Cam 4: Bobcat Enclosure

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  1. MF says:

    I haven’t seen the otter yet. I guess I keeping missing him. I wonder what the thing is in the pool. It’s not moving, maybe a fish. Will check in later.

  2. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Otter just came out of his house, rolled on the duvet in front of his house, made some cute moves and headed back inside. No, slithered across to the pool, leaned down and drank quite a bit. Then slithered back toward the igloo. Constantly moving. We have a glorious triple-decker fountain pool he/she’ll probably get to play in. Wish we had another one for friendship . . . maybe more?

  3. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    9:29 p.m. I went away for awhile and just came back to see the darling little otter dispatching a good-sized fish! Way to go, little guy! Big and strong!

  4. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    The bears are gone! They took their pink pool and right now are walking around in their vast new digs — the Bear House! Last night I heard this would happen. The new occupant in here will be an otter. Tom is his designated care-giver. The otter is eating three fish a day and doing great. I’ve only heard sounds coming from a box. Never a dull moment around here!

  5. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Cubs playing this morning moving too fast for the pixels around the post under the ramp through the tire behind the tire into the pool around the log holding the ramp back toward the water dish into the pool behind the tire WHEW! Finally slowing down to stand quietly examining a rind of melon that might have some last bit. Too cute! Yesterday at the big bike ride I asked Tom about their names. Chico One is the boy. Chico Two is the girl. Not a sexist thing. Strictly Fish & Wildlife bookkeeping because when Dr. Willets checked over these two sedated cubs, the first one happened to be the little boy. Their play seems friendly, not hurtful. Fun to watch!

  6. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    It’s almost 10 p.m. (blog clock is an hour behind) and the little darlings are swinging in the tire, poking in the pool, walking through the food — what fun! Now they’re rasseling under the ramp. Denise says they’re from Chico, so as the word means small (and sometimes cute) in Spanish, (This is too obvious!) how about Chico for the boy and Chica for the girl? Some minutes later, still ROTFL under the ramp. Did they do this in the den while Momma was trying to sleep? Hey, kids! Time to get some crew rest! Night night!

  7. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    It’s 7:46 and a volunteer just brought a big bowl of formula and some food — green stuff and little chunks of white. Green could be grapes or ruffly salad greens. Either she brought fresh watermelon or else they have not done justice to the melon they had. Bears LOVE watermelon! They both headed for the formula right away, jockeying for spots and bumping noses. Oh, last time I couldn’t recognize some food on camera, it turned out to be marshmallow treats! Oh, lovely! They’ll be 80 pounds by next week!

  8. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Finally got to see the new kids. These womb-mates are just too cute!

  9. KC says:

    Anymore information on the new cubs? Names and are they male/female. Thank you:-)

  10. MF says:

    I see 2 little cubs in here. is there any information on them? I can’t seem to find any.

    • Denise says:

      These 2 orphans JUST came in from the Chico area. We wanted to have them checked over before we posted anything but looks like LTWC may be their home for the next 9 months or so! Updates to come!

      • MF says:

        Thanks Denise! The cubs look like they are getting along really well. Can’t wait to get more info on them.

  11. KC says:

    See there are new cubs. Started later this year :-)

    • KC says:

      Where did these bears come from and are they male or female? See that both have right ear tagged after seeing Dr. Willitts. Thank you Tom for keeping them from going in the pool while they were groggy. And who ever caught the one that climbed up on the side after being poked :-)

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        The two cubs are siblings – male & female & weights of 18 & 15 pounds. They are eating really well & besides having some ticks removed are pretty healthy. They love their formula & are eating pretty much everything we give them! They are also showing a healthy respect for humans! So far very good cubbies!

        • KC says:

          Thank you Denise just saw you posted this, I asked up above. Yes they are eating well and being very supportive of each other. Very nice to see. :-)

        • Mimi at Tahoe says:

          It’s just noon and all clean and lots of food set out. No bears in sight! Thank you, Denise, for the good info. I am writing a new LTWC spiel for my eBay listings. I tell people about your/our good work, and to come watch the cameras . . . a chain saw file sharpener? Ten percent of that will help a bit! So another happy childhood playing in the sun for these kids!

  12. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    All quiet in here right now. No bears in sight. Fresh food which has been considered. Clean water dish. It’s windy today. They have no idea this is their last day in captivity. Or maybe they do. Animals can see the pictures in our minds, and the People know! This is why cats know when to go under the bed the day of the vet appointment! . . . Hoopa was funny yesterday. A couple of times he was sitting on the ground and holding that black ball. But then he would tip over backward. . . . Of course tonight they’ll both go in the loft when the People come in. Then the men will have to bring them down carefully when the sedative takes effect. All to the good of these beautiful creatures! God bless!

  13. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Interesting interaction just now. Salyer was sniffing the air and eating. What a beautiful bear! Here comes Hoopa with a lighter color ring around his neck. Is that Hoopa? Is that molting or mange or what??? They’re almost the same size, so distracting Salyer and giving her grief has allowed Hoopa to catch up. They rassel and run to the igloo, come back to the food. For sure they are not friends!

  14. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Okay, everybody in the Salyer and Hoopa fan club: next Wednesday May 13 is the last day you can watch these kids eat and play here. I saw Tom and Cheryl last night. The Board meeting is that evening. As I understand it, Dr. Willets and others will sedate the cubs, examine and take blood samples as with all the bears leaving us. Then they (the bears!) will wake up in large containers ready to be taken off early next morning by Fish & Wildlife to release in their home country up near Eureka. So . . . FREEDOM on Thursday! Let’s hope they can find food a lot better than they did in the past. For sure they will have a much better start.

    • KC says:

      Thank you Mimi, release the Bears and a few days later is the Training Seminar so people can learn to care for more wildlife.

  15. KC says:

    See that camera 4 has been blank since yesterday. Have Salyer and Hoopa been released? Saw that Denise said they were supposed to be in the first 2 weeks of May.

  16. MF says:

    Both cubs are wrestling or fighting, I can’t really tell. Kind of glad there isn’t any volume. Can’t tell who is winning. The lighter one seems to be missing some fur from the middle of his shoulders. Hope that is his coat coming in and not the fighting. It looks like it is snowing or something is blowing around. Looks like things have calmed down now. The igloo is facing the wall now. Hope they can still get in it ok. Does anyone know when the cubs will be released? I keep checking the FB page but I can’t find any info.

  17. Bobbie D. says:

    Hoopa has started a game of Slap the Bear but it doesn’t look like Sayler wants to play. Hoopa was swinging both balls around and waited for Sayler to walk between them and bam hit Sayler in the head. Now Hoopa is playing King of the Mountain climbing on top of the igloo. Such funny kids tonight.

  18. KC says:

    Today after Tom fed the bears Hoopa came out of the igloo and then I saw Salyer was in there too. Was surprised to see that both were in there.

  19. KC says:

    Salyer has claimed the inside of igloo and Hoopa is right outside the doorway. Should be interesting when Salyer wants out :-) they seem to be getting along.

  20. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Hoopa, you are an execrable flatmate!!! You didn’t use your igloo when you had one! Just now I finally got to see both bears eating. But Hoopa headed for the igloo and Salyer ran into it to defend it for herself. Maybe she feels the cold more. Then Hoopa checked out the food Salyer had been eating. He picked up her fish, then dropped it further on. He has not eaten his own fish! What a little brat! Just wandering around trying to think up trouble! He may have peed on Salyer’s food! Chivalry is truly dead in this little house! And Salyer is still bigger! Nobody needs the soaps with these kids on camera! Thanks, LTWC, for your great work!

    • KC says:

      Mimi thought that initially it was Hoopa in the igloo and Salyer in the hay. Now lately it has been Salyer in there. She goes for the fish while Hoopa inhales a lot of the fruit. Have seen them right beside each other at times. They do tolerate each other. Have seen Cheryl in there feeding them lately and Hoopa will come down the ramp and is watching for her to leave so he can get the food. Salyer takes a little longer.

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Thank you, KC, for this! Obviously, there is enough food. Whether it’s people or bears, boundary issues only complicate things. Glad to hear they’re putting up with each other. — Oh, earlier, the sign was up that camera is turned off. Now I can see things are getting rearranged. . .

  21. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Great to see Salyer playing with the tether ball just now! My old computer typically gets stuck in the Pringles ad! Salyer investigated a melon rind, then batted at a little apple (Raley’s gives them to us, I heard) and now she’s taken an apple back into her igloo. Gosh, she looks ratty! The answer to that is that she’s shedding — getting a new fur coat ready. This is normal and healthy, not mange or abuse or a medical condition! That may be Hoopa in the straw behind the igloo. I understand he hogs all the best food! We got a hint of snow this morning — not enough to turn on the wipers. Hello to the VA lady who promised to bring her two sons here. God bless!

  22. KC says:

    Salyer is enjoying playing with the tire and Hoopa is in the igloo wondering what is going on when the tire bumps it.

  23. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Okay, I think I found Hoopa in the Racoon House! That would do for a small bear — assuming there are no raccoons. It would need suitable toys and decor — the raccoons had a wonderful cat toy (plastic mesh tunnel) that a bear would destroy in a morning! And sure enough, before the message came on that there is no working camera . . . I could see the silhouette of a bear climbing! Way to go, Hoopa! This spring’s inevitable crop of orphaned raccoons won’t need their house for some weeks.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Mimi- no bears in the Raccoon house- both are still in the Bobcat cage. It was time for a good Spring cleaning in there ( I know- it’s still winter! ) so the small igloo was taken out and a nest was made against the wall as that is where we determined Hoopa slept anyway. So all fresh straw is in place for nice clean beds!

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Many thanks, Denise! I saw how spiffy the place looked, even on camera. Went to a Knitting meeting last night and got the “straight poop” (???) on what’s been happening — spring cleaning, taking out the unused igloo. Your comments really help watchers. With L’il Smokey, I didn’t know he napped in the loft. Didn’t know there was a loft. He was gone and I figured “to his tennis lesson” and nobody set me straight.

  24. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Well, hello Salyer! She’s in an igloo and pawing at the straw in front of her, probably eating. There’s only one igloo. Where’s Hoopa? Maybe they’ve been separated for some reason. Maybe the other igloo is out of camera range. The floor is nicely swept, water in the special dish. ?Que paso? I’d like to help, but this is the quiet season. Things will heat up soon enough.

  25. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Looks like Salyer took some food over to the igloo so she can be warm while she eats. I see melon wedges. Nice produce already in the grocery store from warmer places — plums and apricots, asparagus. For a price. In the last hour or so we finally got some snow! Coming down like a bad sno-kone! So if the cubs are looking out, that’s what they’re seeing. It doesn’t seem all that cold. Frozen poop may not be a problem.

  26. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Hoopa was just standing on top of the smaller igloo, looking around. Then over to the water dish for a sip, walking around it, looking out. Then possibly making a deposit in the straw, nibbling an apple. Then into the larger igloo, turning around. Nice day today, 50’s — not like winter at all. Salyer probably upstairs. Hopefully, the scattering of straw will make it easier to pick up the poop, even when it does freeze. This may be a whole new experience for LTWC — raising cubs through the winter months.

  27. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Good morning, Salyer! She’s half in and half out of the larger igloo, looking around, keeping the nether regions warm. She was in the igloo 24 hours ago when I checked from computers at the Reno VA. . . . nice to come home!

  28. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Cheryl was just here. I missed watching her pick up the poop. Looks like the dark spots are diminished. She put out melon, apples, pears and some little things. A huge bear waddled down the ramp — is that Hoopa? — and polished off the little things. They look like sunchokes, though I doubt we’d be offering those to the cubs. We don’t peel or cut up the food.

  29. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Oh, boy! Fish in the water dish! It’s warm today (50+) and sunny! Now there are two igloos. The bears are up top. If and when it snows again and gets really cold, they can huddle in their igloos and pull in some straw. . . . I got on FB to find out Tahoe has moved on to her den in the wild. Nobody will forget that cub!

  30. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    No volunteers in here this morning. It was Cheryl picking up poop and she must’ve sorted through and removed the really dirty straw. Then Tom brought in a mountain of lovely clean straw and carried out a garbage bag. Then a lot of fish and little apples and other good things. Hoopa was on the ramp ready to jump on that great food. All this time, the camera was going black or else stopping action. Cheryl doesn’t stop to reflect in such situations! She hustles! A good clue is that the balls also stop swinging! I saw Tom carrying something red (open-face sandwiches?) and then the camera went black. . . . The animals are communicating. (I read it in a book!) The whales and migrating birds are watching and “talking.” These bears will spread the word that some people really do care.

  31. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Thank you to the Powers That Be for fixing the camera! Salyer is in the straw behind the igloo SCRATCHING AND SCRATCHING! . . . People have for all time been admiring the strengths of wild animals and reaching for those strengths for themselves. Other people collect parts of the animals to use for ego expansion. A tiger rug or an ivory bracelet only broadcasts what fools humans are. With a picture of a bear (or a turtle or hippo), we can love these animals and invoke their qualities without doing them harm. We can certainly “fuss” to get better laws and raise awareness. In the end, the clueless human low-lifes who do despicable things simply get to be who they are. I think they will have to answer for their actions. . . . Finally now the little black blob behind the igloo is still, resting. Looks like Cheryl found some melon in the market. Also apples. Lovely to have the camera back. God bless!

  32. Nadine says:

    Cam 4 is back folks!
    It’s a little choppy for me (stills) but that might be from everyone logging on at once.
    Last night I dreamt that Cinder bear was staying at my house. I put her outside for the afternoon, and she slept on the deck. Suddenly, it had gotten dark and I remembered there were grapes in the fridge! (Red ones.) I started washing them for her and calling her back in. She had gotten a tad chilly, and put a blankie on herself while taking her nap, but she stirred when she smelled her grapes, and was coming in for the night! :)
    What a great dream!

    • emily in NH says:

      Thanks, Nadine, for letting us know about this camera! I’ve been missing this bear too… Hoopa mostly down here, I think, and Salyers upstairs. That was a great dream!! How lucky you were to dream of Cinders… just shows you how much she’s on your mind…

      I’m so sad tonight because, for one thing, I just found out we have bear baiting here in NH!!!! Here I’ve been upset with Maine for it and WE’RE DOING IT TOO!! They just found 4 or 5 adult bears dead at a baiting spot from chocolate overdose! OK… 1st of all… why were bears out of their dens now unless they could smell the chocolate and lured out… and secondly what if they had babies near by still left in the den…??!! The whole thing makes me want to throw up… I’m soooo angry and sick and heartbroken… I’m having a really hard time with this…
      Supposedly the Fish and Game Dept. is going to look into regulating the amount of chocolate that can be used ( it’s the same thing that would kill dogs if they got into it and it gave the bears heart attacks ) but what difference does it make if you lure them with donuts and sit up in a blind and then shoot them or kill them with chocolate… just stop the baiting and killing for God’s sake!!!! Sometimes it is so hard for me to still believe in humanity… I give up…

      • Nadine says:

        So sorry to hear you were so upset, Emily. I saw that report about the chocolate too. It’s a cruel way to go too, not fast and very scary for the animal. Bear baiters are not considered to be good hunters by much of the ‘traditional’ hunting community, so plenty of deer hunters refuse to have anything to do with them. Education, peer pressure, how they are brought up as children, and taught to prioritize themselves and their environment, all play a part in their ignorance.

