Cam 1: Bear Cub Play Area

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  1. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    I haven’t seen a cub climb on the barrel, then climb up the chains until there was nowhere to go. Then he came down and leapt onto the tire and swung on that. They’re in and out of the pool, too. Little boy was investigating the bowling ball over the drain hole. He rolled it away. Somehow, there being just two of them, they seem to be trying stuff that other cubs have not tried, maybe because there were more of them and they were distracted. These kids challenge each other, too! One of them leaned down over the pool, cantilevered from the log stool! And they’re so quick! Now what about that plywood square . . . maybe . . . uh-oh, a closeup of little tummy and fur . . . and she’s around to the right. I called, got Tom. He says they do that every day. Fun!

  2. Linda mcKenzie says:

    That brother bear is a bully to his sister!!! Don’t take it little one. Get him back. These two are fun to watch. I am having fun watching the cam again. Thanks, LTWC.

  3. Lori says:

    Yeah back in view…. Thank you Tom!

  4. Linda McKenzie says:

    G’morning, LTWC and everyone!

    It’s been years since I posted on one of the blogs here at LTWC. Just had a text from Andrea about a “Spider Monkey” so had to check. One of the little cubs is going all around the playroom, up high. They are so fun to watch! I still wish the bear cams had sound. I love their growls and different little noises.

    Anyway, Bear Hugs to some and STB to others!

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Yo, Leenda! Great to hear from you! Surely you know you really don’t want to have sound at feeding time; it sounds like they’re killing each other! Maybe not these two so much. When they first woke up here, they reminded me of little lottery winners in a luxury hotel suite, wandering from room to room — but staying close! Let’s pray for no more bears this summer!

      • Linda mcKenzie says:

        Mimi, I love the different sounds the cubs make. I also know a cam with sound would be more expensive.

  5. Andrea says:

    Love the spider monkey.

  6. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Our big bears are getting so strong! Just now they were both chewing ropes — one with the green ball and I believe the little sis swinging the right-hand tire and chewing on that rope. They seem to be very much siblings, watching each other, playing monkey-see, monkey-do. After all, they have nobody else to copy! . . . Now they’ve found a rope to far left of screen. . . . The floor looks pretty clean. Of course with only two cubs, not so much poop! I was sorry to miss the ground-breaking but when I heard Chico One and Two wouldn’t be there — and the VA had scheduled appointments! I did find great rain boots at Costco in Carson City coming back from Reno. Rain boots in July? Told Denise. Great to come home!

  7. Lori says:

    Thank you for fixing the webcam in the cub play area! They bring laughter and a happy heart each day. Smiles

  8. KC says:

    Hope the Dedication ceremony goes well today :-) looking forward to everything being completed in the near future. Thank you to everyone making this happen.

  9. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Here’s one cub playing with the lime green ball, hanging onto its string, having a great time! The sibling is walking around the bed and food rooms. I’m no expert except as bears are a bit like us. They seemed to be hanging together a lot at first. If I were dropped into a vast mansion with my brother, I’d — well, but these two have come through a lot and the new place must have seemed huge to them. May all the other cubs stay with their moms and no more bears need this facility this year! . . . Now he’s run off through the door . . .

  10. MF says:

    Omg, these two are always trying to escape. Both of them way up on the wall. One made its way around the room (including right in front of the camera) until he.she could drop onto the logs. The second bear is still up at the top of the wall on the far right hand side. I hope he/she isn’t stuck. I saw the door (just right of the cam) open twice really fast. Mimi, can they see outside from this space?

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Hi, MF! No, they can only look up and see trees, sky, snow in season, clouds and rain lately (thunder this afternoon). The playroom is semi-outdoors. I wish they were more in touch with the outdoors. They will be at the new place. Sometimes they sit on that mid-level bench and look up, sniffing the air, sensing season changes. In the Bobcat House, they could look out. Just know that people are watching — and we can call if we think we see a big problem. One day a cub went way up the right-hand wall here and appeared really stuck. Several watchers called. Here came Tom with a big green ladder. He just leaned it against the wall and left. Cub came down.

      • MF says:

        Thanks Mimi. I have watched these 2 get up really high and hang in front of the cameras for minutes on end. They are real go getters. I think I was watching when the one cub got really stuck. Having fun watching their antics. I wish they had a window they could look out and see what is going on. I think that is maybe why they are climbing, trying to see out. Always curious. When will the new place be ready?

        • Mimi at Tahoe says:

          Alas, we have one more season in this same place. Dedication ceremony is next week. Will have local minister, Rabbi, Native Americans. I have medical appointments in Reno, so will miss it. The rest of this warm season, they’ll be removing a few trees that are in the way. Then construction begins next spring. So our bears won’t see the outdoors until 2017. Then a huge change for everyone involved. Volunteers now wear color-coded tabards: blue for peons, green for shift leads, and black for the generals who can run it when Tom and Cheryl are away. Huge changes! I’d love to live to see the second building go up with theatre, gift shop, cafe, etc. It will be a wonderful stop for visiting families.

  11. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    They’re playing this morning, just being adorable and having a happy childhood despite losing their mom. Still staying nearby. I’m finding one of the ads offensive — still, it pays for this . . . and what a show!

  12. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    It’s hot today and both cubs are up top napping and rasseling a bit. They’re still so little. They woke up in this gorgeous three-room house a couple days ago after some weeks in the Bobcat House and went wandering all through just amazed! We still put out their warmed “bear milk” formula in two non-flip dishes which they fight over and tip over! If/when more orphaned cubs arrive, these two will be the big kids! Sad at first, they do move on and have a happy childhood here before release to the wild around February. [Not talking down to the regulars! I just sent new FB and eBay friends here.]

  13. KC says:

    These cubs are real adventurous. A couple times today they have been up at the camera, you could just see the fur. They love to explore and climb.

    • KC says:

      One is in front of the camera again, they are climbers for sure. They block out the view with their adventures.

  14. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Thanks for that picture, MF! I saw one climb clear out of the picture one day. Right now it’s 3:07 p.m. on a lovely warm day. At least one is up on the top shelf snoozing. I think they’re both up there, but the picture is a tad fuzzy and they’re so little! They were blown away to wake up in a three-room house! Management decided to give the Bobcat House to Tom’s otter! (Tom being his caregiver)

  15. MF says:

    I am just laughing at these cubs. One is climbing the wall and the other one is under neath pushing him/her up. So cute, little jailbreakers!

  16. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    A lot has happened since March! Now we have Chico One and Chico Two exploring their huge new house. They seem to be staying together quite a bit. Of course they’re climbing the walls, looking for a way out. So these cubs are the first ones for this season. Maybe all the cubs will stay with their moms this year. Maybe all the moms will keep out of the way of cars and poachers and stupid hunters. . .

  17. KC says:

    Gardner is on the upper shelf playing around. Has been laying in the doorway to the sleeping room lately. Nice to see him up wandering around.

    • KC says:

      All 3 bears are in here playing around today. They look like they’ve lost weight. Will they be fed or released soon?

  18. KC says:

    Well 2 bears are up wandering around wanting something to do.

  19. Linda G says:

    Cleaning this area. Cubs in next room, very interested – listening through the door.

    • Joan says:

      Is webcam working during hibernation?

      • Rose says:

        We miss seeing the bears! No more bear cams? :(

        • Denise@LTWC says:

          Sorry about the webcams being down. We’re having some electrical issues & it might be a few days more to figure out what’s going on! So cold here now the bears are pretty much hunkered down so not much to watch. You might be able to catch a glimpse of the new cub in the Bobcat cage though!

          • Rose says:

            Thanks! So glad to see them again even if it is like checking on sleeping kids 😉 I wish we could see more of the new cubs too. Thank you to all of you kind folks that take such great care of these little creatures!

  20. Nadine says:

    Hi guys, I must admit, I haven’t been able to see much on this cam for about a month – is there some plastic over it to protect it from the weather?
    Hope everyone is keeping warm and well!

  21. KC says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great day everyone. Thank you for all you do and have done.

  22. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Something is about to happen! No bears in here. White highlights all over indicating marshmallow treats placed. A good-sized tree branch propped in the corner. And something in the pool, something moving in lower left corner. What is that? Live fish? The head of a worker doing something? Door must be closed because the cubs would come running otherwise when they smell the treats.

  23. Nadine says:

    Gardner Rockstar Bear and Bieber 2 are tussling really gently on the shelf. First it was just Gardner all alone – one small bear with a white chest blaze. Then Bieber never to let a bear occupy a top shelf alone, arrived. They started by nuzzling, very affectionately, with Gardner rubbing the top of his head under Bieber’s chin and chest, both using each other as gentle scratching posts. Some really lovely fraternising going on there. Everyone loves Gardner. What a nice bear!

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Thanks for your beautiful description, Nadine! I got over to FB last night, read fresh comments about cubs being fed only once a day now and will probably be denning by the end of the month. Also dishy shots of Tahoe and Tom’s paragraph about how well Gardner settled in — one quite remarkable bear! And to top it off, the shot of Gardner with his guitar!

    • Linda G says:

      Yes – great comments. I haven’t seen them enough lately to recognize them and their different personalities, so I appreciate hearing about what they’re up to during the day!

  24. Chris says:

    How many bears can fit on one shelf?? Right now there is six busy bears up on the top shelf..

  25. Chris says:

    Oh my, I haven’t laughed so hard.. There are 2 bears in the room. Each has a hold of different ropes. One is laying on his back on the lower shelf and just having a hay day pushing the buoy back and forth. The other cub is a little more troublesome on the upper shelf as he’s trying to climb the rope but I think he may end up swinging like Tarzan if he’s not careful…

    • Linda G says:

      Tonight a cub is batting around the ball on the left – I can barely see him (or her) in the dark, but the ball is flying around. One of the cubs really liked that one when he (or she) was tiny – maybe it’s the same cub. Stronger batting swings these days!

