Cam 6: Flight Area

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  1. Tina of Redding says:

    Does anyone know what we’re watching on Cam 6? Thanks.

  2. Deanna says:

    Is this the falcon with the hurt wing? Hopefully he is doing good and soon will be released.

  3. Bruce Richards says:

    That’s a Bald Eagle in the West Side Mew – at least for now. He is a young adult bird and was found along the side of the road unable to fly. He appears to have only minor issues (no broken bones) so he’ll be fed well for the next few weeks and he’ll be released once he recovers. He’s a big, beautiful creature – the cameras don’t do him justice.

    • Deanna B. says:

      Thanks Bruce. I have been watching him and he never wants to come out of the corner and show us his beautiful face so all I have seen is his back.

  4. Tom Millham says:

    Hi guys,

    Unfortunately, we do not get a chance to just sit and watch when some of you are, so we have not seen Sierra limping. I am fairly certain it is ‘not’ Chips, as I have seen her walking across the log and climbing the screen. We will see what we can do today when we go in to clean her. Thanks for the heads up. Tom

    • Lorie says:

      I am pretty sure it is Sierra also. From watching them Chips seems smaller than Sierra and I have seen Chips climbing all over the place and Sierra doesn’t usually cross the log, he goes down the carpet cat tree. Thanks for checking it out!!! :-}

    • Paul Nowak says:

      Thanks Tom,
      I know you guys must have your hands full now , especially with all the bear cubs you are juggling!
      (You’ll be able to start a bear jamboree in no time!)
      We REALLY appreciate all the hard work and hands on you guys provide.
      You get a BIG thank you!

    • Barbara F says:

      Is it me or is Sierra’s right front foot swollen ? He hops with it, when he is not chasing or being chased.
      I love watching these babies. Thank you for ALL you do for All these wonderful animals. The bear cubs are darling, but these Bobkittens have stolen my heart!

      • Barbara F says:

        I see that they have knocked over the platform / post, so now maybe Sierra can’t get down. :( Chips goes up there anyway to play with him. :)

        • BobD says:

          Sad to see that he/she can’t get down. Hope something is done soon.

        • Barbara F says:

          Sierra cannot get down and he has tried every way possible. He is limping pretty hard now. He must be exhausted from his efforts. Tom, can’t you do something to help this difficult situation ?? Poor baby :( He can’t get to the food.

          • BobD says:

            Sierra finally made it down by going back-end first down the pole supporting the house.

          • Barbara F says:

            Sierra is back and Chips had to give him a love !! I wonder what they found with his paw. I’ve not seen him walk or climb yet but I hope he is much better now. Or, maybe there is nothing they can do right now, waiting for it to heal ?? I am just so glad to see him as was Chips !! Love those babies :) :) :)

  5. Paul Nowak says:

    ……………What is wrong with the right front leg of one our little guys?
    Someone needs attention! It looks like Sierra to me. :(

  6. Pam F says:

    So glad to see them, thanks for the new camera view!

  7. Lorie says:

    Thanks!!!! Camera is much better!!! We can see them play more now!!!

  8. kathy says:

    the cam musta got bumped ?

  9. Lorie says:

    It’s so much fun to watch Chips and Sierra!!!!! I am concerned about one of them, I think it is Sierra, but I am not sure. One of them is favoring or limping on the right front leg. Just worried about the little kitty!!! Also do you plan on putting another camera in their enclosure again so we can see more of them? They are so fun to watch!!!!! :-)

    • Paul Nowak says:

      Any word on what is going on w/ Sierra’s right front paw/leg?
      It has been a few days since your post and I have not seen or heard anything about it yet. :(

  10. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Chips and Sierra were just cuddled up on the platform here. Now they’re rasseling bigtime! Nice to see them again!

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