        We managed to make baiting illegal here in WA State not too long ago. It IS possible to change the laws locally, and much easier than nationally. My advice is to find out who is trying to do something in your state and to support them if you feel they are good people. Since that baiting article went on CNN etc., my guess is there are a few groups in Maine trying to change things now on a bigger scale and with more support.

        Don’t be discouraged, but yes, give yourself space to grieve. When bears die, whatever the situation, remember you can pop your head in here and watch some cubs for a while, and post to the rest of us. It will keep you sane and positive. When you’re dealing with so much difficulty, you have to find things that make you feel better – just to be able to cope – otherwise you can’t help others.

        Remember all the immensely, good people (like everyone at LTWC and all the other rehabs) who work hard to help wildlife, and remember that on the whole things are getting better for animals, so long as we continue to work for their welfare in the wild or in sanctuaries. I saw a report of a hunter trying to scare an activist by leaving a bear paw on her lawn (this was Vernon, NJ where all the action is right now regarding hunting laws) and I was really upset, but then I thought about what an idiot that hunter was, and if we let that childishness get to us, we’re losing. (Also, he could get caught and fined, and he did that for what? To try to scare or upset someone? It showed how scared and upset HE was, instead. I wondered too if there was a camera on that road somewhere catching license plates…)

        I’ve often felt the same as you – such overwhelming grief – but I am learning that we can soothe ourselves with how we can change our minds (about how we feel in that we start to feel more positive and focused, instead of vulnerable or helpless), and how we can help educate prevailing attitudes, spread the word, and teach people bears are highly intelligent and gentle creatures. There are other things we can do, individually, but these are more personal. (Some pray, or practise forms of meditation/self-awareness.) Keep focused, Emily, be gentle to yourself, and take a hug from me and everyone else here. 😉

  33. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Nadine emails me that Tom is feeding the bears and Sawyer’s is nowhere to be seen. She talks about fruit salad . . . did someone donate the high-end cut-up kind? And today is my birthday and all I see is a BLUE SCREEN! Oh, dear! Think I’ll go check out the Big Blue. Love you guys!

    • Nadine says:

      Well, howdy Birthday Gal! :)
      Now I see Salwyers! I think Dr Willitts has been, and took Salwyers first, now Hoops. Been checking on and off, so I think I missed some action. Go look at Cam 7, Mimi! That one works again.
      Happy Birthday! Have a grand day, love! X
      Suspecting a supermarket gave away what they can’t sell – maybe that’s where the fruit salad came from…that’s where another rehab we know sometimes gets their fruit in summer.
      Anyone taking bets on bear genders before the news outs anyone? 😉

      • KC says:

        Happy Birthday Mimi. Nadine Hope that at least one is a female. We need more female bears to grow up and have more cubs. :-) what ever they are just want them to get bigger and be healthy so they can be released and free.

        • Nadine says:

          I now understand Dr Willitts is back imminently, just to correct myself. Salyers was in there all along, just hiding, which is a good sign. Tom put the food down, and Hoopa hit the formula right away. I watched for a while but maybe Salyers was nabbing the apples behind the camera – he does like those. (Ok I know, what bear doesn’t like apples?) :)
          It is lovely to see these guys up on the top deck where Cinder was.
          More bears is what the world needs. No pressure, ladies. :)

          • KC says:

            Well looks like one has the ear tagged now can’t see the other one because the camera is down. So Nadine are they both female? Or is it wishful thinking?

          • MF says:

            Happy Birthday Mimi. Hope you had a great day.

            I don’t chat much but have been watching for a few months now. I miss watching Miss Cinder. I know she is being treated well and has company at IBBR. Still miss her though. I am not having much luck with catching glimpses of the 2 new cubs. Does anyone know if they will den this year or are they too young?

    • emily in NH says:

      Hope you had a nice birthday, Mimi, and many more to come… filled with lovely chubby cubbies! The blue screen is a bummer and I wish we had both cameras to watch them but I guess we’ll take what we can get just to see them. I’m going to hazard a guess, Nadine, that there is one of each…. black one is female and brown is male… any other guesses??

  34. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Sawyers was just eating. Now he’s piled in the straw with Hoopa. It’s a lot warmer today. Still, they’re in the shade and on concrete. Well, on straw. All is well here. We have much to work with. Brains, food, shelter. Ordinarily I’d love to be in Paris. Not today. . . . I keep trying to think of something that would release frozen poop and not be toxic to the bears — or slippery for the people.

    • Teresa says:

      What about sand? For the frozen poop that would sort of work like kitty litter…

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Sand sounds good! More like natural ground. Also depends on liquidity of the poop. Denise will probably see your idea, Teresa. Indeed, the divine design of forest floor, Momma and God is pretty hard to improve on. Our concrete floors work fine for the usual season. . .

  35. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Looks like Room Service has been here. We have two empty dishes and some apples. Serious poop picked up. At least one bear snuggling behind the igloo. “IRIS GATELY” thanks for gorgeous pics. Can’t send email, Charter having issues. Continue in your magnificence and keep sending love to the bears, OK?

    • Nadine says:

      Must be pretty cold down there – the new bears are a little active but still spending a lot of time snuggling in their straw.
      Did anyone see them snuggle yet? I watched Mr Sawyers have a good scratch on the water fountain this morning – that thing sure is a good idea. Bears are tricksy and get into everything. Surprised the cameras are still in one piece tbh. :)

      My shoulder just got a lot worse the last few days, Mimi, so Iris Gately could use the downtime from using her typing hand.

      Hope all is going well in Mimi-land, and you call if you want!

  36. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    At 10:10 a.m. it looks like the frozen poop has been attacked — many fewer dark spots on camera; there are apples left; and two cubs are piled into the straw in the corner. There’s room for both of them there! The kids in the bear house are proving that! How many mountain men have slept spooning simply because it was cold! If anybody thinks LTWC is just winging it here, of course new challenges come up all the time; however, in addition to common sense and Dr. Willets, thanks to the Internet there is a worldwide network of rehabbers who share their findings.

  37. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    They just had a big supper! Took them over an hour to do it justice. Now Sawyers is still eating and little Hoopa has burrowed into the straw behind the igloo. He/she is hard to see. These kids have some pretty good survival skills at not even a year old.

    • Nadine says:

      Yes. Everything was fairly peaceable until it was bedtime. Sawyers is standing up to Hoopa more, and much less scared. Hoopa went to bed first in the big pile of hay. I think Sawyers ate about 1.5 as much as Hoopa did because he ate much longer (while Hoopa watched with one eye from the haypile).
      Sawyers scoured the floor for at least another hour while Hoopa was all tucked in. Then, Sawyers tried to tactfully to share the haypile with Hoopa, but Hoopa wasn’t having any of it and they faced off for a while. I think tonight, Hoopa stole Sawyer’s sleep place from the night before – playing Top-Bear.

      So, Sawyers went back and scoured for more food, and finally went to sleep in the corner under the ramp I think. I hope he’s not too cold there. It’s gonna be a few more days but they’re getting there. Come on kids, you know you want to wrestle and play.

  38. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    One black(?) bear eating just now. That is a special water dish that is actually electric and the water can’t freeze — but the bears can’t get to the wires and plug either! Too clever! However, there is a new problem keeping this enclosure clean because everything else does freeze — poop, food residue, etc. Earlier I noticed Denise poking at the floor quite vigorously. Seems like the straw might help a bit. Too bad we can’t train the little darlings to go on the paper! In the woods or denning — no problem! Putting down plastic would get expensive? What do plastic drop cloths cost? I do miss LTWC’s Board meetings of awesome smart people.

  39. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Wow! Bears! A minute ago we had five people in here, too! Tom, Cheryl, Denise and two more! Then Hoopa came down the ramp. The people left and Fortuna came down the ramp and got stuck between the igloo and the ramp. Came around behind the igloo, but Hoopa wouldn’t let him to the food. Meanwhile Hoopa is chowing down on the apples. Fortuna started back up the ramp, leaned over to look, and Hoopa growled at him, made him jump back. Then Hoopa found the milk in the big yellow dish. This is discouraging. We love both of them, as does God, yes? There is enough for both. Well, Management have some tricks up their sleeve. Nice to have the camera working again! Thanks a bunch, LTWC!

  40. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Just spoke with Cheryl! New bear cub living right here! For a second before the “we’re sorry” sign came up, I could see him surrounded by little dishes, enjoying her good food. He is coal black and only 24 pounds. They picked him up last night in Rancho Cordova, got home at 1 a.m. Merry Christmas, little guy!

    • Teresa says:

      Just finally can view this little guy. What is the story?
      He is burined in the hay for keeping warm and hibernating it appears.

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        Actually there’s TWO little guys in here! The black one came in around Dec 24 from roughly the same area the second cub came from. The lighter colored one came from the Hoopa Indian Reservation in N Cal. Dec 31 ( there’s newspaper articles on this one) Both are about 25 pounds & without Mom! They are keeping their distance from one another for now!

      • Nadine says:

        Dropped off early and just woke up from a dream of not one but five Black Bears!
        Logged on here at 10pm to check on Fortuna and guess what I see ? He’s not alone! He has a new friend to play with! Yippee!
        The new guy, (Hoopa?) is right now snuggled behind the black tire (tyre), and Fortuna is the dark cub on the left, both are in the straw.
        Hoopa is keeping Mr Lucky awake a bit. Hoopa pounces in a play bid, and Fortuna just goes Bat! Bat! and it’s over. But Hoopa’s attempts to play will surely become welcomed very soon because that they are only a couple of feet apart now. Thanks for getting the cam fixed. I missed seeing little furry angels.

        Seasons Greetings & Happy New Bear, everyone!
        Goodbye 2014. Bat! Bat!

        • Nadine says:

          Correction: Fortuna is now called Sawyers. Sorry for the confusion. I guess Fortuna was too feminine for a boy, beautiful though he is.

          • Denise@LTWC says:

            There was a bit iof confusion on WHERE the first cub came from but the biologist that caught & sent us Hoopa clarified the area to be near Hoopa – a place called Sawyers!

  41. Nadine says:

    That pillow is dangerously close to being dragged upstairs. She got it as far as the ramp and gave up. Too much hard work. Grabbed an apple and took it upstairs for her afternoon tea. Looks like a heavy snow coming for SLT this evening. Stay safe all of you fine folks down there!

  42. Andy says:

    Cinder is sitting there with snowflakes blowing into her enclosure watching the snow fall and her urge to den is getting stronger every day. I sure hope the paperwork and arraignments get done soon so this girl can make her way to Idaho and get on the road to release. I know you guys are doing the best you can. Hang in there sweet girl!

  43. Teresa Bibler says:

    I see we have some evergreen boughs this morning. Are we going to make a bed so sleep on with them?

  44. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Her food is there . . . where’s the bear? Did she fly out today?

  45. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    I just watched a great quit-smoking video from CVS. I don’t smoke. Those films just make a person want to

  46. Teresa says:

    What is so fascinating outside that window by your food? I have seen you looking out that side of the enclosure a lot lately my dear miss bear.

  47. Nadine says:

    I missed you last night, Cinder.
    You were already all tucked up inside your house by 10pm Pacific Time.

    Tonight I logged on at 8.30pm, and watched Miss Bear wake up from a post-dinner snooze. She walked down her ramp for Second Dinner, and after feasting on her apples, she sneaked ever so quickly into her house – I was typing and the next thing I knew she was gone! Luckily, she returned for Third Dinner (or was it First Supper) about 5 minutes later. She cleaned up her apples a bit. I hadn’t seen her scrape the floor before – her paws must be feeling much better. She’s also using them a lot to move the apples around, but is still grazing instead of picking them up in her paws.

    Denise, I saw your post about Cinder sneaking down and grabbing her grapes while your back was turned, and I now see what you mean about the ‘sneaking’. Cinder is no ‘slow bear’ now! So, how’s the truck rental going to get her back to WA State? :)
    (Just kidding, folks – Denise isn’t really going to do that – I don’t think. :P)
    Is Miss Bear being slowly tiered down on her pain relievers? Maybe that’s why she’s becoming more active – and sneaking around faster now.
    At 10pm, Miss Bear grabbed a fish that apparently was earmarked for Second Supper, and took it up into her house for more private dining, but that was after she had had a scratch, pushed the tire a few times with her nose, and looked outside her windows. Madam would like Bear TV up in her house, and some Room Service please. :)

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Nadine – You give a great insight on Ms Cinder & her behavior! Glad to hear she decided to eat her fish! She needs her protein! She’s been off ALL meds for quite a while now so good to hear she’s moving more quickly! She just seems more curious & ” bear like” in her actions now which tells us she’s ready for the next chapter! Not sure how she’s getting to Idaho yet- depends if she can fit thru an airplane door or not- ha ha! Will keep everyone updated & then you can check in on her at IBBR -Idaho Black Bear Rehab- her next stop!

      • Teresa Bibler says:

        Yipee. Wonderful news. I have bookmarked IBBR and look forward to seeing her perhaps getting ready to den.

      • Chris says:

        Oh my goodness look how round you have become Ms Cinder. Denise might need a cargo plane to get Ms Cinder to her next stop in Idaho.. Glad she’s doing so well and ready for the next step in the adventure.
        Thanks LTWC for everything you do for these fun to watch bears and other creatures.

        • Nadine says:

          Yes, she IS so cuddly-looking now, Chris. I just want to snuggle with her (though I suspect that probably wouldn’t go down very well).
          Thank you Denise – that’s very kind of you to say. I hope my rambling is helpful. She’s a good distraction while I’m supposed to be getting work done on the laptop – I often keep two windows open, the one I’m working on, and one for Cinder.
          I did see one of the bear cubs (a Conway, I believe) manage to get right up to the roof in the play room this morning, and I was watching him like a hawk in case he managed to get out somehow. I had the phone number for LTWC on hand just in case, but I also presumed you had that roof very well tacked down too, but I never put it past a bear to figure something out. Brains and brawn! I have never seen any of them get that high up before though – usually they just scrabble about the walls.

          This morning I noticed Cinder was sitting either on top of or next to her house on the slightly lower level there, looking out the window (watching for her food probably). She’s definitely using her environment more than she used to, and it’s possible she’s not going in her house but sleeping right next to it but just out of cam view at night.
          I see Madam has a nice juicy fish lined up again. She tends to eat her kongs first, apples next, then her fish. Sally had better have kongs – maybe we should send her some? She says she’s going to see if she can introduce her to Koa, the resident cub of the year, but will wait and see how it goes. I think Cinder could do with some bear-company – just one nice bear. It will help with the healing. The new enclosures at IBBR are beautiful. I can’t wait to see your new ones either!