  26. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Nobody has written here for awhile! Just now a man in a hat opened the door and poked his head in. A couple of cubs ran! I’m counting 6. They’re milling about on the floor. One quite small, the rest just huge! Another day in Paradise!

  27. Chris says:

    Got the feeling someone’s watching you??? Solo bear making sure the room is cleaned and now eyeing the yummy fish and fruit that is being put in there… Oh, boy, oh boy…snack time…

  28. emily in NH says:

    Maybe someone should check the climbing tree to the second shelf in the play room because I’ve never noticed it move before but it is now when there is a bear on it (or two!). I’m just afraid if there is a bear under it or up high on it if it comes detached they will get hurt… and I worry about these baby cakes!! So glad three have gone home too… I wonder if they will stay together for a while or do they let them out in three different places?

  29. Al says:

    Hi What happend to the bear cub in the play area on Wednesday oct. 22 about 9:35 your time hope everything is allright with him .

    • Andy says:

      It was 1 of 3 that were taken today by California Wildlife Agents to be released back from where they were found. Happy day! See the LTWC Facebook page for more info.

  30. Nadine says:

    Hysterical to see them all piled up on that top shelf. They really like to sleep altogether in one big bunch don’t they? I reckon they sure are gonna miss each other come Winter denning and Spring releases. They’re such a hoot this lot. Even when they’re not doing anything. My goodness, what characters! Love them all. <3

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Oh, Nadine, they’ll be sleeping all piled together for a couple of months! We can’t see much, but they don’t all go to separate spots to den. They snuggle up for warmth. Like anybody with a little sense.

  31. cathy elizabeth levin says:

    Everyone back to your respective corners!! LOL!
    Right now., is it WRESTLING PLAYTIME in the PLAY ROOM!!- Friday 11:50am east coast time…
    Boy …if this doesn’t give NEW MEANING to the ‘COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE’ I don’t know what does!! LOL!LOL!

  32. Judy says:

    It is very hard to see the web cam at certain times of the day and nite-it is 7:17 pm and it is very washed out and other times it is not.
    They are all up and active and hate missing the play and action.
    Maybe you can correct this?

  33. Nadine says:

    There’s a bear cub hanging out in the barrel and a couple of other cubs outside it having a discussion about it. I think they’re discussing taking turns. It’s interesting to watch, and even the two cubs on the lower shelf are paying attention. At one point everyone got involved in that squabble. The lid over the top of the barrel is definitely very nice for their inquisitiveness. They love to be able to pry open things and get inside.

    Good to see all the cubs so healthy and big! Also, that the shelf is still holdin’ up!

    • Chris says:

      LOL they are playing king of the barrell. It’s quite entertaining to watch the cubs wrestle and play.. And then there’s the lone bear up on the shelf watching. Maybe he’s the refere..

  34. Al says:

    WOW two bears were haveing quite the fight in the play area on the top rack an the smaller cub did not back down at all an it sure looked like it was getting out of hand.I sure would like to see a pic of tahoe an how big she is getting.You people are doing great work i wish i was closer because i would help out alot i just love the critters lol God Bless .

  35. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Wow! Ten fortunate bear cubs! Housekeeping was just in here. Now the kids are back, so rambunctious! They’re finding huge silvery fish in their pool. These kids will den and hopefully wake up in a new place, new year, and better weather. The drought has really done a number on wildlife. 25 hungry bears captured and moved to wilderness recently. Two not so lucky. A dead bear found in NYC recently, being investigated. Didn’t say how he died. Article said there are lots of bears in New Jersey! And Maine is having its bear hunt. I liked Maine til I heard that!

    • emily in NH says:

      I saw a report today that said the bear in Central Park had been hit by a car. So sad because it was described as a 3′ tall cub and reminded me so much of LTWC’s honey bears. My opinion is that it didn’t necessarily get hit in the Park… hopefully they are still investigating it. And as far as ME goes… shame on them!! They still allow baiting, trapping and hunting down with dogs…. real “sporting” of them!! I recently signed a petition against it so there are people out there trying to stop it… let’s wish them success. On the other hand there are groups that tag them in the winter to keep track of them and keep them from being overpopulated but also care about keeping them alive and relocating them.

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        I signed that petition, too, Emily — or another like it! Thanks for bear update. NH is beautiful. We visited when I was 7. Time to come back!

  36. Nadine says:

    What is going on in here tonight! 6 stooges on the top shelf, and one giant black cub walks up the log and now there is a kerfuffle and reshuffle while he fits himself in regardless of who he steps on in the way, everyone works it out. I suspect there will be more soon enough, I just hope the shelf holds! 😉
    Eyes glow in the dark at the cam. Just a bit earlier everyone was pawing the walls up there – at insects maybe?

  37. Andy says:

    What a crack up! It’s like a bunch of 3 yr. olds having a sleep-over without Mom and Dad!

    • Andy says:

      At 1:00 am it was a free-for-all in there! They need a Mama Bear to keep them in line.

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        Interesting you posted that- when I cleaned this AM I noticed they had spent most of the night on the play side which is very unusual ( can tell this by how much poop there is) as they usually sleep on the feed side. We’re they playing or did it look like something spooked them?

        • KC says:

          Denise they were playing last night and right now there looks like a lot of them are in there on both ledges and there is a little movement like some are not ready to sleep yet :-) so another slumber party in the play room.

          • Linda G says:

            Maybe they’ve been extra-rambunctious at night because of the hot temperatures during the day. Today at 9am they’re still very busy!
            & they’re getting so big!

        • Bobbie D. says:

          Denise there were still 6 cubs wrestling and the 2 smaller ones trying to sleep on the top shelf in the playroom at 2:30AM when I last checked in on them. They were very much having the time of their lives and the only thing missing were the pillows. The other 2 cubs were sound asleep on the shelf in the feeding room..

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Can’t WAIT to see how it goes putting this many bears into hibernation! With HALF this many there was always one or two troublemakers pouncing on the others trying to wake them up to play! Ought to be interesting!

      • KC says:

        Have to agree Denise it will be very interesting to see 10 bears putting their den together and all hibernating. Hope that things are coming together with the new place. Will be nice just need it to move forward.

  38. Judy says:

    the video is too washed out in the afternoon and night to see what is going on in the play area. Can it be placed better? it is like the sun is shining on the video camera.
    They are soooo cute these baby bears!

  39. emily in NH says:

    They are some CHUBBY CUBBYS !!! They’ll be lucky if one of them doesn’t get stuck in the tire swings …. love to watch them thrive!!

  40. KC says:

    The bears are rowdy this morning and wrestling, running and enjoying Friday morning. As for Brockway no worries he is defending himself.

  41. KC says:

    Cameras are offline, missing them to see what the animals are doing.

  42. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Where is everybody? Whoever asked if the cubs get to go outside, now you know this is an outdoor room. The cubs are smart enough to come in out of the rain! Wait til it snows! Fun to see them looking up in wonderment.

    • Nadine says:

      So that’s why it’s so quiet in there at times!! Yes, it was me. It’s hard to figure out the layout of the place – which room leads to which when you don’t know it personally. I think I figured it out by watching cubs when they move from room to room – looking at where they appeared and disappeared. :)
      At least you guys have been having rain at last!

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Yes, Nadine, rain at last. So the King fire is pretty well under control. The bear house has a tiny entry hall for volunteers, and the outside door gets locked! from there, one door into the play room, another into the food room. if a cub would get out one of those doors, he wouldn’t get far. These kids are gentle, peaceable. They’re shy, though aggressive with one another, especially at mealtime! One “guillotine” door between play room and food room. Another guillotine door between sleep room and food room. The sleeping room is tiny. All designed just for them. The sleeping room has been closed off occasionally to help keep a cub quiet and resting. . . . Now there’s fish all over and I saw Cinder enjoying a big fish, possibly salmon! We have 70’s now in the daytime. Lots of sun here in winter even when it’s cold or snowing. I’m so glad I moved here!

  43. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    From noon for most of an hour I was on the phone on hold bored silly and clicking over to watch these cubs. Two stretched out on the high shelf and two more just behind the yellow-green ball. One of these was on his back with his upper body leaning on the slanting log and his mouth wide open, just blissed out. The other was using his lower body as a pillow, then nuzzling and cuddling and spooning. It was too wonderful. Also frightening. What if they fell? Then someone answered and helped me. I came back to find the cub in peril moved back to a safer position, head on the shelf, right leg hanging off and his snuggle buddy curled up beside him.

  44. KC says:

    There are bears in here up and playing around. They need to visit Cinder and share a snack :-) But sorry she is older and still healing so not going to happen. Have to eat your own food. :-)

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      You’re funny, KC! Cinder certainly senses or “knows” there are other bears nearby. She would hear them at feeding time — all the fearsome sounds we’re not getting on the cam! Her home is only a few steps from the Bear House! I just watched the black cub enjoying his fish, sitting flat on the floor with fish between his paws.

  45. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    NON-BEAR WILDLIFE QUESTION: I live by the “Y” with a meadow just beyond Winnemucca Street. I love to hear the coyotes singing at night. The last two nights it’s been a lot more of them and louder and several different sings during the night. Is there any word out that they’re coming here to escape the fires to the west? I hope nobody objects to their being here or interferes with them. I was told their dens are in the bushes there in the meadow. The singing is beautiful.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Mimi – not 100% sure but I think the pups are trying to ” find their place ” in the pack & get a lot more vocal this time of year if I remember correctly. The fire being so many miles to the west I doubt they would flee this far. BUT- I could be mistaken as I’m no expert!

