morning. Thanks to each one of you for your dedication, education and determination!

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