          • Teresa says:

            I have watched some of the videos with KOA the cub that they want to introduce Cinder to. He is one active little bugger and fun to watch. Hopefully they will become friends and play before they go to hibernate and then on to home territory.
            Thanks LTWC for what you do…

          • Chris says:

            I saw some videos on Koa and he’s quite the handfull and playfull bear. Hope they mingle nicely so Cinder can have a playmate again. Cinder, I love the enclosure they are setting up for you. Soon little Miss, Soon…

  48. Teresa says:

    Did we have another check up today?
    Noticed that the soft bed is there now with the little girl laying on it.

    • Nadine says:

      After her check-up, she disappeared for a few hours into her house. Glad she’s back up top, snoozing. It must be a nice den for her. I hope your paws and claws are up to travel, Missus, and I get the feeling we’re all gonna miss you something rotten, and soon. Half of us won’t know what to do with ourselves. 😉

      • emily in NH says:

        You’ve got that right, Nadine! It will be a bittersweet day when Miss Cinder leaves… we’re happy for her but sad for us. I love your blog too, by the way… very easy to read (meaning I like the way you write!) and I wanted it to keep going… not boring and very informative. A black bear is about the only wildlife in NH that I haven’t seen and yet we hear about sightings all over the state. Someday I hope to be lucky enough to see one …

  49. KC says:

    See Cinder was out for a check up, hope her paws are continuing to heal and her claws are growing in more. So happy she will be back in the wild one day.

  50. Nadine says:

    Wow. Cinder. You sure made short work of those apples! How many pounds did you just eat this evening? (Good thing you can walk down your ramp better lately.)
    You gonna be ok till 9am? You might want to save a couple of carrots till later, dear. It’s only midnight. I can see why Denise is worried about getting you on the aeroplane! :)

  51. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Wow! Great little film clip from CVS about quitting smoking! Alaskan Indian mom with two daughters. She runs a little store, Bear Trading Post. Totem poles, drums, a lake. . . . Hard to see what’s put out for Cinder. Little apples, greens, maybe grapes.

  52. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Ten a.m. and a volunteer was just in here. There’s fruit and a fish. Probably some carrots and greens, too. Melon wedges. The food that was there yesterday looked like what a family would eat in a week. What happens is: Cheryl sits in the cool garage and chooses each animal’s food — buckets of it for the bears! People have brought in sweet little apples from their trees — boxes of apples that look nothing like the ones in super markets! More like what bears find in abandoned farms. Cinder’s check-ups with Dr. Willets are getting farther and farther apart. So the spacing is now two weeks! A good sign for the little lady!

    • KC says:

      thank you for the information Mimi. Glad that she is able to go back to Washington and being released into the wild. Will miss seeing her and all the other bears but know there will be more. Glad that LTWC is there for them.

  53. Andy says:

    Sunday morning breakfast Miss Cinder and it looks like grape city! You got to get on that, girl!!

  54. Chris says:

    Oh it’s 3:15pm. Ms Cinder must be out getting her paws checked. Hope they are healing nicely and starting to Caulis over so they aren’t so tender.. But you’re looking good there Ms Bear. I really enjoy peeking in on you daily and watching your progress and seeing your round body rolling around as you chew on your treats..

    • Linda G says:

      She’s back on her cushion now & hasn’t woken up yet. She’s almost bigger than the cushion now! Yummy snacks nearby when she wakes up.

  55. Andy says:

    It’s almost 1:00 AM when I look in on you Miss Cinder and you’ve made your way down to the floor for a midnight snack, or should I say feast! You have eaten everything in sight and now your denning behavior is kicking in as you paw at that great big fluffy pillow to get it into just the right shape to host your newly bloated body for a nice long nap. You know you can’t sleep down here for too long as the morning light will bring that pesky human with the hose to disturb your rest. Get some sleep my sweet little Cinder, the morning light is just a few hours away!

  56. KC says:

    Cinder ate all her food after her bandage change, she is moving right along.

  57. KC says:

    Cinder is eating everything in site. She won’t have anything for later.

    • emily in NH says:

      I have never seen Cinder hang out in this corner before … hopefully she is OK. I am obsessed with all the cubs and am not getting anything done at home here because I would rather watch all of them, especially Cinder.
      I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you are all doing so much for all of the animals… just wish I could be there to help… you’re the best!!

      • emily in NH says:

        I hate to be a worry wort but I have never seen Cinder lie back down on the pillow after devouring everything in sight. She usually goes back upstairs to nap. Has anyone else seen this behavior before?

  58. KC says:

    See that Cinder is out having her dressings changed. Hope her claws are continuing to grow back.

  59. Chris says:

    Is it bandage changing time for Cinder? Just tuned into the camera’s and don’t see her..

  60. Chris says:

    Oh Ms Cinder, it looks like that front paw is missing the bandages. You need to leave your bandages alone.. Nice to see you eating well, but stick with the fruit and Kong treats and leave those bandages alone.

  61. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Now it’s dark and 8 p.m. and Cinder is downstairs eating.

  62. Judy says:

    I saw her food put down this morning and she still has not eaten it and it is 6 pm.
    Is this normal for her or is she not feeling good?
    Unless this is her second feeding of the day that is still there?

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Judy- Cinder kind of has her own schedule with eating! After a dressing change she immediately eats EVERYTHING in front of her after waking up. On the non dressing days she either carries her food ” upstairs” one piece at a time & eats in private ( or so she thinks- doesn’t know we have cameras watching her!) or waits till night to eat. In between she gets a Kong filled with treats to keep her occupied. She gets fed twice a day & sometimes skips a meal but is gaining weight every week ( about 75 pounds now! ) so we really don’t worry about her occassionaly skipping a meal!

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Thanks for great info, Denise! So when she gets back to WA she will have grown into a magnificent lady bear as tho the burns never happened. And this feeding up is on schedule for denning pretty soon. If she does den. I imagine that depends on her overall condition. Wait and see.

  63. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Great to have people from all over looking in on Cinder and commenting. Now, midday, Housekeeping has been here and swept and hosed. There’s lovely food. Looks like fish, salad greens, grapes, watermelon, little plums or apples. Her bed is gone, probably set aside until the floor dries. Our bodies heal, given half a chance. In these good times more people are caring enough and doing well enough, themselves, to be able to organize, donate, volunteer and really help such creatures. . . . L’il Smokey, the cub with burned feet who lived here in 2008 — he had a devoted fan in Scotland!

  64. Judith Huelsman says:

    You have done a wonderful rehabilitation of this cute bear!
    She has grown so much and looks a lot better.
    I cannot tell if her bandages were just changed and if she was still a little groggy so she moves slow?

    • KC says:

      Yes she just had her dressing changed, ate what she found and has just gone upstairs and found her Kong toy with treats in it. She will enjoy those for awhile now. Have to agree she is looking good :-)

      • Debbie says:

        I tuned in around 3pm edt yesterday and Cinder must have been waking up from a dressing change. She ate almost all the food left for her. The fish looked like a challenge with no claws to hold it. She tried to move her mattress to get a piece of fruit, but didn’t realize you have to get off it to move it. She gave up. She was on her way upstairs when I left 2 hrs later. I found her story Care2. She must have been so desperate to seek out a human for help. I can’t imagine how many animals have been lost in these terrible fires. They always seem to happen when the babies are being born. You have done a wonderful job with her and I’ll be watching her improve. Great job!!!!

  65. Susie says:

    I am watching from Thailand, but due to the time difference, I see her mostly during the night. Now it is 14.35 local here and Cinder is downstairs eating – I think. At least she is stalking among the food… Oops, that’s already in the past… She just finished and is back up in her bedroom. Well, yes, little lady, the night is not over yet and you still need some sleep to heal quickly. Good night, hon.

  66. Andy says:

    Ah-Ha Cinder girl! I see that you’re down for another midnight meal. You kinda like those late night hours when you know you won’t be bothered by someone cleaning your cage or those guys that stick you with that “sleepy juice”. The boys back home will be waiting to party when you get back little girl so eat your fruit, get better and get back home to us where we love you in Washington!

  67. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    She has not done a lot with this morning’s food distribution. Melon still tumbled cut side down. Screen isn’t holding — keeps going dark. Cinder isn’t down here anyway.

  68. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Housekeeping hasn’t gotten here yet. Empty bowl, melon rinds, stuff that could be poop or grape stems. Thanks, KC, for interesting post. I’ve seen other cubs wake up from dressing changes, not Cinder. Isn’t she doing great!

  69. KC says:

    Cinder is eating everything after having her dressing changed. Guess it was done before the weekend. The last one she was really knocked out was even sleeping on the concrete and her bed was pushed around. Took her quite some time for her to make it upstairs. She has been enjoying her Kong treats. She really deserves those.

  70. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    She ate some grapes. Can’t see what-all is there. Nothing slow about her approach to food. So pretty in the sunshine! She had a nice little meal. Then walked back up the ramp. Great ramp!

  71. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Looks like she’s done justice to the melon! I was in the Attic thrift shop midday and chatted with volunteer Susan who helps care for Cinder. She said Cinder really does not like people! The other day while blond Susan was picking up poop, hosing down, squee-geeing, etc. in Cinder’s enclosure, the bear moved herself along the upstairs ledge and then peed on Susan’s head! She gave me permission to tell this!

    • KC says:

      Oh sorry to hear that Mimi. I’m happy that Cinder is not fond of people, but people are coming and taking care of her burns and she is having to tolerate that. I like that thrift shop too BTW.

    • Nadine says:

      Oh dear, sorry Susan.
      I’ve noticed you guys clean and they poop right away after or during…and you guys have been so good to go back and clean it up again. (Yes, I noticed a cub do it last week when the volunteers were cleaning and brockway was on the top shelf with the other two cubs.)
      Maybe the cleaning makes them a little scared and makes em pee n poop.
      I am glad to hear she’s still being the cautious, shy bear she always was. Good bear! And thanks guys for the blue and green bandages lately. 12th bear! go hawks :)

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Wow! I never went back to pick up the additional mess! I grew up with a saying “Woman’s work is never done.” Hopefully outdated, as guys are pitching in on every task except pregnancy. Just that you have to keep moving and leave something for the next shift! As for getting excited and producing more pee or poop, usually the cubs are in the other room during cleaning. With Cinder and with so many cubs in the bear house, evidently volunteers are going ahead and working while the cubs just watch from the upper levels. One evening I had two traumatized little brothers watching. I SO wanted to throw them some marshmallow treats. Not good. A small thing but I resisted. Seems nice. Isn’t.

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Nadine, I saw your offer on FB. My computer can’t do FB. A lot going on. Check out “Prsilla”’s auctions on eBay. LTWC gets 10% of all proceeds. Message me that way so we can talk. My mom’s folks lived in Kirkland. My brother moved to a town near Bellingham. Beautiful place to put Cinder back when she fully heals!

    • Susan says:

      Actually, she’s done this to me several times – so now I wear a hat! I think it’s funny! I’ve also learned that she will hold some back just so she can try to get me again. I think she’s just trying to let me know that this is HER cave. Cinder has quite the personality.

  72. Sandy says:

    It’s 4pm eastern time – looks like she’s got her front bandages almost off. tape or gauze dragging behind.

  73. Nadine says:

    Dropped by late expecting to see Madam asleep already and she is downstairs snacking it up! Hungry Cinder, looking at her cam and chowing down. I always try to drop in and see her every day, send her some love.

  74. Nisa Potchana says:

    Aww..this story touched my heart and soul

  75. Dr Trevor Colluney says:

    You people at the wildlife centre are doing tremendous work — My students will start a new term next week after the summer recess — I will introduce the “little bear Cinders” as an empathy topic and see what we can develop –students can be extremely generous when issues touch the heart.
    Well done to all you staff and volunteers.
    Dr Trevor Colluney
    Student Mentor

  76. Kaweah says:

    I’ve been watching this little lady off and on all day. SO precious!!! Makes me wanna drive to Tahoe and bring her some goodies hehehe :)

  77. KC says:

    Looking forward to seeing Cinder having her midnight snack. There is food there, she stays down below later in the night but looks around while she eats. So glad to see her doing better. :-)

  78. Nadine says:

    I see what y’all mean by appetite! Ms. Cinder woke up slowly from her bandage change and sedation (at 8.35pm PDT) to a feast in front of her eyes. It took her about 5 mins to orient herself and she has been chowing down for the last 15 minutes. Slow and steady eating down on the lower level. Keep it up, Madam! <3 <3 <3

    • KC says:

      Well Cinder finally finished eating. She was certainly hungry. Guess she will not be back to eat at midnight like she does. It is 10:05 the time is not right it’s an hour slow. Will be fine when time is changed:-)

  79. Denise@LTWC says:

    For those of you watching Cinder on webcam this AM you probably noticed some activity & wondered what was going on? It was Calif. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife forensics dept. doing some DNA tests on the bears. Actually they were trying out some different swab materials to find out what gave the best sample. Easy right? Get a long stick-attach swabs-smear with peanut butter & let the bears do the work to get the DNA from their mouth. That is UNLESS it’s a bear like Miss Cinder that saw that stick & thought it looked just a LITTLE too much like the jab stick that’s used to give her the medicine before her bandage change! She huffed and she puffed until everyone decided maybe one of our other 10 bears might be more excited for ” peanut butter on a stick’ then Cinder was! They were correct and got a couple to participate willingly- no problem! Cinder will be a perfect bear to be released back in Washington- just what we like-attitude-bluster and ( most importantly!) never trust a human wielding peanut butter on a stick !!!

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Great story, Denise! You’re funny! Now there’s a ladder in Cinder’s house and it looks like you and a man. He’s squirting the hose way high. You (the lady) have a squee-gee ready to use. Naw, that’s not you! You don’t stand still that long. Oh . . . bingo! Cinders pooped up there and you had to clean it out! How’m I doing?

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        Good job Mimi! When she’s out getting her bandages changed we have a team rush in & clean up after her in the upstairs! She wakes up to dinner & a clean house! Heck- I could go for that myself!

  80. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    This is crazy! It IS the Bobcat House where we’ve come to expect to see a bear! Just now, no bear — she’s doing fine resting upstairs — but a tiny critter just ran in, checked the bowl, crossed across the pillow and back out through the fence just beyond the bowl. The bowl was empty.

  81. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Right now she’s upstairs faced away — just a big hump with feet out, shifting a few pixels when she breathes. Down below her on the floor I swear I saw a little squirrel run by. How did he get in there! Not a mouse, either! They give dead mice to some of the critters, not to bears that I know of. Guess he was just visiting.

    • Andy says:

      I think it was a chipmunk. I was all over the place. At first I thought it was a rat.