  46. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Just now the sun was slanting in making crazy shadows. Huge spots of bright white everywhere. And booted ladies standing working with fish. Sometimes there is plastic string on the fish, which are frozen. Have to remove that! I decided the white spots were marshmallow treats which the cubs love. After a long wait, here they came. Hoo-boy! What a scene! One white spot on top of a tire didn’t get noticed for some time. Finally a smart cub got it. Then they turned to the fish, some taking their fish upstairs to enjoy. Thus continues a happy summer in the Bear House.

  47. Al Skaja says:

    Hi .First you people do great work. Do the little bear cubs get to go outside to play ??. Also could you post a pic of my little girl Tahoe its getting hard to tell them apart. Thanks an great luck to the little cubs.

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Hi, Al! Well, this playroom IS outdoors! Wait til it snows! They’re looking up! When it starts getting seriously cold, just know they have thick warm coats. When it’s time to “den,” they go in the other two rooms of this bear house which are covered. Some people can tell them all apart. I can’t. Maybe a newer computer monitor would help. I can’t see colors of ear tags well. Just love them all as they’re together for this short time. For sure, Denise and “the powers that be” are watching and can easily tell them apart. They can spot injuries, behavior, etc.

  48. Kim says:

    Can you give an update on how Tahoe is doing — it looks like she is still pacing pretty often. Thanks!

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Tahoe is actually doing very well. She paces mainly when it’s feeding time but interacts & wrestles with the other cubs regularly which is a great sign. When I had to go in the feed area the other day to unstop the drain all 10 of them (including Tahoe) backed off when I told them to which is what we want them to do!

  49. Kat, SC says:

    Sleep, wrassling and swinging the tire swing…..lots of action going on in here with the 7 visible cubs!

  50. Kat, SC says:

    What a cute bunch of cubbies. 2 laying on the table, pawing at each other. 3 up on the shelf, 1 laying down, 1 watching, and 1 pawing at the tire rope. Would like to give each one a bear hug and a yummy treat!

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Oh, yes indeed, Kat! Their movements and interactions are so much fun to watch. Their fur looks beautiful in the sun because they’re healthy. Guess you know bear fur is not that soft! As for claws, Cheryl was simply working with a cub once years ago, maybe a sedated one — it didn’t attack her at all — its claws raked down her leg and she went to the ER!

  51. Nadine says:

    I just noticed that one of the larger bear cubs has a huge chunk of fur missing off his back. It’s very easy to spot. Is he OK? Which one is that? The cubs have been really wrassling loads and at times I have wondered how playful it all is. Now I see that I am wondering if they’re OK. Sandy’s posts are making me a tad worried. Definitely there is one cub sleeping a lot and not active (in the sleeping area, usually alone or with a larger brown cub. Is that Conway with the hurt paw? Is he on painkillers and that’s why he’s sleeping? Worried about the little tykes on Labour Day weekend.

    • Nadine says:

      Spelling mistake: Rassling. I keep using a w. I’m from England and we don’t have that word there. Presume it’s colloquial ‘Merican!!

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Your spelling is just fine, Nadine. Maybe we’re taking it from wrestling, except it’s just sibling play, not by any rules. As to the inactive cub, last night the volunteers cleaned the dining and bedrooms with at least 3 cubs in the loft in the bedroom. They wiggled and just watched. They naturally avoid people and certainly don’t attack. Of course their claws are razor sharp, can do damage without their actually meaning to. . . . When Brockway was first in the Bear House, volunteers were giving him food as he lay on the top shelf. At the time, I wondered how he got that fish! If one needs special help, they’re being watched and will get help.

    • Kim says:

      I might be Brockway… He is younger and smaller than the other cubs. Whichever cub it is , I hope he is ok!!

  52. Sandy says:

    There is a little one all alone on the top shelf of the sleeping area – hope he’s not sick. All the others played, ate the melons in the feeding room, then ate what looked like fish in the pool and something from the indentations in the logs in the playroom. But the little guy is still just lying on the top shelf of the sleep room. He’s not going to get anything to eat if he doesn’t get up and come down from there. And he looks so small – the black one was next to him on the shelf for a while and he looks half the size of the black one.

  53. Deanna Pine says:

    I can see 7 bears going at it having a great time playing. It reminds me of my house where I am fostering 7 kittens that are 6 weeks old. They eat, get really active then it’s time for a nap.

  54. Kim says:

    One of the bears was just trying to climb up the wall but fell down to the lower platform. He seems to have hurt his paw… Hope its not the conway cub with the already hurt paw. He seems to be struggling to get down the log. Hope he’s ok!!

  55. Linda says:

    Why is this one cub pacing back and forth and doesn’t join in with the rest of the cubs playing?

  56. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Oh, yum! Lovely big fish tonight!

  57. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Big thunderstorm here a few minutes ago. All but one have gone inside. Is that Tahoe dancing in lower left corner? Wait til they see the snow! That’s always a revelation, though presumably they saw snow with their moms fresh out of the den.

  58. Denise@LTWC says:

    Geri- You asked about Brockway. He is now in with the ” big bears” again as we had a cub with a sprained foot we needed to isolate & keep quiet for a bit so we played “musical bears” & swapped them! Brockway has found a friend in one of the largest cubs that I can’t quite identify due to his furry ears! When I cleaned today they snuggled together in the den so all is good! Tahoe on the other hand has become a bear wrestling champion! She may be small but she’s mighty & LOVES to wrestle & play!

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      [Boy! The math challenge is going to keep out some nice people!] Denise, your input is so enlightening! Thank you! Just now two cubs are rasseling on the top shelf. One is small, fearless. Reminds me of when I learned to SMASH in badminton! She’ll be a great momma.

  59. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    The cubs who were rasseling on the shelf beside the ball are now napping. It was four playing earlier, including the little black cub — and it’s still four. They’re tuckered!

  60. Jen C. says:

    Denise – I’m curious about the 3 Paradise cubs. Do you still think they are siblings? I wasn’t sure why this was thought to be the case since #3 was found a few weeks later. Did they seem to recognize each other when #3 arrived? Thanks.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      I’m not sure they’re siblings either. I asked Fish & Wildlife if they knew for sure but think it was more ” speculation”. Also notice he doesn’t mingle much yet so either he forgot he had siblings or these are not related to him! So without DNA testing we’ll never know! We had a pair found by their dead Mom a few years back & one was tiny & the other was huge- 2 different colors & again we ” assumed” they were siblings but never found out for sure. The mystery of wildlife rehab!

  61. Nadine says:

    This is an amazing cam. I could watch them play all day!

  62. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Oh, wow! One cub is on the platform trying to climb the wall. The little black cub is learning about good things to eat that used to be alive. It looks like an unborn fawn. Such things are donated for just this purpose. Another cub has joined him. Now they’ve dragged it out of camera range.

  63. Chris says:

    Oh love to watch bears at play. Looks like one of the bears might be Cinder?? If so, good to see her doing so well.

    • Bobbie D. says:

      Cinder is in the Bobcat cage on camera 4 and 7

    • Geri Sullivan says:

      I have a new 10 week old puppy. Cutest thing in the world. It is so hard to imagine that Tahoe was half her size when she arrived at LTWC. Please tell me more about Tahoe and how she is doing? I don’t see her pacing as much as she use to, so that must be a good thing. And Brockway is pretty small too, how is he/she doing?? Always looking forward to an update!

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        Tahoe is doing MUCH better! Once in a while she paces a bit but started wrestling with a few of the bears ( she has a crush on the black one I think!) a few weeks ago & seems to realize she’s ” one of the gang”! She has come a long way hasn’t she? Brockway was just a little too timid to mingle yet so she has her own enclosure for a bit till she gains more weight & gets more confident! With this many cubs and all the different personalities it’s a challenging process to keep everyone happy!

        • Denise@LTWC says:

          Oh wait – Brockway is a HE not a she! I’ll never keep this straight LOL!

          • Geri Sullivan says:

            Thank you Denise! My sister is Denise and turns 50 today! Glad to hear Tahoe is doing well. I thought I saw Brockway with the other bears for awhile, but he seemed so small compared to the others. They are all growing like crazy and I could only imagine how intimidating it would be to be around a bunch of bear cubs all at once.

          • Geri Sullivan says:

            Can anyone say how the Brockway bear cub is doing with the big cubs? And how about Tahoe? They are all getting so big!

  64. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    A volunteer just finished in here, after cleaning and setting out treats. Looks like Brockway stayed on the top shelf while she worked. Then just now the rest of the gang came in and found the goodies. Oh, boy! Looks like fish in the pool and elsewhere. Looks like Brockway has a fish! This place is jumpin’!

  65. Elisabeth says:

    I found your site by following Cinder’s story. You are doing such wonderful work in caring for and rehabilitating these dear cubs, and all the animals in your care.

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Good morning, Elizabeth! Thanks for your kind words! Yes, it’s uplifting to watch the cubs play. They arrive underweight, hurt, traumatized — and pretty soon they’re healing, growing, getting frisky. Everybody just wants to LIVE! . . . Looks like Brockway cub up on shelf and is that Tahoe doing her dance routine at bottom of screen?

  66. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    One cub napping on the top shelf just now. Tires not even swinging, but the cub shifted, so it’s real. Cool and muggy today with more thunder storms expected. Weird weather! Only one cub!!! Where is everybody?

  67. Kim says:

    Which cub is being kept alone in the play area with the door closed? Its so nice to see all of the other cubs cuddling together in the sleeping area.