    • KC says:

      Yes there were chipmunks running around tasting Cinder’s food. Seemed like they came through the chain link area. They visited then left it seems. Well Cinder had a few visitors :-)

  82. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Pat, you’re funny! What an amazing picture of this girl on the front page! Poor baby! Well, today she has plenty of food — even a nice fish! If she’s still getting milk, it contains any meds and pain-killer they want her to have. I can’t wait to get back volunteering. Munny to fix car is coming. “All in good time” same as with paws healing and fur growing back. Strong and pretty, little lady!

  83. Pat says:

    Thank you. I was getting pretty hungry.


    • Linda says:


      • Linda says:

        Oops ~ This is a meal fit for the Princess she is! So happy to see she is moving freely and has a bear of an appetite! Thanks to the staff for all their hard work!

    • Chris says:

      Love the comments..Glad to see that Cinder is eating and putting on some much needed weight. Hope her poor feet start to feel better soon and she can get around, or rather down the ramp for meals without so much discomfort.

  84. Pat says:

    Hey, where’s breakfast?


  85. Pam says:

    Looks like there could be a call for room service from Miss Cinder tonight. After she woke up from her bandage change, she has devoured everything in sight. Great appetite and a balanced diet; fish, grapes, melon! What a little sweetheart. Room service will know where to find here – in Li’l Smokey’s old apartment :)

  86. KC says:

    Denise, Cinder is going up and down pretty easily considering her paws are bandaged. Hope that they are starting to heal. Missing Brockway, but could see he/she was still small. Do not know if it is a male or female. People have put both. And is the new Paradise bear male or female? Thought the females had red ear tags. But with so many bears it may be different. Thank you for all you do Denise.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Let’s see if I get this right- with so many cubs I’m losing track! The 3 females are Miss Tahoe-red right tag #135/ Cinder – ? And Paradise 1- Red tag #136-right? All the rest are males!

      • KC says:

        Yes Denise those 3 are females. It was Brockway and the last Paradise bear that were in question. So now we have 3 females and 8 males then. Unless that changes. So yes it is the females with the red ear tags.

  87. Kat says:

    So nice to see Ms. Cinder walking up and down the ramp without much trouble and perusing her food. Thanks Tom, Dr. W, etc. for taking such good care of her!

  88. Denise@LTWC says:

    Some updates- Cinder now has her OWN customized ramp to make it easier ( and safer) for her with bandaged feet to go ” upstairs” where she prefers to be. Haven’t seen her use it yet but JUST put it in today! Brockway was having a hard time adjusting to the ” big bear” cage & although we were feeding her ” a la carte” we decided to move her back to the isolation cage for a bit until she put a bit more weight on! She was the smallest cub so we want to make sure she ” catches up” with the others!

  89. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Well, there’s a cub with bandaged feet in there now! She’s walking around. She’s eating well and doing her bear business. Looks like she’s ready for more watermelon. She has a nice bed, but no pool. Two days ago she was looking out her screens. She even stood up like a person. Cinders has to know she’s in a good place! . . . I understand Brockway is in the bear house now. I hope he’s getting enough to eat and not being pushed around; however, the folks in charge are the best!!!

  90. Kim says:

    Can anyone give an update on Cinder? It doesnt look like she’s on any of the webcams. Hope she is doing ok!

  91. KC says:

    Is this the 11th bear in here? I don’t see bandages on the feet so don’t think it is Cinders. Hope that she is doing ok. And is the new bear a Paradise bear and a male? The ear tag is yellow I think.

  92. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Okay, this used to be where Paradise girl with hurt mouth lived. She was doing great. This afternoon I see a cub with bandaged feet. Must be Cinders! Welcome, sweetheart! (as Cheryl would have said) There’s no pool. She has watermelon. There would be medicine in her formula to help with pain, etc. She just deposited a nice bit of poop. And she’s walking around, looking out, taking an interest. Better already. Thanks, LTWC!

    • KC says:

      Mimi we went from Paradise to Brockway and now it is Cinder in here. She is getting around. Wishing you a nice recovery Cinder.

  93. Lisa D. says:

    The single bear cub must be so lonely. Can’t a small cub from the big group be placed with the single cub to act as a mentor?

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Trying to figure out what’s best for all the bears- but for now want to make sure Brockway gets enough food to put on a bit of weight. NOW with bear #10 “Cinder” arriving we’ll have to decide who goes where! The GOOD NEWS is Tahoe has become a wrestling maniac with her ” cub mates “!

      • Bobbie D. says:

        It is so good to see Tahoe being a natural little feisty Bear and even starting the wrestling matches way past their bed time I might add, LOL
        With Cinder arriving it sounds like it is time to do The Bear Cub Shuffle.

  94. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Today’s ad is for “Tahoe’s Best Day Spa”! Now we know where she goes in the afternoon! And this cub on camera is eating that stuff on the ground and walking the rim of the pool, looking out. Awesome core strength! And moves fast. I’m out of the loop as my car needs $1,700 worth of fix — and munny coming! Anybody not on Tom’s email list, right about now a plane is landing bringing “Cinder,” a 34-pound cub with forest fire burns much like L’il Smokey. God bless!

  95. Kat says:

    She is going to town on that pool. Reminds me of Smokey — this MUST be destroyed lol.

  96. Linda G says:

    Hard to tell exactly, but it looks like she’s singlehandedly trying to dismantle the pool (while standing in the middle of it :) I hope her activities mean her mouth is healing well.

  97. KC says:

    Hope that Paradise’s (female) mouth heals up. She has chewed on the chain link wall and the pools too. Will she get to go and be with the other bears soon? Also how is Brockway doing? Hope he is getting stronger. Thought he was a she :-) guess not wrong color ear tag.

  98. Linda says:

    Great to see the new little one playing with the tire!

  99. Todd says:

    Why hasn’t the live camera for Tahoe’s enclosure been working over the last week?

  100. KC says:

    Where is Tahoe bear? Have not seen her for a few days, is she still there? The cameras have not been working. Would love to see her some more. Hoping some more bears show up soon. Tahoe needs some playmates. :-)

  101. KC says:

    Cameras are down on 4 & 7 also the webcam showing all 9 is not visible. Hope that Tahoe will be visible soon. Guess Heavenly will be going to Arizona soon. Will miss him, but wishing him well.

  102. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Oooh, she’s frisky this morning! Just galloping around her enclosure! Thanks to that kind man who didn’t do what he was told.

  103. KC says:

    well Tahoe is enjoying her new area. So nice to see her play. The cameras are still down on a few places hope they get to functioning so people can see Tahoe or even the birds there. Thank you for all you do.

    • Bobbie D. says:

      I see Tahoe is getting adjusted to her new surroundings. Sure hope the cameras are fixed soon so everyone can enjoy watching Tahoe grow and develop.

    • KC says:

      Well did Tahoe spend the night outside in her new area? Have a good day!

  104. Deanna says:

    This must be the bear from Heavenly in here. The only place you can see him is on the main “Webcam” of all of the cameras. Hopefully you can turn this camera on this page so we can see the little cutie. Thanks for helping him today and I cant wait to watch him get nice and fat with Cheryl feeding him.

  105. Jordan says:

    Every time I go onto the web can it won’t work it’s like the page is frozen. Help me please or fix the computer!

  106. Kat says:

    MeeksBear George reminds me more and more of Smokey, maybe cause he’s by himself, but he does so many similar things. And he’s so cute to watch, full of energy and thankfully healthy so no bandages or pain!

  107. Mimi Routh - South Lake Tahoe, CA says:

    Just spotted the Bear cub on Cam 7!

  108. Mimi Routh - South Lake Tahoe, CA says:

    Very pretty shade of blue — but no bear cub! I just dropped an email to Bruce. Happy Fourth, everybody! It’s about “wild and free”!

  109. Kat says:

    Curious George has new stuff to explore. That should make him a happy cubbie!

  110. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Just caught the big bear walking over his lovey, past his bowl. He does seem bored. Just wait! Alas, he will have buddies and lots of play fun before the summer is out!

  111. Kat says:

    What a cutie this bear is. And bored lol. Roll the food, roll the ball, stand up on your back legs, climb the wall, all in a matter of seconds!

  112. Kat says:

    Getting too late to see. Sweet dreams Explorer George :)

  113. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Well, “George” must be upstairs completing his toilette before Room Service arrives! Is that a fish in his pond? I see two empty bowls, melon rinds. Can’t smell anything — but I never did with bear poop! . . . What is that thing at the bottom of the screen? I’m going to rent some wheels and get out there to see.

  114. Kat says:

    This is one cute. curious cub. I think we should call him George 😉 or Ex for Exporer!

  115. Kat says:

    Finally got to see our latest cutie. Too cute. Looking healthy, happy to see that!

    Happy Fathers Day men :) and women who are mom and dad.

  116. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Happy Father’s Day! The cub’s home is being swept. Something wrong with the camera; volunteers don’t stand still like that!

  117. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe, CA says:

    Just saw the little bear back down the log and disappear off camera. He has a lovey, a pool, tire swing, empty dish and a melon rind. Life has kicked him in the teeth, but he’s just doing his bear business, not dreaming all the good stuff in store for him. Thanks, Tom, Cheryl, volunteers and donors!

    • Michelle says:

      I’ve been keeping an eye on this new cub…..he appears quite comfortable wth his new digs. I see him playing on the tire and climbing the walls often. Dinner has arrived so he should be down soon. So sorry he lost his Mom, but he will grow strong, thanks to LTWC.

      • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

        Thank you, Michelle! I’ve never seen the smallest cubs play on the tire — until they get in the bear house. I’m car shopping and going to court soon; might as well be in Tucumcari for all the help I can be! Thanks to everyone else!

  118. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Well, I just saw a bear! She was looking out the window. Then she walked slowly up the log. I’ve no idea what the plan is. Maybe these two will be added to the bear house kids next week?

    • Denise says:

      Good guess Mimi! Since it’s been so cold & these 2 have really slowed down eating- ” sometime” tomorrow ( Monday) they will be moved to the bear enclosure with the other 2 hibernating bears. Haven’t really done this before so ought to be interesting! Not sure of a time yet either but Cheryl might know more!

      • Deanna says:

        Thanks Denise and I too wonder what is going to happen when they move them over to the big bear house. Hopefully they dont decide to wake up the two luther bears when they get in there.

  119. Sue Horst says:

    A new cleaned up and edited version in memory of Li’l Smokey’s release February 5. 2009.

  120. Mimi says:

    Well, no sense watching a clean livingroom! I should be cleaning my own. I’ve been thinking about L’il Smokey. Even went to the home page and looked at all the animal pictures. As for bears, Smokes’ pictures are mixed up with Mendi and others, but baby bears are so darned cute — except when they’re hungry or hurt and missing their moms.

    • Kat,NC says:

      Hi Mimi, hard not to think about Smokey when the other babies are being released. I hope he’s rolling in the grass, catching fish and having a wonderful life with no memories of the pain he experienced as a baby!

  121. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Is anybody in here? Speak up, please! Channel 7 did another great film clip late last night about the bears. Not many families eat as well as Cheryl’s bear cubs! The link is on our home page. I’ve no idea what’s going on with the bears who were/are in here except they’re in good hands. Yet again it’s snowing today. And everybody is ready for spring.

    • Deanna says:

      I watched the Bay area news station last night on TV because we live on the top of a tall mountain and actually get Bay area channels on our TV antenna! I got to see the bears and was surprised they were actually 3 of them in here. It must of been filmed before Ojai and Llano were taken to the F&W down in the valley and the Truckee bear came back up here. To see them on TV really was a thrill because you can see them clear and they are Beautiful! I havent seen any bears in here for 2 days now and not even any fresh food but I havent checked to often because I havent been home much.

      • Geri says:

        It was very nice to see ‘Busy With Bears’. They showed what a great job LTWC does. I really liked seeing the loft where the bears hang out since we can’t see it from the webcam. Thank you for taking such good care of our bear cubs!

  122. susan morneau says:

    Nice story about LTWC aired tonight in the SF Bay area – Thank you team LTWC

  123. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Now, Deanna, you need an affirmation about this: the cubs are in a good place and on their way to success in LIFE! Bears have to face their hunger every year. Luckily for them, they don’t take it personally. Imagine how totally over the moon they will be when they come out of their dens and realize they’re wild and free! I am most interested in animal communication, so I really wish they could be reassured that they will indeed be freed ASAP. Smokey seemed to realize the people had plans for him. See the red shoes picture where he’s looking up. The little coyote that Cheryl finally coaxed to eat — a psychic read on her and said she thought we were going to keep her there all her life! Thanks, Deanna, for your input. I fear watching bears hibernate is going to be like watching paint dry. I call LTWC as little as possible. Have we met? Where are you? Sue Horst has my email. I expect to take the training again in May so more will soak in and stay. . . God bless!

    • Deanna says:

      I know the bears are in a excellent place and what Tom and Cheryl do for them and all the animals is amazing. I watched two of the Golden Eagles being set free this summer and cried like a baby because I was so happy knowing they had a second chance at life. I just feel bad because I know these cubs are hungry but that is the life of a bear. I wasnt complaining at all Mimi just feeling sorry for there hungry tummies. We havent met Mimi because I live on the other side of the Sierras above the town of Colfax in a tiny town called Secret Town. I wished I lived closer because I would volunteer here in a heartbeat.

  124. Deanna says:

    I feel so bad for the bears when the food isnt coming as often right before hibernation :( This morning I watched one of them sitting on the water looking around, then go to the window and sit around before deciding to just climb up the windows wiring. It got so far up all I could see was its feet! Then it came down and slowly went up the ramp looking rather disgusted or sad. Now there isnt any food or bears in site.

    • Geri says:

      I watch the bear cubs with a heavy heart knowing everything will change soon. It was cute today, one bear was going up and the other coming down, so they had to decide whether they were going up or down. They both went down and ate what was on the floor. Looks like they got it all!

  125. mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Thanks, Tom, for a great update! Also a big thanks to Deanna and Geri. I realize FB works for other bears and people; I take responsibility for my decision. Also I will miss the next board meeting, so might as well live in Tucumcari for knowing what’s going on. So our two girls WILL get to hibernate! Interesting! When I gave Cheryl my extra peanut butter Thursday, she said she would use it for the next crop of baby bears, i.e., the ones being born about now — not the ones we’re almost finished with.

  126. Deanna says:

    I asked about the North San Juan cubs on facebook yesterday and Tom sent me a nice reply back that I will share here for the people who dont have facebook. I really do hope Tom dont mind me posting it here…
    This is from the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care facebook page:
    Yes. The two North San Juan babies were released today. Well – – – they are not ‘babies’ anymore. IF YOU RECALL – – – we had a male and female from North San Juan. The male, which came in on June 7th, weighed 15.8 pounds. Today, after being in hibernation for 2 1/2 months, he was released with a weight of 90.2 pounds. He has gained a ‘net’ of 75 pounds. (I told you Cheryl is a good cook!!) The female, which came in on the same date also at 15.8 pounds, weighed in today at 54.3 pounds. Probably a ‘little’ lighter than we would have liked, but, it is not unusual for the females to weigh in at a lesser weight than the males. KABC San Francisco was here to videotape the whole process and they will air this, and some other segments, starting this Sunday, at 6pm. Yes, I know. Sunday is the Super Bowl, but, you can also look on line after Sunday night to see what they showed. The two cubs left in the BEAR Cage (the two from Luther Pass which came in on October 4th) will continue hibernating and F & G will do a ‘Spring’ release with them sometime over the next 4 – 8 weeks. The ‘other’ two cubs (now in the Bobcat Cage, known as Alley – from Alpine Meadows – and the Truckee cub) will begin hibernation within the next week and we will move them over to the BEAR Cage sometime next week. They will also be released in the Spring. And – finally – yes, the cubs were released ‘near’ where they came from. I do know that their ‘den’ is in the snow, so, they are higher in elevation than North San Juan. Hope this answers all of your questions. Thanks for following the story of these cubs. By the way. We are in the process on ‘Increasing’ the number of ‘Streaming’ web cams by this next summer. How does SIXTEEN cameras sound??? Stay tuned. Tom

  127. mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    This afternoon I took some peanut butter to Cheryl and had a great little visit, solving all the world’s problems. There are two cubs in the bear house and these two in the bobcat house. She said they have several other animals — owl and large birds. Didn’t get to watch the bears go today. I took a special van to the VA hospital in Reno. Gorgeous sunny day but crisp and cold. The lake coming back was extra beautiful. Such a treat to get the front seat and not have to drive.

    • Deanna says:

      We drove over Mt Rose Summit on Sunday coming home from Reno and spent the day at the North Shore. It was beautiful but freezing as usual up there. I love the view from the top of Mt. Rose of the lake. Did you get to see them when they took the bear cubs out today Mimi? I wasnt home to keep a eye on the camera so I missed it.

      • Geri says:

        I guess the San Juan bears were sent home today. I missed that too. So, I guess we’re down to four. Please world – keep them safe, healthy, and happy. I love my bears!

  128. Mimi - south Lake Tahoe says:

    Now we have one very round bear looking out her window, head turning. What is she thinking? It snowed today and was just freezing. Cold tonight. Then some more nice sunny days. It looks like Housekeeping has been here since I looked around noon. No dry food, drinking water dirty, lots more apples. a friend checked recently and said the two were looking out the window and throwing apples at each other! Be nice if Management would bring their tire swing down from where it’s caught. . .

    • Geri says:

      So the two kids are standing at the window again. Hard to tell if they are talking, singing, crying, or dancing. Very cute!

  129. Mimi - south Lake Tahoe says:

    Oh-wow! two fish for the girls! No dry food in the dishpan. it appears to be beside the dishpan! Lots of pears and apples. No grapes or greens. I can see the pear shape. And same color round, so maybe apples. No cubs in sight. Looks like enough for two. Oh, thanks for your descriptions, Bobbie and Geri. The cubs seem to have made friends and sense that good things are in store for them.

    • Geri says:

      Okay, so they don’t like fish. Again tonight they both stood on their hind legs looking out the window, kissing, talking, swaying, and neck wrestling. They are both so adorable.

  130. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Right now we have a very fluffy cub walking through grapes and apples (etc.) and looking out her window. No carrots in sight! Clean house. Looks like enough food for two. The kids must sense that the seasons are changing.

    • Bobbie D says:

      Both cubs are down eating. It looks like Allie is giving the new cub first choice of dinner selections. Nice that both cubs are about the same size but I think Allie is still looking out the window for her buddies that are on their way home.

      • Geri says:

        OMG – it is so cute. It’s as if the two little bears have had a beer and are looking out the window singing old Irish songs. I haven’t seen them so animated.

  131. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Now this house is going to be really-really clean: Housekeeping is Himself! Tom is squee-geeing puddles of water. Carrots are gone. . . . Thank you, Tom!

  132. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Somebody likes carrots least! Carrots scattered all over. Dry food scattered.

  133. mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Management has been in to straighten the place and leave a great amount of apples, carrots, maybe pears, something green and fluffy — grapes or greens. The dishpan is full and the water is clean — at least until someone walks thru it. One reason anyone would be looking out that end window is that it’s the only place a bear can look out! I have just quit FB, so I hope my friends will come here.

    • Deanna says:

      Mimi, I know you dont do facebook so I thought I would tell you about the update Tom posted on it? They took Hoopa out of the bear house and he is now on his way up to Humboldt-Toitabe National Forest. They are going to be coming tomorrow to take the Nevada City bears and again on next Thursday (31st) they are coming to pick up the two cubs from North San Juan. They are all going to be put into dens so they can wake up as free and wild bears again. Tom promised to try to set up the cameras here to show only the bear house room when they go in to pick up the two cubs tomorrow. He didnt say the times they were going to get the bears but hopefully we will be here to see them wake up two of the cubs tomorrow. Hoopa weighed 87.7 pounds yesterday so he is huge! They didnt mention anything about the Luther bears so guess they will be here for a little longer to sleep.

      Ally and the Truckee bear will not be released until Spring time.

  134. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Just checked in in time to see a huge bear cub step in the dishpan, move on over the water dish, past the two balls, to the window and straight up the wall past the window! Up and up and up! Looks like she’s ready for the wild!

    • Tina - Redding, CA says:

      Oh, Oh. Looks like the cubs need to call down for room service & food. I hope all is well at LTWC today.

  135. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Oh, dear! No food in sight and also no bears, but the dry food is spilled all over the floor! These kids are worse than the raccoons for spilling the dry stuff!

  136. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Okay, just now I called LTWC and Tom says in a recording that their winter hours end at 5 p.m. Just that I see two of the fattest bear cubs eating! They’re huge! They look like little footstools! Wow-ee!

    • Kat, NC says:

      Awww, she is sitting staring out the window. Must be confusing to have 2 roomies that disappear, then get a new one out of the blue. Hope she’s ok :)

  137. Bobbie D says:

    Poor little cubbie keeps looking out the window even tho room service has been in and left her a lot of yuNNy looking goodies. Has the new cub that came in been put in with her yet or is she all by herself since Ojai and Llano were moved down to Sacramento? It seems to me that she is looking out to see where her friends went ????

    • Geri says:

      I thought the same thing. It looked as if Allie was wondering where her friends went. She has always been so busy eating, and now she’s looking out the window.

      • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

        Aha! So that’s why less food is being put out! Only one cub? How’d you learn that? I really really really don’t like FB and am about to un-friend the whole business. If you see what I posted today, you’ll see; they might unfriend ME first! The bear news is on this site. Love, Mimi (maybe I should omit the comma and just ask for love!)

  138. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Looks like Room Service has been here. The dishpan is full of dry food. Quite a few yellow and pinkish fruits scattered around, also some fluffy green stuff. Can’t tell if it’s grapes or greens or what. Still, it doesn’t look like enuf for 3 growing cubs. Maybe we’re on to two feedings/day? Yes, I count 16 fruit — one definitely a pear — and two green clumps. And a long white thing in lower left. So what is that? Well, just the facts, ma’am! These folks know what they’re doing. This is the girl who worried about feeding baby birds all night and who asked if bears have belly buttons! So much to learn!!! Keeps me humble. . .

  139. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Well, on a dark and bitter cold night, I drove out to LTWC to find only one truck in the driveway and no cars parked like for a BORED (not!) MEETING. I know the garage door code, but it wasn’t like I was hungry! I rang the office bell and waited and waited and waited. Finally the largest girl bear cub came to the door. She had a big bunch of grapes in the other front paw. I asked her where the people were. Big shrug. When is the meeting? Another big shrug to say, I dunno! I asked if the animals were all well. She nodded yes. I thanked her, reminded her to lock the door, and left. She waved. And that was the bright spot in a dark and very cold night.

    • Deanna says:

      She didnt even offer you some of her grapes :) Sorry you had to drive in your miserable Tahoe conditions to find out there was no meeting.

      • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

        Yeah, well, going out I’m looking forward; coming back, I just try to stay on the road and pinch myself in wonderment that I get to live here at all. Really, the street is beautiful right now — not that we should have Open House in January!

        • Deanna says:

          We go to Tahoe it least twice a month because it is close to our house and its beauty “calls” us back. The lake, the mountains and the forest are just jaw dropping gorgeous no matter how times you go there. You are a blessed women to live in such a beautiful place.

    • Denise says:

      So sorry Mimi! Tom was changing dates like crazy & guess forgot to update everyone! Did you hear there was a ” bear swap” yesterday? Fish & Wildlife (formally known as Fish & Game) took Ojai & LLano to their facility in Rancho Cordova and brought one of theirs from the Tahoe area back up here. They have to get everything in place to release the 2 So Cal cubs so wanted them at their facility for a while to get things ready. Tom & Cheryl know more as I’m in So Cal myself right now- hey could of brought a bear cub back down with me- Haa!

      • Deanna says:

        I am going to miss Ojai & Llano but it is good they are getting them ready to be released back where they belong. I know Ann said they do take good care of the bears at Fish and Wildlife but I still think all of them are better off at LTWR. I am hoping the new one is the one the Bear League rescued right before the snows started up there. Poor bear deserves a good place to stay after losing its Mom and siblings.

        • Deanna says:

          I just read on the Bear Leagues FB page that this is the bear from Truckee. I am thrilled it is finally safe and where it belongs after all its been through.

        • Geri says:

          Wow, it’s like loosing a member of your family to have them taken away. I have a few questions. Have any of the larger bear cubs been released back to where they came from? What is the plan with CA F&W for the smaller cubs? Will they continue to feed them for awhile before releasing them? Or do they plan to release them soon? All of these bears are near and dear to my heart.

  140. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Thanks, Denise, for your input here. I for one have not seen a springtime release, but I thought the rest of you had. Certainly LTWC does the best it can at the time with what it has. (as does Fish & Wildlife) I have “forgiven” the cub who pushed the other bear. I just noticed that the girls come down the log very carefully as tho it were slippery and/or they know a fall would be no fun. I don’t remember L’il Smokey being so careful. . . Right now the livingroom has been cleaned up, dishpan filled, and there’s fresh food but it doesn’t look like as much as usual.

    • Bobbie D says:

      One of the cubs is down munching from the dispan of food after checking the entire floor to see if room service had come while she was asleep. I sure haven’t seen these three cubs interact or play slap the bear like all of the other cubs have. I am wondering if these just fought so hard on their own to stay alive that they never got to be just cubs playing and growing like all kids should.

  141. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Wow, lots of beautiful food. Looks like 8 wedges of melon and a lot of green stuff. Looks like broccoli, but I’ve never seen the bears get broccoli. Probably grapes and little fruits. One cub likes to take some food halfway up the log and enjoy it there.

  142. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Uh-oh, kids! You didn’t finish all the dry food in the dishpan! The floor is littered with melon rinds and no doubt plenty of poop. The Green Elves are due any time. I dreamed last night that I was at LTWC and they gave me a green jacket to put on. Huh! Guess that doesn’t count for volunteer time . . .

    • Deanna says:

      Your funny Mimi… dreaming of getting a green jacket :)
      I see two furry bears enjoying lots of good food spread out on the floor. Now I just watched Llano come down the ramp and she and Ali are just about the same size these days. I think Llano still has a white mark on her right leg where it was shaved?? Once she came down Ali grabbed what looked like some sort of meat and took off up the ramp to devour it off camera.

      • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

        Oh, that’s good they’re getting meat. I don’t know them by name. I worry a bit about the tiniest one, but Cheryl is watching and obviously there’s enough for all. They don’t seem to bully each other. Of course we don’t have sound; feeding time in the bear house sounds terrible!

  143. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Well, an elf with long brown hair has swept really good and filled the dishpan. So where’s the fresh goodies? Oh, there they are — grapes, melon, little things rolling around. A large cub comes down the log carefully, turning around halfway down to go tail first. Another cub does the same. Maybe the log is slippery. One of these cubs got pushed off and fell all the way down. That’s when her buddy got put with the big cubs in the bear house. It isn’t so cold right now. And their fur is thick.

    • susan morneau says:

      Mimi, I know that you are a nice caring person based on all of your posts over the years. But I wish that you could forgive the Luther Pass female for doing what any scared, defensive, and self-preserving wild animal would do. She lost her mom too, then LTWC took her bonded brother out of the cage, and put the Ojai cub in – and perhaps “swatting” was a learned behavior from being with her yearling brother. I just hope that her big infraction hasn’t condemed her to an early release with a low chance of survival. I pray that they all get a second chance thanks to LTWC.

      • Denise says:

        I can assure you – any bear swatting / punching/pushing or general rough housing will not change the outcome of their release! The 7 older cubs will start being placed in the next month or so as per Fish & Game ( excuse me- now Fish & Wildlife) and the remaining 3 cubs that have never hibernated will be released in the spring near where they were found-AGAIN as per Fish & Wildlife. Remember 2 of the smaller cus came from Southern Calif where they wouldn’t of hibernated anyway! We always hope they will be placed in an area that has been given a lot of thought as to food source and remoteness from people! That being said we haven’t had cubs released in the Spring that I can remember so we’re anxious to see how it compares to a winter “denning” release.

        • Deanna says:

          Thanks Denise. Are the two Luther bears going to be released together in the same den as the other five cubs in the bear house now? Just wondering because I know the little girl wasnt too comfortable with the others except her brother. She may be feisty but I still worry about her like Susan because she is so much smaller then the rest.

        • susan morneau says:

          Sorry, I guess I didn’t make myself clear – what I meant was that Luther Pass girl’s fighting (or dominance display) landed her in with the big boys, always looked below weight in size comparison, and now may be released at a disadvantage towards survival because she didn’t have enough “food” time. But I guess that is really up to Fish & Game if they have weight requirements. I’m sure it was a hard decision what to do with her.Thank you Denise for your comments.

          • Denise says:

            Oh now I understand your comment better! We also worry about the size of the cubs at release / where they are released and who they put together in dens but in the end- like you said- Fish & Game makes those decisions. We
            can only ” recommend ” how things should go- unfortunately!

  144. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Oh boy! Housekeeping and Room Service have already been here. The floor is clean with three separate little spreads of good fresh food. However, someone has to come back to fill the dishpan. Oh, they did that while I was typing! Food looks like melon, grapes, little light green things rolling around. These cubs are having a happy childhood at last!

  145. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Good morning! It’s snowing again. No cubs in sight, and also no food! I don’t see melon rinds, either. Green things might be avocado peel. I was thinking about these girls, how I hope they’re released in a really-good place for them, how I hope they have a totally wonderful time in the spring and summer, enjoying freedom and finding plenty to eat . . . and you know what? These are cubs who were not going to make it at all! It’s “frosting on the cake” that they’ve lived this well this long! And it sounds like I expect them to be released in a group, no, probably individually. God bless!