    • KC says:

      looks like Brockway is there now. Cinders is in where he was in 4 or 7. They are sure moving the bears around. Cinders is getting around pretty well though.

  68. Vicki E - Tucson, AZ says:

    Wish I knew what the little guy was playing with in the lower left corner. He is having a lot of fun with it, whatever it is!

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Vicki- 2 new bear toys ! The one in the lower left is a Kong toy stuffed with goodies- put there to help block Tahoe pacing & it seems to be working! Today we just put in a horse toy ( looks like a fire hydrant on its side) that dispenses food as its rolled around. It caused a ( almost) bear riot the first hour or so but seems like things have settled down for now. There WILL be some action soon as we are shifting bears around as we just got in cub #11 – believed to be the Paradise twins 3’rd sibling. Never a dull moment!

      • KC says:

        Denise wow 11 bears, is the new one that you think is a sibling of the Paradise bears a male or female and when do we get to see him/her?

        • Denise@LTWC says:

          I don’t think we know the sex yet- came JUST as I was leaving today so we need a vet check before we introduce
          Him/ her to everyone but news people from Reno were there so THEY probably know more then me LOL!!!

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Many thanks, Denise! I know how hard you work — and to be our reporter on the ground as well — just great!

  69. Bobbie D. says:

    The race is on this afternoon. The cubbies must have eaten jumping beans for brunch today because they have been racing from one room to the other chasing and wrestling each other. So nice to see all of the kids acting like real fierce bears.

  70. KC says:

    Looks like Paradise (Female) is in here and Brockway is in the Bobcat enclosure.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      I’m not working there today so ” thought” they might be changing bears around! Guess I’ll get the scoop tomorrow! Nothing stays the same for long at that place LOL!!!

  71. Denise@LTWC says:

    I WATCHED Tahoe wrestle with another bear today! I was over to drop off crawdads for them & couldn’t believe my eyes! She bit him ( green tag but cant remember if its right or left ear?) in the back to initiate the play & it was ” game on” for quite a while as they wrestled ! It was out of camera range but my great nephew got a video of it on his camera so as soon as he gets it to me we’ll post it! She’s got a way to go but is turning into a proper bear!

    • KC says:

      Looking forward to the video Denise. Tahoe is coming around to standing her ground. Will Paradise (female) and Brockway be with other bears soon? Hope that Brockway is getting bigger. Can see that Paradise is chewing on things so guess her mouth is healing up.

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        Waiting till Paradise gets a vet/ dental check to move her over with the others. She’s doing very well & eats almost anything ((including about half a dozen pools!) which is a good sign! Brockway is starting to eat much better but because he’s so small might group some of the smaller ones together in the Bobcat cage for a while. Still trying to figure out what’s best for all the bears!

  72. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    One cub on top level enjoying a fish. Who’s that? I miss working here. Will hurry back ASAP.

  73. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    What a happy picture! Barrel swinging, tires swinging, sunbeams bouncing all over, bear cubs all over, fish in the pool . . . and now they’ve found the fish! Fish gone from the pool, often dragged off to a nice spot for a bear to enjoy it.

  74. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Well, the door is down and SEVEN cubs are jumping around waiting for it to come up so they can eat! Meanwhile, they’re running up and down, pushing the tires, holding the big ball. One cub leaned out and touched the wall from the log bridge and then was not sure how to get back in balance. Tahoe was investigating the closed door when the coal black cub approached and seemed to have a word with her. A friend commented that he is befriending her and helping her adjust to life in the bear house. . . . and the door just opened and there they go! And now here’s Barry on this side. Happy Sunday, everybody!

    • KC says:

      Mimi think that Tahoe is coming around slowly have seen her sleeping near other bears and interacting with others. I’ve seen her stand up on her hind legs towards others. She does still pace but not always, she has lots of energy. Would love to see her with Paradise female to see how they get along. That female has issues with wanting to chew on things. Just hope that her mouth heals up so she can go with the other bears. I am surprised she is coping without her brother. And Brockway needs to come join them too. :-)

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Hi, KC! You are most observant! Wherever you are, you can certainly help animals with that talent! See my reply to Geri recently. I hear talk; good smart people are watching. But I’m just a lucky peon. What do I know? Nothing! Bobbi has noticed the coal black cub befriending Tahoe. I saw him intervene and distract her as she paced, waiting for the door to open. As for the little girl with the hurt mouth, maybe what you observe is part of her mouth healing. She was kept apart because nobody could tell if she (or the brother) was getting her medicine and pain-killer while brother was with her. The Powers That Be will see your comments. With the cameras off right now, they just might be moving cubs as we speak! My old computer doesn’t do FB, and that’s where Tom often puts updates — when he isn’t carrying bears around! Have you read the book “Smiling Bears”? Take care!

        • KC says:

          Mimi thank you! Glad you do share some things and yes you are lucky to be there helping the animals. The bears are getting bigger everyday. Nice to see them when they are all together. Nothing new is on Facebook. I’m able to just see the main page and some responses. I am looking forward to the new property. So all you people who are helping care for the animals thank you 😉

  75. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    I’ve no idea how it is for the cubs. Of course each one is an individual. You can almost watch them grow as the tires get smaller and the high shelves easier to reach. My favorite time to watch is when they’re just chilling, doing their bear business, on the long warm afternoons. Someone donated several new red apple-smell balls — actually a horse toy — for them.

    • JK says:

      Hi, could you give an update on little Tahoe? It seems like her pacing has gotten better. Before, it seemed she was doing it almost every time I checked the webcam in the evening. But now I don’t see it anymore… :) Please let us know, how wonderful if she’s gotten used to her brothers and sisters, and has learned to “chill.” Sooo adorable…

      • Geri Sullivan says:

        Can anyone tell us what’s up with the 9th Brockway cub and where he is? When will the Paradise female be placed with the other bears? She looks like she is ready for some fun. And how is Tahoe dealing with her growing family of siblings?

        • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

          Geri, I fed the little boy midday Wednesday, and he couldn’t wait to dive into the milk (which probably had baby cereal stirred into it — Cheryl’s magic)! He is responding very well. Denise mentioned a possible shuffle of cubs into and out of the bear house so that the most vigorous ones are in the bear house and the others will get all the nourishment they need together elsewhere, i.e., bobcat house. These things are decided hourly — by people who are way too busy to keep the rest of us apprised. I’ve been sick since Thursday. Thank you for your interest! Maybe more info on FB.

  76. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Barry and a lady volunteer are really giving the playroom a going-over! Poop everywhere! When the people finally go, the bears will have as clean a home as most people — except for the Krispy treats scattered around, and peanut butter and honey smeared on the logs. They’re refilling the pool and will put some frozen fish, which the cubs relish. Thanks, guys!

  77. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Three cheers for the morning shift! Today was my first morning. 8-12. We did the playroom first, put out peanut butter and marshmallow treats, refilled the pool and put fish. Then everybody but two little brothers rushed in there and the door went down. They watched as we made the other two rooms nice. We put the food out and didn’t open the electric door to let the others in. So the shy ones got first dibs on the lovely salad! . . . I woke up at 4 asking myself Did we ever raise the door? Guess somebody did. . . . Lots and lots going on. Very hot! Looks like another little cub . . . What a wonderful undertaking this is!

    • Deanna says:

      Thanks Mimi :) That is great you get to volunteer and got to go into the bears house. I would say lucky you but I can only imagine the smell with all these cubs and the heat combined. They sure are going to keep all you volunteers busy this year with all these bears this year.

      • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

        Yes indeed, Deanna — lucky me! The smell is not bad! It’s hot and humid with little flying things, but for me the hardest part is that the floors are slippery — treacherous! I’m an old lady. And so lucky to work beside youngsters 15-50 who will take over in the wildlife rehab effort. My computer doesn’t do FB, so if any news was posted about the new 9th cub, I’d love to hear it. I go back tomorrow, tho. The little thing drank milk and moved from one kennel to the other when we cleaned the one. . . . Denise showed us her non-slip rubbery things (like men’s over-shoes from the 1940’s) that go over any civilian shoes — under $20 from Shoes for Crews, in black or white. Great for restaurant workers et al. I’ve been wearing snow boots. . . . If these cubs could have stayed in the wild, their poop would have been no problem at all.

    • Bobbie D. says:

      Mimi, I’ll send you what was posted.
      It was so nice to see 7 little cubbies having breakfast together and no pushing or shoving to get thru the door when it went up.

    • Linda says:

      I wondered if those were fish (yesterday morning), and what was placed on the logs for treats. They sure figured it out quickly. Glad the other two had first dibs on something too! Amazing that they have so much energy in the heat.

      • Deanna says:

        The bear league had a cute video of the 9th cub they posted the day they saved her. She looked so lost and afraid and what a rough beginning of her life she had. It least she was found and is going to grow up playing with all the other bears here. Be careful in there Mimi because slipping in there could really hurt you! I do have to say it is great you are doing it because now we get to hear from you how it feels to be inside with all these cuties.

  78. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Tahoe is okay. Like all of us, she’s a work in progress. I was so fortunate as to work there last evening. Be assured that Tahoe is being watched constantly and very much cared about. I have not heard anybody say “this is what’s wrong” — only hopes for all of the cubs, a wait and see mode, just like we do for our kids and grand-kids. . . . There is always one cub in the Bear House who will howl and pace and bang on the door when it’s down! . . . Two newly-arrived cubs are in the Bobcat House. The little girl is injured in her mouth. They’re siblings from Paradise, CA. Thank you for your concern, Kim, Deanna, Linda. God bless!