    • Deanna says:

      I see big Ally at the dishpan eating right now and the other two must be on the shelf cuddling together to stay warm. I love Tahoe in the snow but I bet when you live in it you would like to see it not snow so much. It least it keeps the tourist away. Not me, I love Tahoe year round. Dont they ever release them all together? Do you think they are going to wait until later to release these since they are smaller and not hibernating. I wouldnt think they could let them go until the snow melts because they wouldnt have a den to spend the rest of the winter. I know you know better then I do Mimi because I never got to see the bears until August of this year so I am a newbie at this :)

      • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

        I’m pretty new, too. I’ve never seen cubs released in the spring. Sometimes siblings are put in a den in the wild — or close by — so they still have their natural buddies. The cubs are supposed to be released near where they were found, so not likely they would be released together no matter how good friends they became here. Besides, what the rehabbers would like doesn’t count for as much as what the X-spurts see fit to do. THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION AND NOT NECESSARILY THAT OF ANYONE ELSE AROUND HERE. We do pray the cubs won’t be put near people which can only make a problem.

  146. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Around noon Green Elf Tom was doing a really thorough cleaning — hosing and squee-geeing. Now there’s food and one medium cub eating. I posted then, but the system lost my words. Oh, well . . . Looks like lots of melon, apples, pears and grapes, no carrots.

  147. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    All three girls are downstairs eating.

    • Geri says:

      It doesn’t seeem like there are seven bears in the bear enclosure anymore. Unless they’re sleeping under the hay. Have some been released back into the wild?

      • Deanna says:

        I have been wondering about the same thing as Geri. I read a story in one of the Tahoe papers about two of them being released it least a month ago but nothing was said on FB or here about it. Do you know if they released any Mimi? Hopefully they kept the two Luther bears so they can be released together when the time comes.

        • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

          It would be hard to count 7 bears when they’re snuggled up like they are. It is not time to put them in wild winter dens yet. I’ve heard nothing but will pay attention at the board meeting in 10 days.

  148. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Tom and another green elf, not Cheryl, are standing aghast at the enormity of the clean-up job. Then the food. Looks like the kids are getting my little apples. Door closes and a cub comes down, takes something in her mouth and starts up the log, then backs down. It looks like a dead critter. Tom and the other elf did empty out some small baggies. Maybe Cheryl gave the cubs some protein.

  149. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Interesting that there’s still a little food in the dishpan. It was so much fun to see all three cubs rasseling downstairs yesterday. The kids in the bear house do that all the time. These kids have been slower to play.

  150. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Just now the two smallest cubs were rasseling. Then the biggest girl came down the log, and the smallest one batted at her trying to start something. Now the middle one is sitting on the water dish. Hey, sweetie, that’s not the potty! All three are downstairs poking around — but ignoring the 3 remaining carrots (looks like from here)!

  151. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Sure enough, we have a large bear showing interest in the three remaining carrots. It’s late! Maybe Management got stuck in the grocery line. . .

  152. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    You wanna bet they come downstairs and finally eat those carrots in the next hour? The dishpan is empty, melons down to the rind. . . .

  153. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Here’s Tom and Cheryl doing Room Service and Housekeeping! It’s only 30 degrees today. Tom is pushing with the shovel. Maybe the poop and debris is frozen. Now she’s scattered a LOT of lovely fresh food while Tom is still picking up debris in the back. This is really a labor of love for two to do together. Thanks, guys! And here come two cubs head-first down the log. HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY!

  154. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Hey, cubs, you didn’t eat all the carrots! Those are good for you! Happy New Year, little girls!

  155. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Room Service at last! This volunteer — a brown-haired woman — is poking hard with a shovel to lift up the stuff! No need for her to go to the gym! Thank you, lady! Couple minutes later two cubs — one huge and one quite small — are enjoying the cornucopia of good food. Fresh water in dish. Brown dry food to the rim of the dishpan. Yum! Management is due home today. The food looks like melon wedges, pears, apples, probably grapes.

  156. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Boy! The cubs have reduced their livingroom to a few scraps of melon rind and an empty dishpan. Those who make messes provide jobs for those who clean up! Welcome home, Tom and Cheryl!

    • Deanna says:

      The sure do make a big mess Mimi and it looks like Tom and Cheryl havent been here yet to clean it up. I also see something below the ramp that is big and white that might have came off a wall or ?? Maybe they are angry because they dont have any food to eat except scraps.

  157. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    At the moment we have one chubby cub munching away near the dishpan. Today was absolutely gorgeous (until it began snowing again around 3). I took some apples out to the bears. Someone left the apples at Senior Plaza — not like I went and bought them! The neighborhood looks nothing like in July. In fact I missed the turn! I was given the code for the garage, as the regular gate is snowed shut. So I got a look at the food prep table. Little watermelons, apples, gorgeous blushing pears, carrots, asparagus, also bread and peanut butter. The cashew nuts, chicks and mice must be for the large birds who are staying over. Of course the garage is as cold as anyone’s fridge. And so neat and peaceful. Tom and Cheryl are helping with the Rose Parade float again, will be back very soon. Thank you, Denise and crew, for taking up the slack. Happy New Year, cubs! It will be the best of your short lives. . .

    • Bobbie D. says:

      Every time I checked in toay the same chubbie cubbie was down munchin away on the spread put out for them. Mimi, glad you were able to get ou there today between storms.
      Thank you Denise and volunteers for being there so Cheryl and Tom can get away being there are so many kids this winter.
      Everyone have a wonderful New Year.

  158. Marcia H says:

    The kids are sure getting big!

    • Denise says:

      Love it! One big ” fatty” bear eating and 2 playing ” punch the bear” in the background! First time I’ve seen them play together! Bears are so smart to ” decide” to get along and cuddle up their pudgy bodies to keep warm! Love Them!!!

  159. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Oh, boy, the Green Elves have been here! Lots of melon wedges, little light colored things, grapes, maybe avocados, and some long green things the general shape of green onions or asparagus or . . .? The cubs like it! The two biggest ones are inhaling it very well. No, I doubt it’s green onions — can’t tell the way the pixels shift. Nice of the People not to declare a Holiday and give that excuse not to clean up and feed! God bless!

    • Deanna says:

      I just got to see all three cubs eating what looks like fresh food that was just put out. Ally digging in the dog food dish, Ojai loving fresh melons and Llano eating what Ojai didn’t eat off the melons. If the camera is right I think I can still see where Llano’s leg was shaved. Ally sure is getting BIG these days.

  160. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    I could not post my comment about 11:30 yesterday when Green Elf Tom did a splendid clean-up job, complete with hosing and squee-gee. Then lots of melon, grapes, little green/white things rolling around BUT NO CARROTS! While he was out getting the food, one cub came downstairs to sniff, then back up. I never saw all three at once. The button wouldn’t click for me. It went pale and unresponsive — huh!

  161. Deanna says:

    The Green Elves must of been here because I see piles of food, a full dishpan and a nice clean floor but no cubs. I have been watching for about 10 minutes so I am wondering if perhaps the Elves gave each of them a fish to eat up on the shelf. Hopefully they will come on down soon so I can see them before I take off for my Christmas dinner.

  162. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Cubs must be upstairs opening their presents. It’s a shambles downstairs. The real giveaway is the empty dishpan. Time for the Green Elves . . .

  163. Deanna says:

    Merry Christmas little bear cubs and all of the volunteers at the LTWC. You sure do make me happy being able to see these bears daily.

  164. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Ooh, the cubs have a clean home and lots of fresh food spread out! Bonnie, the ads make it possible to have these cameras online. Indeed, they’re a bother, but there you are. The ads are for all kinds of products. I don’t like the one with the man slapping the other guy in the face! This way, people don’t have to pay something to “join” before they can watch the animals. We’ve had watchers around the world. Happy Christmas, People and Critters! You, too, Kat, and thanks!

  165. Kat says:

    Merry Christmas Bears and Humans. This is a good time for us to show our support and make a donation to help with the costs to rehab the bears. I’m making one — are you?

  166. Bonnie says:

    Why do you have to advertise vodka at the beginning of EVERY video?

  167. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Housekeeping is here! Thank you, Tom and Cheryl, aka the green elves! They sweep and remove a big white bucket of refuse and bring back the same kind of bucket full of grapes, melon wedges, carrots, pears(?), etc. — good stuff for the cubs to turn into poop and strong muscles and glossy fur. It’s snowing lightly here and quite cold.

  168. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    The place looks a shambles! Dishpan empty. Cubs have done justice to all the good stuff put out yesterday, tho there’s lots of debris. In the bear house, sometimes food is left. For sure not here. Just to feed these three is costing something not usually foreseen in the budget. Thanks for your report, Kat! I’d love to see them lined up by size. And yes, they appear to treat one another at least with respect. Probably they cuddle up real good when they sleep, too! Happy Christmas, everybody!

  169. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Wow! Housekeeping has been in. The dishpan is full of brown (dog?) food. Enormous and not so big bear are wandering among what looks like cantaloupe halves and something else large and round — probably honeydew melon, as I don’t believe bears eat cabbage. Yesterday they got more greens and it looked like no carrots — unless Cheryl made candied carrots and the kids ate those first! It’s snowing right now. I just listened to Winter World by Bernd Heinrich, about how wildlife survives in winter. Yesterday I saw birds moving around in the sheltered area under a pine tree. Just now, a beautiful squirrel. I think I saw one squirrel burrowing under the snow. And another went up a tree. Heinrich says shivering helps critters raise their body temp. For us it’s just a signal to put on a jacket or move the thermostat. Be warm, everybody!

    • Kat says:

      Mimi, its funny to see them for sure. The bears are lined up in a way right now that makes them look like small medium and large lol, and small is tasting every round thing around her! Nice to see all three together comfortably. Do miss playful bear antics though.

  170. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Two cubs are downstairs right now. One over the dispan and one finishing melon and carrots. As with L’il Smokey, carrots are the last to go. Their tire swing has been put up, out of commission. I wonder why. . . . It’s too good a world to end tomorrow!

  171. Kat, NC says:

    Love seeing all 3 together, even if they are just hungry. Two lil ones in the dog food bowl, big one laying down beside the bowl. Cute. Hope they get some goodies soon.

  172. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Deanna, sounds like you can tell the cubs apart. Good for you! I held one of them when she was sedated. Saw them in person, but that was three bear faces looking down from their balcony. They seem to be three sizes now, so Ally would be the largest, then Ojai, then the little dark one — that’s llano? Right now the square tub is empty and there’s only melon rinds on the floor. It was one degree F. last night. Br-r-r!

    • Deanna B. says:

      Good for the bulls to learn how to get the person behind the cape!

      I wished I lived in Tahoe so I could volunteer to help. I envy you for being able to go to the meetings and personally meet the animals that are rescued. How exciting you got to hold one of the cubs!! I got to meet Chips in the office when I went up there. They just brought her in the day I went and I got to say she was adorable but at the same time just looked so miserable because of what she went through. Later that day me and my husband watched one of the Golden Eagles fly free which made me cry knowing this eagle was given a chance to fly free again. LTWC is the best.

      I learned who the bears were because of you Mimi. I knew Ally was the big fluffy one and Llano had the shaved spot on his leg. I wished these guys played more, I loved watching the big ones playing :)

    • Debbie says:

      I believe Llano is lighter and Ojai is darker. This is from the pictures I have a both when I transported them both and also comments on facebook from Tom.

  173. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    At nearly noon, we have debris on the floor, no melon rinds, no bowls. The little green elf will be in here soon. It rained last night on top of the snow. I was thinking that these cubs don’t seem to play much. Are they getting strong muscles? Well . . . I’m listening to a book about how wildlife adapts to extreme cold. Bear hibernation is really a miracle, as they don’t eat or poop all winter and and move very little, and are still strong and ready to go in the spring! The rest of us have to exercise! Even astronauts!

    • Deanna B. says:

      I havent seen them play at all but they may just be getting use to each other still. I think hibernation is amazing because they go without pooping. I never knew that so watching the others go into hibernation was a learning experience for me. Thanks for all your info you give us Mimi, you teach me lots by reading your posts.

      • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

        Hi, Deanna! Thank you! I didn’t take biology in school, am only a newby volunteer, so lots to learn. I go to the board meetings because for me they’re more fun than most parties! Wonderful, smart people who really care. If only the animals could hear the discussions of where to put who, how to adapt or “furnish” or “decorate” a space for a certain animal. Multiply by the numbers in the worldwide network of groups like this one. Wow!

        Not clear off topic, I understand bullfighting is rapidly declining in Spain. The bulls are being enlightened through animal communication we’re just learning to appreciate. These bulls are certified “never caped,” but they now know what to aim for behind the cape! Matadors are retiring early in hordes — or else being badly gored. I used to enjoy the bullfight, saw all the great matadors. But the last one, I watched on TV in a bar in N. Spain and cried in my soup for the bull who didn’t have a script! Good for the bulls! They’re all brave.

  174. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Well, a lot of the apparent bulk is fur. They need that because it’s very cold here. Even tho their home has extra layers of heavy plastic. Yesterday’s feeding was very late. Earlier today. I saw the lanky Green Elf sweeping up. Now the usual melon, carrots, etc. (Etc. is the little white things I can’t really identify.) Probably grapes. And what looks like one plastic dishpan of the brown stuff. It looks like the dry dog food LTWC gives to the raccoons so that nobody has hunger pangs — ever! I can’t be bothering Cheryl every time I don’t know something — ha!

  175. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    I checked in just in time to see the biggest cub with her back to the water dish rubbing her tush on the edge of it! All three cubs are downstairs, evidently eating something. They’re pawing in the straw. Melon rinds still evident. They’re turning the dishes over. The cubs are moving around close to each other — for warmth? Probably they’ve just called Room Service. . .

  176. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Here’s the elf in the green hooded parka, sweeping poop, straw and melon rinds up from the floor. A couple minutes ago all three bears were moseying around. A small bear seemed to want to go up the log, but the big kid was coming down. The small cub left the log, and the big one settled down on it. Pretty soon the big cub left the log, and the little one immediately went back upstairs. No petty quarrels, no attempted murder — better than most peeple! Oooh, there’s Tom also in green, helping Cheryl-elf. When you’re scooping poop, “left holding the bag” is a good thing! Full garbage bag. Tom makes a face at the camera, says it’s really cold. Then they empty baggies of something brown (dry dog food?) into bowls. And melon. Grapes. More fruit. Door closes. . . . here comes the big fluffy girl. Yum!

  177. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    All three bears are eating! Now one is looking out through the plastic. Looks like something new on the floor. Fish maybe. Way to go, cubs!

    • Deanna B. says:

      I see all three of them eating finally! First down was Ally, then came Llano and last came little Ojai who got a little slap from the Ally. No worries because after a few minutes they all were next to each other eating together. They are all so cute!!

  178. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Thanks for your notes, Kat! It’s pushing noon, and this looks like a whole new delivery of food. Can’t be sure. Except for sure, Cheryl is letting them eat their fill. That way, when the incredibly hungry one gets so full she can’t walk, there’s something for the littlest one!

  179. Kat, NC says:

    Big fluffy butt bear is eating like she’s starving. The two smaller ones are sight unseen….hopefully they’ll come down to the feast soon!