  79. Kim says:

    Is that Tahoe running back and forth? Is she okay? why is she doing this?

  80. Deanna says:

    Is this Tahoe who is keeps pacing back and forth on the log over the water tub in here? I see a bear right there pacing back and forth every time I look at this camera. Does she calm down and play or it least hang out with the other bears at all? It makes feel very sad if it is Tahoe because I was hoping she would be happy once she got friends to play with.

    • Linda G says:

      I’ve been wondering that too – she did some pacing when she was in the earlier, smaller enclosure by herself. Poor thing – hope she can become less skittish and adjust to the other cubs over time.

  81. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Looks like the door is down and everybody is in the playroom. One cub dozing on the high shelf. One running back and forth, around and around — really peppy or . . .? Agitated? What a happy scene! Hard to see ear tags, tho the really black cub is easy to spot.

  82. Kat, NC says:

    For those asking where they came from, here’s info from LTWC on Facebook:

    ‘Tahoe’ arrived on April 15th. I am ‘certain’ that you have already heard of her! The last three arrived on Saturday night, June 21st (Meyers cub) and two arrived Tuesday morning, June 24th (Conway Summit cubs). Dr. Kevin Willitts (Alpine Animal Hospital) arrived at LTWC this morning (Thursday, June 26th) at 9am and knocked out all four cubs, drew blood, gave a thorough exam and placed ear tags on all. Today was the first day they were placed in our BEAR Cage and with each other. Tahoe and the two ‘Conway’ cubs were with each other for the past 2 days, but, today, all three were greeted with ‘Meyers’, who was hit by a car in the town of ‘Meyers’, a community in South Lake Tahoe, last Saturday night. NOW – – – the fun part begins with the Rehabilitation.

    And then there were Six!! The two newest bear cubs arrived on Sunday, June 29th at LTWC, which now brings our ‘current’ total to six. The two newest ones came from the rousing metropolis of Bieber, CA, with a population of 312 as of the 2010 census. Unfortunately for them, they saw their mom hit by a car and killed. Calif. F & W had the cubs transported to LTWC on the 29th, where Dr. Willitts examined them, found them to be in good health and gave us the OK to place them in with the other four cubs in the BEAR Cage. You can watch all SIX cubs on our webcam by going to ‘’, then click on Cam 1, Cam2 or Cam3 under the ‘webcams’ tab on any page. They will be with us until next January or February – – at the least. NOW – – – Tahoe has someone to play with – – – finally.
    — at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc.

    • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

      Many thanks, Kat! My old computer just can’t do FB — he starts grinding like a cement mixer! For me, this site is Where-It’s-At!

  83. Kat says:

    Two bears on each cam at the minute — wish I knew which were which. Looks like maybe the two in here are the new twins who lost mom. 2 in the sleeping room, one sleeping, one licking its leg. And two playing and eating in the feeding area.

    All 6 look pretty secure, which is a plus. Can’t wait til they all play together.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Kat- 2 lightest cubs ( & smallest) are from Conway. 2 latest cubs – one is coal black & the other brown are the ones from Beiber. Tahoe has a red ear tag in her right ear ( I have a hard time seeing ear tag colors on the webcam) & Meyers is hanging out with her & the biggest & maybe a smidgen darker.

  84. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Very sunny at the moment. Anyone else remember an old hit song by Gale Garnett that went, “We’ll sing in the sunshine, we’ll laugh every day . . . ” then something about how you went away. What a great start they’re getting! [Really? SIX?]

    • Kat says:

      Dolly Parton wrote it I believe — very fitting for the bears :)

      (Gale Garnett)

      We’ll sing in the sunshine
      We’ll laugh every day
      We’ll sing in the sunshine
      And I’ll be on my way

      I will never love you
      The cost of love’s too dear
      But though I’ll never love you
      I’ll live with you one year

      And we will sing in the sunshine
      We’ll laugh every day
      We’ll sing in the sunshine
      And I’ll be on my way

      I’ll sing to you each morning
      I’ll kiss you every night
      But darlin’, don’t cling to me
      I’ll soon be out of sight

      But we can sing in the sunshine
      We’ll laugh every day
      We’ll sing in the sunshine
      And I’ll be on my way

      My daddy he once told me
      Hey, don’t you love you any man
      Just take what they can give you
      And give but what you can

      And you can sing in the sunshine
      We’ll laugh every day
      We’ll sing in the sunshine
      And I’ll be on my way

      And when our year has ended
      And I have gone away
      I’ll often speak about you
      And this is what I’ll say

      You know we sang in the sunshine
      We laughed every day
      We sang in the sunshine
      Then I went on my way

      Read more: Dolly Parton – We’ll Sing In The Sunshine Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  85. KC says:

    Well I see 2 new bears, so now there are 6. Where did these come from? They are up moving around now. Tahoe you have more new friends now. :-) Looking forward to them all playing and being friendly. Don’t think this is all either. It is just getting started. Sleep well little ones.

    • Linda G says:

      That’s a lot of cubs all of a sudden. Little Tahoe (not so little anymore!) is trying to keep her distance in the sleeping area; the other big cub just climbed up to her ledge. After 2-1/2 months it must be quite an adjustment to have other cubs around. Maybe her curiosity will kick in again soon!

    • KC says:

      Are the last 2 cubs male or female? Sure are curious. All the cubs are settling in. am enjoying watching them. Thank You :-)

  86. Kat, SC says:

    The new cubs are so little, nice to see life in here again. Can’t wait til all 4 are comfy together and play and cuddle.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      So nice to see Tahoe settling in- playing in the pool & galloping around in fun! Can’t wait till she takes on ” the boys” & starts playing! She’ll give them a good run!

  87. Kathleen Smith says:

    Where’s Tahoe?

    • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

      Kathleen, from watching webcams yesterday and Deanna’s observations, if the two sides of the bear house are still blocked off, we decided Tahoe is on the bedroom/food room side along with a larger cub who was hit by a car but is fine. And these two are the little brothers, quite small orphans. The doors were down yesterday. I don’t know what Cheryl has planned. It will be fun to follow and see.

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        The door between the feed & play area are down for a bit when the bowls of formula are being served! Tahoe still drinks it & the two Conway cubs are so small at 14 pounds each Cheryl wants them to put a few pounds on! If the door isn’t shut Tahoe will eat it ALL!!! Bear dynamics- gotta love it!

  88. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    No ad, no bear — just sunshine, a lovely clean pool, swinging tires and the door is open. Is Tahoe going to be in here all by herself? Or are there other cubs expected? Probably so. Gotta be ready for anything, huh, Tom!

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Hang tight! May be some roommates for Tahoe soon!

      • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

        Hi, Denise! Yes! Yes! Yes! FOUR cubs total is what I heard last evening. I went out to sign up, say hello. Dr. Willets is examining the three new cubs this morning and then they go in the bear house with no pecking order — just a happy childhood and we get to watch them push the tires and grow and grow. We’ll be picking out the little girl and asking about the others. . . . Not being on FB, I also learned that our precious leaders hit a deer which totaled their car and the deer — but not them! I didn’t ask, “Are YOU okay?” and they sure didn’t whine, but an impact like that (except for the drunks who stay relaxed) makes a person tighten up muscles they didn’t know they had and feel sore for days. There’s a place near Mount Shasta, the road to McCloud, which is famous because the deer come out at dusk and too many people have hit them and died also. Thank you, God, for this protection!

  89. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Good morning, bears! Oops! Looks like two volunteers and Tom working. Sure there’s a story here!

  90. KC says:

    Heavenly is not forgotten, he is a good looking bear. If people had NOT FED HIM he would be out smelling the flowers. But he is here (thankfully) so I am still enjoying seeing him.

    • KC says:

      Glad that Heavenly has a new home with other bears to be with. Will miss seeing him here though. (((hugs))) to Heavenly in his new home.

      • Joanna says:

        Wishing Heavenly a wonderful life in his new home in AZ. I have enjoyed seeing him here recuperate from his injuries and wait for his permanent home. Big thanks to the Bear League and LTWC for ensuring his safety!

  91. Deanna says:

    Any luck at finding Heavenly a new home? It is sad he is such a big bear cub because if you get more cubs in this year isn’t he too big to be homed with the new ones?

  92. KC says:

    Heavenly is content now. Hope everyone one gets DO NOT FEED THE BEARS! I was so happy he was released and very distraught to see him back. But glad he is here. He was treated well and healed up nicely. Wishing you all the best Heavenly (((hugs)))

  93. Tina, Redding, CA says:

    Thank You, Thank You Tom & Cheryl for taking Heavenly Cub back in your care until the Bear League can find a permanent home for him! It’s a GOOD day!!! Welcome back Heavenly! You are safe now.

  94. KC says:

    How did the release go with Truckee, Meeks and Heavenly, and how much did they weigh? Hope they are enjoying their freedom.

  95. KC says:

    See that Meeks, Truckee and Heavenly are gone. Hope they enjoy their freedom of being wild and free. Thank you everyone.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Yes – they were all released today. Heavenly in one area & the other 2 in a different location. Should be updates as the day progresses! They were getting restless- time for them to go out on their own! No rest for LTWC this year with bears with our new arrival a week ago!

      • Deanna says:

        I am going to miss them but happy they were able to come here and get fat and healthy before they got set free. They must be so happy living the free life again.

  96. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    One cub curled up and sleeping soundly on the high shelf. Lots of poop on the ground. Wild and free soon, kids!

  97. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Wow! A weird movie-length film before finding bears! Strange sunshine effect in the play room, one cub by the red ball, two up on the shelf. Dozing. Shhhhh!