  180. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Now an elf in green pants and green parks is sweeping up. Could be Cheryl. A few minutes later . . . three dishes and oodles of great food scattered about. Melons, carrots, grapes, apples(?) . . and one very fluffy bear eating. Thanks, Green Elf!

  181. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    No bears in view. From here it looks like they polished off ALL the food. Three bowls turned over. Thanks for your input, Kat. I just don’t do FB. The animals are HERE! We got a little snow last night. Pretty! I got bears on my Christmas cards — made in China!

  182. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    After the people left, the bears sniffed around, sat on the slanting log, seemed to ask each other where the food was. Cheryl had told me they had to go somewhere in the afternoon. NOW there’s lots of food! It’s a cornucopia! Bowls and melon, grapes, avocado, apples, etc. if the floor got hosed, I didn’t see it. There’s some straw in front of the igloo. Both igloos got cleaned out. Only 2 bears downstairs. I hope the third gets a good chance. Cheryl will watch for that.

  183. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    They’re at it again — really cleaning up. Cheryl waved to the camera. Last night, all rested from the cruise, Cheryl looked like the bride in Spenser’s “Epithalamion” — the bride with a sunshiney face! If anybody thinks workers look funny on camera, remember that footing isn’t secure where there’s water or poop. And the camera makes things look jerky that really are not — like Tom tying the garbage bag! AND . . . they can sing! Boy, can they sing! They’ll go down in his-to-reeee!

  184. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    All three cubs are downstairs right now. The fluffy one just sitting. The other two investigating the tire and perimeter. Tom and Cheryl were caroling at Senior Plaza with their Kiwanis group this evening. Cheryl asked if the cubs had eaten the fish. I can’t read the pixels very well. Maybe part of the fish got eaten. Cheryl said tomorrow all the straw will be taken up because three cubs who aren’t denning make too much mess in the straw. Without straw, the floor can be hosed down.

    • Kat, NC says:

      Makes sense, maybe keep some upstairs lol, they seem to dig in it for food. Glad they may get more food, they seem to really want it now that they are getting it.

  185. Kat, NC says:

    Finally I get to see all 3 bears at once.

    Mimi, are you sure they are all about the same weight? The new one looks much bigger than the others, and I noticed one of the others still shied away from her when she was too close.

    Think they are getting spoiled and wanting more and more food :)

    • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

      Kat, I don’t know. I heard someone say that the really fluffy one just has a lot of fur and is not that big under the fur. From getting to chat with Cheryl this evening, it sounds like the bears may get their food upped a bit or get more feedings a day.

  186. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Whatta show! I feel terrible sipping my coffee and watching Tom and Cheryl work! They picked up poop and a lot of dirty straw. I can’t read lips, but there were interesting gestures. Then Cheryl returned with a bucket of fresh fruit and veggies. Looks like two small melons cut in quarters, grapes, a couple carrots, and little white things. As soon as she was gone, a big fluffy cub with tag in right ear cam head-first down the log. A much smaller cub came down the little log in the back. They’ll probably scramble back up if Cheryl returns with bowls. Welcome home, T & C!

  187. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Maybe a cub found the camera. I sure didn’t break it, being 5 miles to the north! Help, Camera Guy!

  188. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    This fluffy cub has the tag in left ear. She’s polishing off the orange color bowl, really working at it. There is food all over! Melon wedges. Oh, boy! Plenty for all.

  189. Kat, NC says:

    Our new fluffy cub is again digging for food. She’s cute pawing at the straw/hay. I guess now that her hunger is awakened she’s making up for lost time. Rarely see the other 2 though.

  190. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    The light is hazy tonight. One cub is pawing at the straw, walking around. I was out there about 4 and left SIX LOAVES of bread and a jar of peanut butter for them. Tom and Cheryl are due back today. I didn’t go see the animals. It’s very peaceful in the Millham back yard. The senior volunteers have a schedule, unknown to me.

  191. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    12:35 and a volunteer is pouring something into a yellow dish, then the silver. Then tossing fruit over here and over there, dumps all of it and then picks up bunches of grapes to toss elsewhere so nobody fights to get to any one kind of food. Thank you! Doesn’t look like Denise! Person in baseball cap. 12:36 a fluffy bear comes headfirst down the log and starts on the yellow dish. Yum! 12:40 cub still eating from yellow bowl. I think I see her tag in right ear. All is well in the Bobcat House!

  192. BobD says:

    I’m curious — are these cubs not being coerced into hibernation because they still need care? Thanks LTWC for all you do!!

    • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

      Hi, Bob! Yes, they will winter over. All three are female and probably under 30 pounds. Born last February, none of them got enough food. The hibernating bears are pushing 90 pounds, having had a well-fed happy childhood in the bear house since their various rescues last spring. These girls came in only recently from Ojai, Llano and Alpine Meadows. Ojai, for example, was only 11 pounds. As of a month ago she was 22 pounds. I’ve never seen a spring-time non-hibernating release . . .

  193. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    We have a bear with tag in right ear pawing at the straw in front of the water dish. She drank a bit. Now looking for the odd carrot? She’s using her right front paw to push the straw aside. Are bears right-pawed? Denise will bring the food in soon. I’ll try to visit tomorrow. Slept thru my alarm today.

  194. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    No bears in sight at the moment! I just partook of the free baked goods delivery at Senior Plaza. Oh, boy! Got a little jar of PB and two loaves of pretty-good beige wheat bread. Then several more loves of the heavy, seedy bread I like! Will get back out with it ASAP, probably tomorrow. I always refrigerate or freeze, so it will not have green whiskers by the time the cubs get it. If nobody is home, I’ll put it by the back door. I can do better than hot dog buns. What a lovely memory — those three little faces looking down!

  195. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Denise, I’m sorry I missed you. I got there mid-afternoon and saw Jo and the adult raccoon “with attitude.” He was to see Dr. W. He had grapes to eat. I get a nice bread distribution every Tuesday. Will look for more tomorrow. I put it in the freezer. Funny, I went to see the three cubs and it looked like panty liners on their floor! Yeah, they’re girls, but . . . Of course it was hot dog buns. All three were up in the loft that faces “out”, toward the water dish and the light source. Three little faces looking down. I said “Hello” and “I love you” and “Good-bye” and “I love you.” They had mixed straw in their peaches, etc. Do you have enough peanut butter? Need anything else? 10:30 is early for me. Call me — 544-1067 if you need more help. I got snow tires but can’t see well enough to drive farther than LTWC. Glasses coming. XO

  196. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Thank you, Denise, for your updates. I’ve been threatening to come out there. Probably today. I have good bread for the bears’ sandwich snacks. Also to get Christmas things from storage. Just saw a fluffy bear with red tag in left ear. Nice that the moisture has abated for awhile.

    • Denise says:

      I’m out there feeding around 10:30 every day if you want to come by. We
      could use some bread for ” cub sandwiches!”! One more week till Tom & Cheryl are back-hope they are getting in some relaxation on their trip!

  197. Marcia H says:

    The new one is so small.

    • Denise says:

      Actually the new one “looks” big as her fur is very long & has a red tag in her right ear. LLano is lighter and you can see a shaved portion on her leg. Ojai is darker and very compact- hope I got that all straight! The newest cub is (how shall I say this?) A PIG! She eats everything in sight which shows she’s catching up for the last few months! Today I threw her a frozen fish which kept her busy so the others can eat! Not sure where they are all sleeping but they are starting to get used to each other and become buddy’s and will soon probably be dining together also! Every day is better!

      • Geri says:

        Yes, Ally has a healthy appetite. I watched today while you tended to their den, and every time you left, she came down. When she heard you returning, she ran upstairs. Too cute!

        • Denise says:

          Yes she’s making up for lost time but is settling in! Many thanks to the GENEROUS donation yesterday of organic nuts & dried fruits via the Bear League! The cubbies are really loving them. THANK YOU!!!

  198. Deanna B. says:

    I never noticed the other igloo in here under the ramp so either I never noticed it or maybe Ally is in here now. I also just got to see two bears down below eating and digging in the straw. One of them was big and the other one was lots smaller and when the bigger one got some food it ran off to the igloo below the ramp.

    • Denise says:

      Hi everyone! Moved ” Ally” (another female!) in with these 2 cubs as she just didn’t seem to want to be by herself in the Raccoon cage! She IMEDIATELY started eating everything in sight – even before exploring or meeting the other cubs which tells me she’s really been struggling to find food the last few months
      Since she lost her Mother! I made sure they had PLENTY of food so there was no squabbling over food! I’m hopeful they all get along & after all day ” bear checks” it looks good! a BIG Thans to Bruce for fixing the cameras AGAIN!!!
      Might take a few days for them to get used to each other but just thankful she’s out of this weather system arriving and safe / full/ and warm!

      • Deanna B. says:

        Is Ally bigger then the other two bears? I sure am seeing lots of one bear that seems to be looking through the straw to find food non stop so perhaps that is Ally trying to find food. I see Llano coming down the ramp and then going back up every time the bigger bear turns towards her.

  199. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Okay, I see a very large bear (Ojai?) walking around, starting up the log. There is a second igloo in lower left corner of the screen, and little Llano (?) peeking out of it. Some interaction between them, not hostile. They aren’t really playing, but Ojai knows if anybody does how it feels to be bullied! Anyway, they have lots of good food, scattered straw, a big water dish that’s actually electric and will never freeze. Tom’s big smile was in the newspaper yesterday for Kiwanis activities, but that doesn’t mean he and Cheryl are back from their trip! I still have not stopped to say hello and meet “Al” — the tenth cub!

  200. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    What the bleep is ROI on social media? And those men getting slapped and smiling about it? This morning I see a lot of Lake Tahoe blue and no bears. On FB they’re saying we have a new little cub, a male named Al because he was rescued at Alpine Meadows. See Bear league page. I don’t believe Tom and Cheryl are back from their big trip. Not sure how senior volunteers are handling this. For sure they could put the new cub in the raccoon house, maybe fawn isolation. I will be out there maybe tomorrow and then have a more accurate cub report. My understanding is that Llano and Ojai little girl cubs will definitely be fed all winter. I don’t know what a spring release looks like. As they say, Bueno, vamos a ver. . .

  201. Debbie says:

    I saw both bears out this morning, Ojai curled up by the igloo and Llano over by the feeding dishes. Nice to see them both down together again.

  202. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    There’s the bear! Curled up facing the tire. Very round! I think this is Ojai girl. She’s a cool dark brown color. The food is out, placed in two sets including something orange in a bowl and fresh produce — bok choy? little apples? Can’t tell. And don’t know. I haven’t seen the other cub. Happy Sunday, everybody!

  203. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Away in a manger, no crib for a bed, the little Ojai girl lays down her sweet head! She was probably there all night, snuggled in the straw just beyond the slanting logs. She’s moved a bit since 6 a.m. There are food dishes and balls and what looks like pieces of pumpkin. She looks very content — no silly shopping for her! I’ve not seen the two cubs together. Assume the other cub has the nook upstairs.

  204. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Ten to six and Ojai girl is at the bottom of the screen eating. She’s giving her attention either to the bowl of orange stuff or else the food left on the ground. Red tag in her left ear.

    • Denise says:

      Thanks for all your bear reports Mimi! Since Tom & Cheryl are gone I’m the one doing the feeding cleaning etc. & worry that they BOTH get their portions! That was me ” trying” to toss PBJ & honey sandwiches to them up top! I just see them watching me when I go in to clean & never know who gets what! Keep up the reports thank you!

  205. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Now the cub has waked up and walked around the room, pushing at the straw with her forepaws. I’m pretty sure that’s Ojai girl. Gosh, she is round!

  206. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Is that a bear cub curled up snoozing in the hay at the foot of the slanting log? She’s dark enough to be Ojai girl. It looks like an ear. I’m watching for the pixels to shift, to show that she’s breathing. It’s very cold here. I just took a long walk to work off the pecan pie. Sweet dreams, sweet bear!

  207. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Now Ms. Green Jeans has brought in the food. A bowl each of something beige and something orange like sweet potato or pumpkin or canned peaches. Also little whitish things tossed on the floor. Marshmallows? Mushrooms? I think she put out some treats also. And she threw something up. Lots of times I watched L’il Smokes and later other cubs being served something broad and mostly red. Pomegranate slices? No, open face peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! It’s hard to tell on camera. Happy Turkey Day, Tom and Cheryl! Surely that cruise ship has a little pavo for you!

  208. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Just saw a volunteer sweep the clean straw away from the window side and pick up lots of poop. She also managed to jump from leaning over to standing up on the other side of the room! I tried that in the bear house and it never worked! Thank you! Poop = eating and growing. Now a cub has come down the log, checked the piles of straw, the water bowl, and then looked out the window for quite a while. She’s a cool taupey brown, darker up her back, and I think I saw a white spot on her right hip. She stood there, maybe wondering if we’re going to keep her there forever — then climbed straight up and disappeared. Not sure in the sunshine if that was Llano or Ojai, could have been Ojai. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

  209. Kat says:

    Llano is playing with a ball, too cute. Think she’s waiting on breakfast!

  210. Denise says:

    So counting on you “cam watchers” to let us know if BOTH cubs are down eating because ever time I look only LLano is pigging out & want to make sure they are BOTH getting their daily oatmeal! It seems they are finally getting used to each other but when I go in to feed & clean they just sit up top & watch so I never know! Thanks!

    • Debbie says:

      I saw one come down today to eat and she seemed to eat “her” portion (assuming it was Llano) but did a good job of staying away from the other portion, as of right now haven’t seen the other one come down and eat and there is food still available. I’ve only seen them both down together one time, this morning and most of the food seemed to be gone.

      • Deanna B. says:

        I have only seen Llano in this cage ever since he arrived so I am happy to hear both of them are still in here. Hopefully since the seem to be getting use to each other we will see more of Ojai.

        • Denise says:

          Thanks everyone!
          Llano is lighter in color and has a shaved spot on her leg if that helps. Ojai always came down to eat at night when she was alone but just want to be sure she’s getting her share!

  211. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    I just called LTWC and got Cheryl sounding very far off — they’re in Southern California. Of course all duties toward these animals are covered by volunteers. The new cub from Llano is a lighter color and has some white spots. And I sent thanks to Tom for filling us in about these kids. Once again, this is the “studio” L’il Smokey occupied. It’s very peaceful. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

  212. Kat says:

    Is that Llano scraping hay into a bed and curling up and sleeping? Too cute, sweet dreams lil one.