  98. KC says:

    Cameras are off air have been all day. Had been enjoying seeing the 3 bears getting closer to each other . Has been nice to see. Looking forward to seeing more before they are gone.

  99. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Okay, okay, stupid system. Jumping thru your hoops for the third time. This comment no longer inspired. I’ve been watching two round cubs really enjoying eating . . . melon? some critter? Hard to tell. Now two on the high shelf and one walking around doing his bear business. Sunshine slanting in. Happy spring, ositos!

  100. KC says:

    Ok I can see the bears again here, thank you so much. Much easier here.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      I can see the webcams on my I pad again also YAY! I’ll keep my eye on that door now & make sure it gets opened- Ha Ha!

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        Webcams a black screen again- DARN! That didn’t last long!

        • Bruce Richards says:

          I’ll be up there again next week. If you’re still having issues with your iPad then grab me and I’ll see why it’s having issues with the streams.

  101. Tina, Redding says:

    9:00 p.m. – Yea! Someone “finally” raised the door.

  102. Tina, Redding says:

    Poor Heavenly Cub seems to be locked up in the playroom with the snow covering everything. Did someone forget to raise the door maybe?

  103. KC says:

    Well hope that Lebec has a good life. Saw Meeks, Truckee & Heavenly all sleeping on the same perch together. Was nice. Saw Tom showing someone that too. :-) and taking pictures.

    • Geri Sullivan says:

      Funny how it seems that all the bears are trying to escape, especially the Heavenly Bear. They want to explore the world and be bears! I hope they will do well and be good strong bears, when their chance comes. I love our bears!

  104. Bobbie D says:

    Thanks Tom, wasn’t sure about Heavenly. See ya in July

    • Geri Sullivan says:

      The Heavenly Bear still seems so out of sorts. He’s usually by himself and always stays back when the others are around, even when there’s food around. I feel bad for the poor little/big guy.

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        You are correct about the Heavenly Cub. He’s the ” new kid” and the other 3 have been together 8-9 months. The ” Lebec” cub can get close to him but the other 2 steer clear! When I go in to clean I watch them & Heavenly really makes “warning postures & noises” when the others get near him . Bears have distinct personalities & also are shaped by their past experiences so it is up to them as to how they relate to each other. If they were younger & had more time together I bet they would all become buddies! Fortunately they will all be released soon & can have LOTS of open space to interact with other bears- or not- their choice!

  105. Sue says:

    The google ads on the webcam include ads for Bear Hunting !?!? This is very inappropriate.

  106. KC says:

    The Webcams are not loading, have not for 2 days. Just comes up black, the Ustream does not show on the screen. Missing the bears. Other people are too.

    • Tom @ LTWC says:

      KC, Not sure what is going on. I looked at the web cams from the web site on my computer and it appears to be working adequately. Try refreshing. I will send this note to our web cam guru and see if he has any thoughts for you. Keep watching. The Lebec cub will be released this Tuesday morning. Dr Willitts and I will go in the cage just after 6:30am to get him. Tom

    • Bruce Richards says:

      KC, I’m sorry you’re having problems watching our webcams. The cubs are especially entertaining right now. FYI: I monitor the webcams several times per day I haven’t seen any problems with the streams recently. Our Streaming service “” will occasionally have issues, but usually for only a few minutes at a time – an hour at most.

      If you’re seeing a black screen for a prolonged period of time (more than a few minutes) then the problem is most likely with with your network or browser configuration and its ability to display the UStream Flash media streams. You’ll need to check with your service provider to get that resolved.

      When LTWC isn’t streaming or when we have a problem on our end then you’ll get our standard offline message “We’re sorry we’re not broadcasting live at the moment…”. We aren’t currently streaming our cameras 4-9 (because those enclosures are empty right now) so you’ll see that message on those streams to see what I mean.

      – Bruce “webcam guy” Richards

      • Bobbie D says:

        Web cams have been working great here the past few days since cam #4 is back on.

      • KC says:

        Well I’m able to see the webcams on Ustreams site. They’ve done something so I can’t here.

        • Denise@LTWC says:

          I’m having the same issue. Just a black screen from my I Pad that used to be able to watch the webcams just fine? KC are you also using a pad to ” try” to watch the cams?

          • KC says:

            Yes Denise I am on an iPad other family members can’t get it either. Unless its a newer one. Can’t view on laptop either. So I’ve been going to their site then coming over here to post my responses. I liked it before. Glad it is not only me. By the way thank you for feeding and taking care of the bears. Was wondering if you were the one. 0-: )

          • Bruce Richards says:

            Hmmm… Very strange. I’ve never seen the issue myself, so I’m not sure what could be the issue.

            Let me know if the black screen happens before or after you get the initial advertisement video from Ustream. That could be a clue as to what’s happening. I have seen situations where the Ustream service has problems with their advertisement servers, and those operate differently on our LTWC site versus That can cause the video window to go black. So, let me know and we’ll take it from there. If the problem is on the Ustream end then there isn’t much we can do about it.

            Also, the smartphone app for Ustream does a good job with out camera streams, too. And, you can avoid the advertisements on the phones while you can’t on the websites.


      • KC says:

        Bruce the screen is black like a chalkboard is not loading anything, no commercials, no bears or anything. It is like that on all webcams. I know if something is not viewable it would tell you it was off . Was viewable before. Hope you can figure it out. Thank you!

  107. Deanna says:

    It is so nice to see all of them awake and playing around again. I hope Heavenly makes friends with them and gets to play with other bears before they are all released.

  108. Bobbie D says:

    Heavenly enjoying the sunshine by him/her self while the other 3 cubs nap on the shelf in the sleeping room. Waiting for buffet lunch perhaps.

  109. KC says:

    Well nice to see all 4 bears sleeping in the same room here.

  110. Tina, Redding says:

    A nice lady was in to clean. Heavenly cub is now shut up in the Play area with his own stockpile of food and the other 3 cubs are in the Feeding area with their own stockpile of food. All is well. Heavenly cub should feel much better now. Thank you LTWC! By the way the time on this message board is still an hour off. It is now 2:15 p.m.

  111. Tina, Redding says:

    I hope someone at LTWC reads this – I don’t think Heavenly Cub is eating. He’s been in the Play Area since most or all day yesterday and he’s still there this afternoon. He’s not going into the Feeding Area as long as the 3 other cubs are in there. You may want to keep an eye on him.

    • Denise says:

      Thanks for your concern! We ALSO noticed Heavenly was having trouble getting his share of food ( even though he gained over 20 pounds in the first 2 weeks we’ve had him!) He LOVES to eat ( what bear doesn’t?) so we now give him some “private time” to eat with a closed door before they all mingle again. The smallest cub is one of the most feisty of the 3 & out of all of them has the “biggest” attitude! “Small Bear Complex” I suppose!

  112. KC says:

    All the bears are eating now. And enjoying it. Must be getting closer to being released.

    • Denise says:

      You are so right! Just TODAY we started cleaning up their bedding & gave them their first food ( lettuce) & tomorrow will clean up their feed area. The bear from Southern Calif is scheduled to be transported back to where he (she?) came from in a few weeks so want to get a bit of weight on them before release. They all look great after their LONG nap!

  113. Marcia Hopkins says:

    Watching a little snow coming down. Hope the bears are cozy.

  114. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    System works fine this morning, but no bears! They must be in the dining room!

  115. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Tried again. Damned blue wheel!

  116. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    So we get hours of advertising and then the blue wheel and no bears???
    No thanks, UStream!

  117. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Every year about this time, the cubs on camera spend a lot of their time sniffing the air and looking around. Something’s up! Snow! Food supply! Straw delivery! Big changes! Just now two cubs were on the high shelf. Another is sitting beside the red ball eating something, working on a drumstick or some such. Handsome critters just chilling. Nobody told them K-Mart opened at 6 a.m. this morning!

  118. Bobbie D says:

    All 3 cubs trying to lay in the sun on the top shelf.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May you have a day enjoying family and friends.

  119. Kat says:

    Aww look, the biggest cubby is sitting and playing with the apple ball. They’ve all gravitated to that over the years. Amazing how much they’ve grown.

    Happy Turkey Day!

  120. Joanna says:

    I see snow in the play area!!! When do cubs start hibernating? They are just so cute…I’ve really enjoyed watching them grow this summer/fall.

  121. Kat says:

    Hmmm bear wandering from room to room, wanting more food perhaps?

  122. Marcia Hopkins says:

    Read in the paper about a bear cub whose mom and sibling were killed by a car around Reno. Still on its own. Hope they find it and bring it to you for the best care.

    • Deanna says:

      I read about the bears getting killed too up near Verdi. I hope they find the remaining cub soon before the big snows start. Poor little cubbie :(

      • Michelle says:

        they caught the cub yesterday….not clear if Tom and Cheryl will get the cub….NDOW may take it to Animal Ark.

        • Michelle says:

          NDoW took cub to Animal Ark. Possible 3rd cub still out there.
          Article and video on NDoW fb and RGJ website

          • Deanna says:

            I am so happy they got the cub and hopefully if there is another cub out there they will find it too. Hopefully the animal ark will take good care of the cub.

  123. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Now all three cubs are up on the high shelf just hanging out. [Where’s Goldilocks!] They’re really brothers now. They’re taking LTWC’s good care and creating a happy childhood for themselves, a memory of enough food, rasseling, tire swings, good stuff coming from logs, good stuff in the water . . .

  124. Marcia Hopkins says:

    Sorry I haven’t been here for a while. All three cubs are adorable. So fun to watch them play.

  125. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Buenos dias, ositos!!! All three are jostling each other on the top shelf. Now one cub has moved down toward the pool. Bright sunshine streaming in. And where are the people? Stoopid people gaming on FB when they can be watching real bears growing and playing! We are so lucky to have this cam system! Not much longer before denning! A last chance to administer cursor pats, contemplate authentic. Wild. Life. And send best wishes.

    • Deanna says:

      Too funny you mention curser pats Mimi because I do that lots around here while wishing they were real pats. I have been busy working and don’t get to watch these three as much as I wished I could.

    • Bobbie D says:

      I’m here quite often just being quiet for a change and watching the 3 kids bond and grow.

  126. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Now the pale kid is back on the shelf with the red ball. The other two are rasseling! Not well matched as to size, but the big kid is getting a good run for his munny! Whee! Only 5-6 weeks until denning!

  127. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Little pale bear playing on the shelf, really swinging the red ball. Then big dark bear brings his fish up there right in front of the red ball. Little pale bear watches for a while and finally grabs the ball again. But the big bear is really in the way. Finally big bear leaves the shelf. Little pale bear eats the leftover bits of fish and takes up where he left off with the ball. He’s a wirey little guy! Meanwhile the third bear has been swinging a tire and exploring the crossbar under the shelf. It is so human to want to hug them! Two still are not very big! . . . Volunteer luncheon tomorrow! I can’t wait to be with these dear people (and critters) — and hear the news.

  128. Sandra Walker says:

    Awesome to watch these bear cubs. Thanks for the laughs Charlie, blondie bear and littlest bear.

  129. Bobbie D says:

    The cubs think because it is Saturday night that they can play late into the night in the playroom. Just like kids.

  130. Kat says:

    Three cutie bears sitting proud and high, too bad the newest one still stays slightly away by himself. I guess the other two have firmly bonded and he’s a bit of a loner? At least they all look healthy and happy! Ya’ll are right though, the middle bear (the tiny one) never has caught up in size. Guess they come in all shapes and sizes like we do.

  131. Sandra Walker says:

    Wonderful to see them interacting and playing together.

    • Joanna says:

      Yay! They are so cute together. Just watched all 3 of them huddle up together for a group photo. So wonderful to see the 3rd cub accepted by the other two. So happy for all of them. Thanks to LTWC for such great care of these cute cubs!

    • Joy Smith says:

      Sooo CUTE! What big babies!

  132. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Bears? Bears? Isn’t anybody watching the cubs? The camera was down yesterday. Nobody has posted in a long time. ?Que pasa? I hoped to see the little guy with the broken leg playing happily with his friends. . . I heard he had left the cast alone and graduated successfully. God bless!

    • Kat says:

      Mimi, i’m so glad he is no longer alone :)

      • Deanna says:

        I have been watching the bears when I can and today I finally got to see all of them together. It does look like the one with the cast is still not buddies with the other two but it least they all three have been in the same room together.

  133. Michelle says:

    Awww…..Truckee cub just wants to be friends!

    • Joanna says:

      He sure is trying hard…hope the other 2 cubs warm up to him soon. They are all such cuties and I can’t wait to see them playing together!

  134. Vicki E - Tucson says:

    Sorry to have missed the family reunion. You all had been in my thoughts and prayers. Wish we could have been there! Miss you all!

  135. SC says:

    5 years ago today, Lil Smoky was rescued. Memories, memories… Thank you Adam Deem! Thank you Tom & Cheryl and LTWC Volunteers!
    I don’t comment often, but I’m a frequent visitor to this site. It is always a joy to look in on these amazing bears and watch them grow.
    STB and bear hugs.

  136. Mimi - South lake Tahoe, CA says:

    Wow! Sure enough two cubs! I grew up in Bakersfield, always going back over the “Ridge” to grandmother’s house. At Lebec there’s a sign about how Peter Lebec killed a “bar.” I always felt bad for that “bar”! Better to end up here. So their happy childhood is working out pretty good.

  137. Kat says:

    UHOH, looks like a bird got in and is not sure how to get out.

  138. Deanna says:

    I have been busy with work and just noticed there are now two bears in here. Where did the second bear come from and how long has it been here? They are sure playful little bears!

    • Denise says:

      Yes there are 2 cubs now. We just got the ” new” cub (left ear tag) from Lebec near Bakersfield. He was found alone at about 16 pounds / spent a few days at CALM wildlife park (also a few hours in a tree after escaping!) and was brought to LTWC Thurs. The first day or so the two weren’t too sure of each other ( funny to watch) but now they are buddies and are glad to have each other’s company!

  139. Michelle says:

    In less than 24 hours, they are best buddies!

  140. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    They’re frisky this morning! Tires swinging and kids running up and down that log! It’s a gorgeous morning here. These kids will be out in the wild before they can even dream! Meanwhile . . . a little more happy childhood!

    • Deanna says:

      Silly bears are just walking in circles up the big log, to the shelf and then back down the other side. It is cute when the little sister has to stop and spin around backwards to get off the top shelf to the bottom one. I am going to miss these two but knowing they are healthy and running free is a great thing to know. They are going to love it!

  141. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Today is one of Tahoe’s few gloomy days.l Rain that wants to be snow. No bears!

  142. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    We have two beautiful bears sniffing around and walking the logs! Big storm last night. Thunder and lightning! I’m reading a book called Smiling Bears, by a clever and compassionate zoo-keeper, Canadian woman. She works to establish relationships with her bears. It is fascinating to read what various types of individual bears will do when treated well, their little games and tricks. These kids are standing on the upper ledge, sniffing all around — using their noses the way we use our eyes, to size up the scene. Beautiful bears with a whole new life in store for them! Amazing that bears can pig out all summer, roll in the hay, sleep all winter, and be fit for wilderness life come spring! Sure doesn’t work for people!

  143. Kat,NC says:

    Awww I think they are liking their new “home”. Saw them exploring earlier, and one still is while the other naps.

  144. Deanna says:

    Oh my goodness Ally and the Truckee bear must be who I am seeing in here today. I see someone under the shelf in the feeding room with it eyes open, maybe the little Luther bear wondering what the heck these bears are doing awake. Hope all of them soon will be back sleeping soon.

  145. Tom Millham says:

    It is now 10:30pm on Friday, November 16, 2012. Last night, we got in yet another cub from F & G. This one came from the town of Llano, CA (east and south of Palmdale and Lancaster).
    This little girl is very similar to the Ojai female cub we got in almost exactly one month earlier (Oct. 16th). Ojai came in at 11 pounds and Llano came in at 12.1 pounds. Other than some mites, she was in fairly good shape.
    This afternoon, we put Llano into the bobcat cage AND, at the same time, we took Ojai out of the raccoon cage and put her into the bobcat cage. After about 30 minutes of facing each other (within a per carrier), we opened the doors and let them get ‘close’ to each other.
    By the way – – – Ojai now weighs 22 pounds. She has doubled her weight over the past 4 weeks. Llano is lighter in color and has a patch of fur missing due to F & G taking a sample of the mites. Ojai is almost black in color.
    The other seven cubs had their last meal last Monday (November 12th), ate some tree branches on Tuesday and were introduced to pine needles and straw on Wednesday. They are doing fairly well, for some first year cubs which all of a sudden have no food.
    Bruce did some ‘management’ of the cameras today. Since there are no birds or animals in the raccoon cage, nor the flight area, he had deleted cameras 5, 6, 8 & 9. So, effective today, the only cameras (and their descriptions) which are working on our web site are; 1 (Play Area – BEAR Cage), 2 (Feed Area – BEAR Cage), 3 (Den – BEAR Cage), 4 (Bobcat Cage) and 7 (Looking at LTWC’s back yard).

  146. Tom Millham says:

    Are you ready for some fun??? Well, it may be ‘fun’ for us, BUT – – – for our seven bear cub in the BEAR Cage at LTWC, it is not so much fun for them.

    We are putting them into hibernation. Yesterday (Monday, 11-12-12), they ate their ‘Last Supper’. Today, they were introduced to some green tree limbs, supplied to LTWC by Ed Cook of Ed Cook’s Tree Service in South Lake Tahoe. The cubs knew exactly what to do with the limbs. They started chewing them.

    What ‘was’ about 2 ½ buckets of poop a few short weeks ago, was less than 1/3 bucket today. Tomorrow, we will introduce the straw and pine needles to the ‘Magnificent Seven’ and they will begin their time in ‘Slumberland’.

    Although, we never know. For those of you who have been around since Li’l Smokey, you remember the ‘Six Pack’. There was ‘ONE’ cub who didn’t want to sleep. SHE – – – the Yosemite little girl – – – wanted to play ‘Slap the Bear’!!! None of them got much sleep when she wanted to play.

    Well, this should be entertaining AND educational. Be sure to watch on our web site ( and see just ‘how’ and ‘where’ they decide to ‘make their bed’.


  147. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    All 7 bears are in the playroom! Too bad their happy childhood can’t just go on and on. Little do they know their first denning (hibernation) is just around the corner. Food has already been cut back. Tomorrow is their last meal! No, this only sounds cruel! They will have branches to gnaw on — the bark plugs up the system, so no more poop for awhile. Hay will be delivered for bedding material. We can watch them push that around. They will have water available, but very soon they will be huddled together mostly sleeping. A couple at a time may play a bit or go get water, but it’s mostly snoozing and the picture will be rather dark. . . . I miss Lencho! He wrote poetry for L’il Smokey! And long-time watchers will remember L’il Smokey at this stage beginning denning. He looked all over his “studio” for leftover food. He was thrilled to find a neglected carrot in one corner! He had not liked carrots, but that carrot made him happy. Sweet dreams, cubs!