  213. Tom Millham says:

    It is now 10:30pm on Friday, November 16, 2012. Last night, we got in yet another cub from F & G. This one came from the town of Llano, CA (east and south of Palmdale and Lancaster).
    This little girl is very similar to the Ojai female cub we got in almost exactly one month earlier (Oct. 16th). Ojai came in at 11 pounds and Llano came in at 12.1 pounds. Other than some mites, she was in fairly good shape.
    This afternoon, we put Llano into the bobcat cage AND, at the same time, we took Ojai out of the raccoon cage and put her into the bobcat cage. After about 30 minutes of facing each other (within a per carrier), we opened the doors and let them get ‘close’ to each other.
    By the way – – – Ojai now weighs 22 pounds. She has doubled her weight over the past 4 weeks. Llano is lighter in color and has a patch of fur missing due to F & G taking a sample of the mites. Ojai is almost black in color.
    The other seven cubs had their last meal last Monday (November 12th), ate some tree branches on Tuesday and were introduced to pine needles and straw on Wednesday. They are doing fairly well, for some first year cubs which all of a sudden have no food.
    Bruce did some ‘management’ of the cameras today. Since there are no birds or animals in the raccoon cage, nor the flight area, he had deleted cameras 5, 6, 8 & 9. So, effective today, the only cameras (and their descriptions) which are working on our web site are; 1 (Play Area – BEAR Cage), 2 (Feed Area – BEAR Cage), 3 (Den – BEAR Cage), 4 (Bobcat Cage) and 7 (Looking at LTWC’s back yard).

    • Diane says:

      Thanks for the update on little Ojai. So relieved that she has gained weight and will now have a new friend. Thanks for all you do for our wildlife.

  214. Denise says:

    I know it gets confusing ( even for us sometimes!) but ” NOW” in the Bobcat cage is yet ANOTHER orphan bear cub brought in last night from Southern California! The little Ojai cub will have a roommate as we moved them BOTH into the Bobcat enclosure. We will continue feeding these little ones throughout the winter as they are both too small to ” really” hibernate. You can see on the webcam we have put in some straw for them & hopefully in a few days they will “buddy up” for the winter ahead! They are both females and about the same size so hoping all will go well! We’ll try to update as everything progresses!

    • Deanna B. says:

      That is sad that another little bear cub lost its mom. Hopefully both of the cubs will get along so they can spend the winter together.

  215. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    This morning we have a very large bird sitting on the igloo. He is surrounded by toys and comforts for bears and bobcats. If this is the eagle who disagreed with the train, then Cheryl is still putting drops in his eye. Surely with the help of Tom wearing serious leather high-top gloves. Snow last night!

  216. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Well, well! It looks like the bobcat house now has an eagle — maybe the one we got yesterday, described in bear playroom blog. The bird is sitting on the tire. . . . And the bobcat who was in here, the one who loves people, the one who had two siblings and grew up here — she went to a new home on Monday. She didn’t take to being wild, after release was trying to befriend people, rubbing against their legs! LTWC had tried every trick to turn her off people. When they sprayed water in her face, she just squinched her eyes shut and waited until it was over. Her release to the wild didn’t “take” and Cheryl had to go get her, bring her back to LTWC. Cheryl called several zoos. Then someone thought of Six Flags. So in hopes of a career with people, the bobcat has recently been playing with people, and didn’t even mind wearing a collar if that was a requirement of her new job. Now Tom has a letter from Six Flags to say she is settled in happily and everyone she meets loves her and vice versa. Obviously this is one very special animal, as LTWC has decades of releasing wild animals still wild to the wild. No name was mentioned for this little sweetheart. Not a success story in light of LTWC’s mission, but a happy ending nontheless.

  217. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Okay, your friendly cub reporter is bounced back from surgery that was far worse in the anticipation than anything afterwards. I just called Cheryl. We are looking at one friendly bobcat. This kid wants to be around people and may go to a place where she can work in educating people. Not a wild life but a good one with purpose. Chips and Sierra are being cared for at the care center in Placerville where it’s warmer of kids who need to winter over. And the smallest bear cub is now in the raccoon house where Cheryl says she seems happier. For one thing, that place won’t carry memories of being bullied by the other cub. “Better ‘n’ better” is indeed a natural law.

    • Bobbie D says:

      Welcome back Cub Reporter! Thanks for clearing up the mystery of moving cubs and Bob Cats. I’m happy to hear the baby cubbie is happier in the smaller cage and hopefully she will start eating better although I have caught her a few times in the wee hours munching away.

  218. Deanna B. says:

    Silly cat! I just watched one of them get on the top shelf of the tree in the cage and it was tipping over so she leaped off. The second time she tried it the tree fell right over with her on top of it. She ran to the igloo and hid for a minute then came right back out to explore all around it.

  219. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    No dishes today, and no bear! Just big patches of sunlight and what I believe is a nice bunch of grapes. Grow, little girl!

    • Michelle Westrum says:

      Feeding time appears to be around 6pm. I watched the cam last nite and the little one finally came down, drank her milk and very slowly moved up the log. I hope she is doing well…… Cheryl will certainly work her magic and help her become a chubby cubby.

  220. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Just now from before 7 to 10 after, the little bear crouched by the milk dish and lapped it all up! Way to go, sweetheart!

  221. Deanna says:

    I finally got to see her!! Only for a minute though… she drank something out of one of the bowls and then slowly walked up the ramp to her hiding place. She is sooooo tiny and cute :)

  222. Geri says:

    Is the little one still there? I never see her and her room is so clean. I’m worried!

  223. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Looks like she drank all her milk! Good girl!

  224. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Okay, bear watchers, I just called Cheryl with questions. What looked like mushrooms was probably marshmallows, but the girl didn’t like them. Cheryl is feeding her a variety including sliced peaches, avocado, cereal, apple, etc. And why was the larger cub removed to the big bear house? Because she was bullying the little one big-time! She even pushed her off a high ledge so that the cub fell to the floor. Cheryl said it made an awful crunching sound and the cub limped for a while. When they woke up from sedation, the 27-pound girl was already batting at the 11-pound kid. And for the next day and a half she was controlling the smaller cub’s access to food and water, etc. They figured right that the bigger girl would be protected by her “brother” in the big bear house. This baby is feisty, but not to that extent. Far better to be alone as L’il Smokey was in this great house!

    • Bobbie D. says:

      Thanks so much for getting the mysteries cleared up. Poor little girl getting picked on like she was. I am so glad the bully got moved to the big bear house. It is god to see her eating so she gets big and strong. Oh, Lil Smokey wasn’t alone….He had Black Bear (BB) to keep him company along with WB and a few others.

  225. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    FINALLY got to see the BEAR! She was standing over the green stuff as though to try to eat it. She looked around, then sedately walked back up the log. All the bowls are empty. Water dish may be out of camera range. She does look more filled out.

    • Bobbie D. says:

      Sneaky cub was up eating in the middle of the night when she thought everyone was asleep. Surprise, I saw her being the night owl that I am. After she finished she had a look outside then up the log she went.

  226. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Now we see empty dishes and evidence of some moving around. Not sure about the little whitish things Cheryl put out. The big stuffed animal has been pulled out of the igloo. It looks like the sheet is flattened on the mattress. Make yerself at home, little girl! It snowed last night! Way fun!

  227. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    I’ve watched all day for that cub. She may have touched the oatmeal. The milk and orange stuff is still there. She may have tasted the little things on the floor. . . After somehow growing up hungry, it’s taking her awhile to learn to live expansively.

  228. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Now Cheryl herself has been here, removed the ladder, picked up a lot of little poops, threw the sheet on the mattress, and left some great food. A bowl of formula, a bowl of oatmeal, and a bowl of something orange — maybe canned peaches. Also something green, like salad or grapes. And some little off-white things. Sorry, they look exactly like mushrooms but certainly are not. Zooming in doesn’t help. This kid is absolutely getting the best possible care considering her mom isn’t around. Thanks, Cheryl!

  229. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Now there’s a ladder off to the right and what looks like a bundle of bedsheets on the slanting log. Is she decorating? Maybe they’re winterizing this cabin?

  230. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Now she has a mattress on the floor. No bowls at the moment. No bear, either. All neat and clean here. Room Service is probably on the way. Grow, little girl, and be happy!

  231. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Where’s my little friend? There’s an empty bowl — maybe oatmeal? — and some formula in another bowl. Big patches of sunshine. Probably our girl is napping. This is where L’il Smokey healed and grew, and grew, and grew.

    • Michelle Westrum says:

      This little girl is quite camera shy…..I still have not seen her

      • Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

        Ya know, just maybe she bullied the other cub out! I still haven’t seen her either! But both bowls are empty. She will do fine.

        • Denise says:

          This little Ojai cub is by herself in here now. Even though she’s a feisty little thing the bigger cub appeared to be bullying her so that one was put back in the BIG bear enclosure with it’s sibling. Even though it’s smaller than the others it has it’s buddy to hang out with! Hopefully that will give this little cub time to eat in peace and gain a few pounds! Still shy though!

  232. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Looks like she finished her milk and the oatmeal. Also some grapes. Good girl!

  233. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    No bear in sight. Looks like someone lives here. Two round damp spots where dishes have recently been removed. Lots of grapes, other fruit, a big bowl of milk. If this is the 11-pound girl, let’s not feel too sorry for her because she was very alone in the wild! To be alone and well cared for will be a luxury for her. Cheryl and Tom know a lot about bear social dynamics. Usually they would never put a 27-pound cub (Luther Pass girl) in with cubs pushing 90 pounds. TGIF, everybody! [No TGIF for wildlife rehabbers!]

  234. Kat says:

    I have only seen 1 here, and a small one is in with the others — did these two get separated?

  235. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    As of last night there are two small cubs in here. I see only one at the moment. Of the two who came in together from Luther Pass, the big kid, 66 pounds, is in the Bear House, a male. He has blondish fur and a white patch on his chest. Also, he keeps a bit apart from the others, being the new one. His little sister (nobody knows) is in this cage and weighs 27 pounds. Also with her is the 11 pound girl from Ojai or Malibu. They got sedated and checked over by Dr. Willets last night. He cleaned ears, took blood samples, etc. Their fur is nice. All these bears were born last February, but didn’t all get enough food to grow as large as they could. Cheryl will put pounds on these kids quickly. When these two were laid on blankets together last night to wake up, of course the big one work up first and Denise saw her cuff the little one who was not yet awake. Denise did some damage control. Pretty soon the larger bear bothered the little one again and the puny one cuffed her back and hissed! These two will winter over, not be released in February like the big 6.

    • Sue Morneau says:

      Thank you Mimi for your usual eloquently reported news for us all. Just so sorry the Luther Pass bears are separated now ( first they lose their Mom, now each other) In the Raccoon cage they would cuddle together and it was so sweet to watch.

      • Kat says:

        Thanks Mimi, I’m sure the big bro will fit in with the 5pack soon :) And sad for these two they won’t go as quickly to freedom but good they’ll have time to grow.

  236. Geri Sullivan says:

    Why is there only one bear, what happened to the other one?

  237. Deanna says:

    I am happy to see the bears in here because like Mimi said the three bobcats must of been released and are out living in the wild where they belong. Another great job done by all of you at LTWC!

  238. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Well, those three wonderful bobcat siblings must have been released because today there are bears in here! Just now they were enjoying their pool hugely — splashing and running and completely submerging — well, as much as possible. After all, this is where L’il smokey grew up. These two will do just fine. Meanwhile there are people in the raccoon house, probably getting it ready for Chips and Sierra, the younger bobcats who will winter over. This is just my surmising. . .

  239. Tom Millham says:

    Good Friday morning,

    The three bobcats on this camera came to LTWC on Sunday, May 20th, folloing the second day of our training seminar. At that time – – – they were ‘about’ 6 weeks old, which means they would have been born around the 5th of April. So, in one week, they will be ‘about’ six months old. One of the cats suffered a broken leg – while in the bobcat cage -about 5 weeks ago. Dr Willitts made arrangements to have her sent down to Reno for surgery with two pins and a plate. She was by herself in a small cage for three weeks, then re-introduced with the other two. As you can see, they are all happy campers again. She is showing no signs of any lack of mobility. We plan to release all three within the next couple of weeks.


    • Kat says:

      Thanks Tom, that’s great news

      • Ayla says:

        I have noticed that people go into their enclosures with them. How are you going to release them when they’re so accustomed to us? They can walk right up to a hunter…. They should have had minimal exposure to people if they were being rehabbed for release. I don’t mean to criticize, I’m just very concerned for the animals. I know you’re doing the best you can and that it’s an all volunteer organization. I do thank you for taking care of them.

  240. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    The three bobcats in here are siblings from this season. I don’t know when they’ll be released, but LTWC doesn’t keep anybody (except Tom and Cheryl) into the winter. Bear cubs being a special case. “Chips” is possibly upstairs in the clinic. That is where Dr. Willets examines the animals. There is a warm room for baby bunnies, squirrels, and others. L’il Smokey was upgraded to larger enclosures as he improved overall. I know Dr. Willets worked on Chips because my neighbor took her cat, Sammy, to him and she asked about the little bobcat. We will see Chips soon depending on how well she’s healing and how rambunctious she is.

  241. metalpen says:

    Thanks so much for taking such good care of our injured wildlife.
    This is a WORTHWHILE cause!
    Kudos to the firefighter that overlooked the the rules this one time to rescue little”Chips”
    It helps keep the heartsickness at bay knowing critters are scrambling for their life, and CAN get a helping hand.
    Keep up the great work!

  242. metalpen says:

    These two Bobcats look pretty healthy and frisky.
    How much longer before they can get back into their natural habitat?… or do they still have to recover from an injury or sickness?.
    Do they keep these here just to help little ones like “Chips” become socialized w/other Bobcats when she is well enough?

  243. Donna Patterson says:

    Would love to be notified somehow if or when Chips appears on cam. So happy you are caring for little Chips!

  244. Lynn says:

    I can see the best time to watch them is in the morning when they are active. I don’t think I see the little one with burnt paws though. These look pretty good sized compared to the on in the paper. I believe they named him Chips.

  245. Bobcat Jones says:

    These aren’t Chip the baby bobcat, he is in an isolated cage so he can get care.These cats are older and probably been at the facility for awhile. They look couple years old

  246. John Emerson says:

    Is the recently rescued bobcat kitten Chips being kept in a place where she appears on a camera? If so, which one?

  247. anna says:

    they dont seem to be doing anything are they even in there right now

  248. Sue Morneau says:
    This was on the local news today – another Lil Smokey, but this time with whiskers! Thank you LTWC for being there to give them a chance.

  249. Tom Millham says:

    Hi everyone,

    We have had several e-mails and facebook posts about one of the bobcat kittens which is limping. Dr Willitts was just here (4:30pm, Tuesday) and he will be back later today to knock him/her out and will give a thorough exam, which ‘could’ include an x-ray. As a normal procedure, he examines them here FIRST, THEN – if necessary – will transport to his hospital for further medical assistance. Thank you for watching and keeping us informed.


  250. Joanne D says:

    They really don’t seem to know what to do with the deer carcus do they?! They walk right over it—–They sure are cute. I’m glad we can move from cage to cage ourselves—thanks everyone. Glad to see the little otter going to where he can have playmates but miss seeing him—he was so very cute. Love to all—-<3

  251. Janice Johnson says:

    I really enjoy the new cams. The bobcats are so cute to watch. Thank you guys for doing such a great job of taking care of our wounded and homeless wild life.

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