    • Deanna B. says:

      I am looking forward to seeing them go into hibernation but I am a little sad because they sure are fun to watch when they play. I will miss them when they are gone.
      Do they know what they are going to do with the little Luther girl yet? I hope she dont miss her brother too much when he isnt with her anymore.

    • Bobbie D says:

      Seems like yesterday that the Lil Smokey family were all glued to the web cam watching to see what Lil Smokey would do when he didn’t get his dinner. Dang it, now the tears are flowing when I picture how smug and proud of himself he was finding that dried out carrot under the pallet. Sure wish Lencho would join us once again with his beautiful writings.

  148. Deanna B. says:

    Oh NOOO! There is a bear way up on the wall of the room and the other bears just scared it into the corner above the big water bath. I hope it isnt the little Luther girl because I cant see her anywhere and she gets hurt falling down because the bears are all standing up making it crawl way up there.

    • Deanna B. says:

      It wasnt her but I still hope the bear who was up there didnt hurt itself when it came down rather hard on its butt.

  149. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    LTWC board meeting last night and your “cub reporter” was there as a guest. The big bears will officially go into denning or hibernation next week. Tom said their last meal is Monday. They’re being fed only once a day now. Cheryl thinks the little girl in here is 50 pounds, but Tom frowned in some disagreement. Of course they are thinking hourly how the little girl can be managed, but don’t forget she tried to kill the smallest cub, Ojai girl! I will blog bobcat news at the bobcat house and Ojai bear news at the raccoon cage. . . . After the meeting, Dr. Willets examined a magnificent eagle who had been hit by a train — or maybe he hit the train. Dr. W. glued a cut over the right eye, put drops in the swollen “compromised” eye, gave him a shot to kill the bugs that began crawling out, checked the beautiful wings, and trimmed some inches off three big feathers that had broken. Good thing Tom is so strong! The feet were taped up beforehand with that tape that sticks to itself, and Tom had quite a job as eagles don’t like people checking them over! Cheryl wrote down the instructions and took charge of the eye drops. And another beautiful creature has a bright future.

    • Saly says:

      Are you sure the girl tried to kill the other bear and wasnt just scared and reacting? Guess if she did then being in with big scary bears isnt unfair.

      • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

        Hi, Sal! I’m not an animal behaviorist, but Cheryl was in the bobcat house with the two when the bigger one pushed the little one to the end of a high shelf and then pushed her to the cement floor below! Cheryl said the fall made a crunching sound. The bigger one had also been bullying the little one, not letting her eat. Whatever the motive, the little kid was losing the fight. It has taken the tiny bear a while to begin to eat well. And the bully has a brother among the large bears in the bear house. He’s smaller than the biggest ones and was an outsider anyway because he was a late-comer, but he appears to watch out for her. Cheryl knows a lot about bear psychology, and this is what worked out.

  150. Sue Morneau says:

    A big THANK – YOU to the nice lady with the ponytail for thinking to feed the little Luther Pass girl separately, she even received her own fish ! I’m so glad to see her eating her own meal. Thanks awesome team LTWC!!!

  151. Kat says:

    Lots of “bear wrestling” going on in here. Little girl and Big Bro sleeping alone in the sleep room. Wish they were able to interact more with the others – and I too notice the little one seems to wait til most of the food is gone before she gets brave enough to dig in.

    • Deanna B. says:

      I have watched the little one try to come into the room when all the others are eating and she gets chased out by some of the big bears! It is sad to see and hopefully they all will get along soon.

  152. Russell Totten says:

    the lighting in the bear cub play area seems to have been bumped out of place

  153. Kat says:

    Our lil girl is sleeping alone, guess if bro is with the big boys, she feels like she can’t do much?

    • Sue Morneau says:

      Besides being isolated , she also doesn’t seem to be eating very often, especially when the others are pigging out any chance they get. Does anyone know what the criteria is for Fish and Game release ? Is it based on animal size and weight? Thanks

  154. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    What a plenitude of bear cubs! All seven in the playroom! It’s 46 degrees and will be sunny for several days. Meanwhile, huge clumps of snow falling from above. They’re really active, all over the equipment, trying stuff. Looks like the little bear with her buddy on the high shelf. He shook himself, and then she did it. She won’t try murder and mayhem in this crowd! These bears are magnificent!

  155. Diane says:

    Just spoke with Kim at the Ojai Raptor Center. It was a rancher next to us that rescued the small bear in Ojai that is now at your center. I was the one that initially contacted Kim and have been curious to know how the cub is doing. Is she in with the rest of the cubs on the bear cam? Kim said she was in pretty bad shape, hopefully she is getting stronger everyday and I look forward to the day she can be released back into the wild. Thank you for all you do for our animals.

    • Kat says:

      She is on cam 4 I believe, too small to be in with all of these, but don’t worry, she’ll get great care here.

      • Diane says:

        Thanks for letting me know she is on cam 4, I’ve been watching the 6 bears thinking she was the smallest but I guess she is even smaller than the smallest one since she is just 11 pounds. Hoping she comes out of the igloo so I can see her.

        • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

          Diane, you’ve probably already gone to the cam for Bobcat House. Your baby is by herself in there — same as L’il Smokey. The small bear in the bear house was removed. I called Cheryl yesterday to get the story. It’s pretty dramatic! Now Cheryl is tending this smallest girl by herself! Amazing that this cub was born in Feb like all the others and was only 11 pounds! She looks filled out already, tho.

          • Diane says:

            I haven’t seen her yet, I think she is hiding out in the igloo. Can’t believe she should be the size of the other cubs. I was told that she probably wouldn’t have lasted another night in the wild. So grateful to LTWC for taking her in and giving her this opportunity.

  156. Marcia H says:

    Looks like you had a little snow.

    • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

      Yes, we did, Marcia! Not a lot. It’s 5:30 whatever LTWC’s clock says. I just came in from doing errands. Looks like a friggin’ Christmas Card out there and 29 degrees. Mostly sno-kone material. Will taper off to rain and be sunny by weekend. We have two cubs just standing on the top shelf looking puzzled. Now they’ve backed down the log and gone for cover! The other two rooms have a roof! But you knew that!

  157. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Looks like Luther Pass brother (large, blond) and sister (dark, little) on the shelf and ignoring the red ball that generations have enjoyed. They seem to be napping. All the others are elsewhere.

  158. Deanna says:

    It makes me sad to see the original 5 bears all together and the one from Luther Pass all alone. It just has to be so sad to first miss his Mom and know his sibling is gone as well. Hopefully soon the other bears will make friends with him so he isnt so lonely anymore.

    • Kat says:

      I think she’s in here now, and the new little one is alone. Seems that way at least. The bro has been hanging out with an awfully small dark bear, seems it has to be his sis.

      • Deanna says:

        I noticed yesterday that there as a tiny bear in here playing with the Luther bear, or I was thinking it might be the larger bear from Luthers Pass. If it is his sister I am happy they are reunited now.

  159. Kat says:

    SO where is the new bear cub? the new 2? I’m all confused!

  160. Kat says:

    Silly bear, climbing the wall. Now slipping…does he not know if he gets hurt he’ll be separated from his pals?

  161. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Four roly-poly bear cubs in here!

  162. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Four cubs up on the shelf. Okay, let’s see if I can put down what Cheryl just told me talking very fast:

    The cub resting on the shelf in the bear house bedroom with the door down — he is alive. He hurt a back leg/foot and has been to the hospital. He’s on pain-killer and Dr. Willets wants him to be quiet and isolated. So he is just resting and healing. The other four were gathered around that door, almost like a prayer group. We will see a volunteer go in there to give him food and water, etc.

    Chips and Sierra are in the aviary where Chips was before. They are fine.

    The two cubs in the raccoon house — their mother was killed on Luther Pass last night and the police begged LTWC to just take them because Fish & Game could not be contacted.

    Everything is essentially just fine, except for the dead momma.

  163. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Four handsome bear cubs up on the shelves. I’m betting this room has been cleaned, they’ve gotten their treats, and pretty soon the door will come up and they can go eat their supper. This is really a sight — gorgeous wild bears!

  164. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Hello! No bear cubs in here! Looks like they’ve had a great time with a lot of fresh fish. Big fish. Bits of skin and bones scattered all over.

  165. Bill Lawson says:

    Is it true bears have no human contact in your facility?
    Is it true that you are the only licensed bear rehab facility in California?

    • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

      Yes to both, Bill! This bear house has two electric “guillotine” doors. Typically, when the cubs are all in the eat and sleep side, we watch through a window in our door and lower the door. Then when the play area is thoroughly cleaned, fresh fish or at least peanut butter and marshmallow-krispie treats are put out [“good things come from logs”] and the door raised. The cubs race back into the clean play area for the treats, and the door is lowered again so the other side can be spiffed up. Buckets of fresh fruit and veggies are spread out, the people leave, and the door is raised. This cleaning and feeding happens twice a day. As they grow, there is more food — and a lot more poop. They aren’t named or cuddled or talked to. Very, very rarely they are hollered at, and rarely are sedated for examination or transport. That’s all. The best view of them is the cameras. I just volunteer there; if I didn’t know this little bit, I wouldn’t answer.

      I just heard that LTWC has gotten a little bobcat orphaned in a wildfire. They’re probably too busy working with the animals to provide immediate coverage to us! See S.F. Chron which calls the kitten Chips for the fire he was in.

  166. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    All five cubs playing on the tires and with the red ball and back in the corner. Last night I dreamed that the authorities wanted to put them in the wild right now! I thought oh, dear, no, the cubs aren’t big enough! They still have a lot of growing to do, a lot more fun, and lots of pumpkin to eat! Glad it was only a dream.

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