Cam 7: River Otter South Side Play Area

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  1. KC says:

    Saw the missing raccoon showed up. People were looking for it with a flashlight. It had a place to hide somewhere. :-)

  2. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Oh, boy! Three volunteers in here giving it a good cleaning for the raccoons! There were three raccoons; however, we’ve been bottle feeding five more upstairs. If they’re ready for the Raccoon House, too, or if we’ve gotten more, then this will be a lively place and need good cleaning twice a day! Squee-geeing after hosing down is important, as no animal needs standing water on their floor. Los bandidos are so darned cute! It’s hot now — 80’s! Good weather for pony tails!

  3. MF says:

    One of the cubs looking around and sniffing the air. Shaggy coat looking a little scruffy. Using the roof braces and the wire fencing for scratching. That coat must be itching a little. Will grow in a nice new coat soon. Ahhh spring is in the air!

  4. Linda G says:

    Nice to see Salyer and Hoopa – the main cub area looks so empty now!

  5. Nadine says:

    Lovely to see these two cubs eating together, and then fussing n wrassling in the sunshine. Happy Spring everyone! :)

  6. MF says:

    2 beautiful bears up here enjoying the view. The lighter one is laying close to the camera, the Darker one is in the middle. I don’t know which one is which. It is so nice to see them getting bigger and more curious and coming up here more often.

    • KC says:

      The light one is Hoopa (male)
      The black one is Salyer (female)
      It is nice to see them up there tolerating each other.

  7. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    No bears up here now! Hi, KC! So where’s Hoopa? Gone to his tennis lesson? In the winter time? Oh, so it’s chess he’s playing! It’s a puzzlement, unless the other igloo us under the ramp. Hoopa? Be well, sweetheart!

  8. KC says:

    Nice to see Salyer and Hoopa laying up top near each other. They are certainly getting bigger.

  9. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    No bears up here! Nadine, you remind me of a beloved blogger L’il Smokey had in this same place summer of 2008. That was Lencho from Arizona who contributed everything from heavy scientific research material to his own beautiful poetry. All about bears of course! As for “Uncle Tom,” our Tom is nothing like the man in the novel except for being a man and a good person. So many Americans read the popular novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin that much of it has been absorbed into our language and culture, i.e., when someone had no parenting and “just grew like Topsy.” Whole families read it aloud — before TV. That Uncle Tom was a black slave, a patriarch who simply did what he was told, unable to guide his family’s future.

  10. Nadine says:

    Good morning Cubs!
    Auntie Cheryl is cleaning up the poop, and Uncle Tom is bringing in fresh hay while Cheryl shreds it and replaces the old straw in the den areas. Tom brings in a new den and places it to the right of the old one. Maybe they can both sleep closer now. One has been sleeping in the hay pile (Salyers) and I can never see where Hoopa sleeps, but maybe it’s in the little house, upstairs, where Cinder used to sometimes cram herself?

    Bears love small spaces – dens are often just big enough to crawl into and pretty clean. Pregnant bears seem to have latrine areas where they deposit any waste (as per Lynn Rogers). Other non-pregnant bears sleep most of the winter while their body converts all their waste into nutrition. Mother bears lick up and ingest any poop from their babies (Else Poulsen), so the dens are often not odiferous at all despite having up to 4 or even 5 people in, at a time.

    Whenever Cheryl and Tom appeared, both bears raced upstairs.
    Hoopa was more curious, peering over the stairs, and even stealing a bunch of grapes on the sly and taking it to go, while Salyers’ backend had an interesting meeting with the air at the end of the raised shelf by the cam here. That girl bear has great climbing skills (she often uses the tree trunk to get down, while Hoopa takes the Cinder-ramp) so she hung on with all 20 claws, and I suspect was more confident than I would be in that situation. She sure is a skittish cub, but that’s how we want them – no making friends with humans here – keep em wild. Just love them from a distance, each bear, and each one will break your heart no matter what happens. We learn that the trick is to let them go with love. <3

    • emily in NH says:

      Thanks for all the info Nadine! I noticed last night for the first time that Hoopa was in the igloo pulling in more straw and Salyers was in her usual spot behind him… it was nice to see them closer together.

      • Nadine says:

        I wanted to add, Emily, that I find a lot of Bear activism on Facebook. Petitions (that work) and friendly, kind people working together to free caged bears, and raise awareness about circuses. It’s a good place to see how all the bear rehabs are doing, and I reckon there are anti-hunt/bait groups on FB too.

        I didn’t realise one of the was in the igloo – Thank you Emily!
        Yes, I wish those two would stop being so wary. Hoopa is v territorial.

        Do you get the feeling they don’t like fish? :)

  11. Teresa says:

    When i first get the camera open (before it blacks out) i see a little one up there looking out like Cinder did. Miss seeing (hope she is having a good sleep), but enjoy seeing the new cubbies get healthy.

    • Teresa says:

      The other cubby has found the only spot in the area that the camera doesn’t get. Behind the light on the ramp. Smart little bear.

  12. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    No bears up here today! Maybe gone to Bible study. Or dermatologist? Happy Tuesday, everybody!

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Sorry for the lack of a bear cam in the Bobcat cage! ONE of the cubs chewed the cord to the camera ( or maybe both of them!) as bear cubs ALWAYS do! SHOULD be fixed this week – we hope!

  13. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Yup, it’s a bear. Facing away. Looks big. And shaggy. I’m thinking it’s Salyers, though in this light it’s not really BLACK. Now she stood up and is scratching — one back leg and then the other. I still think it’s Salyers. Smart bear, she came closer to the camera, backed up to the edge and peed a long pale yellow stream. No smelling up her loft! Give it to them down below! Then a lot more scratching. Can’t tell if her bottom itches or she’s using the away (left) foot to scratch. This is no fun to watch. I wish something could be done for her. . . . No sign of the other bear. Only a sample of fine “Lake Blue” on Camera 4. Okay, back to my eBay listings. Thanks, friends, for your good work!

    • KC says:

      Mimi it is Salyer that is scratching so much. She is the one I see the most up on the loft. Can’t see Hoopa much because the camera is down on 4 still.

  14. Nadine says:

    Hi Salyers, Not watching the game? Me neither.
    Love watching you nap here in the early afternoons, and you’re definitely not scratching so much. I was reading that 1st year cubs suffer the worst for parasites.

  15. KC says:

    Did Salyer have anything in her fur that would make her itch? She is still scratching when she can. Just wondering.

    • Nadine says:

      Hey KC! Nothing out of the ordinary as far as I know. Dr Willitts said both cubs looked good, and they both had a good brush too when they were out.
      Bears itch and they love a good scratch.
      She’s asleep right in front of Cam 7 this afternoon.
      And now I can see Hoopa having a snack below her too.

      • KC says:

        Nadine guess she just likes to scratch a lot then. Thought she had something bothering her. Sure love watching the bears.

    • Denise says:

      Nothing showed up that would make her itchy. In fact Hoopa’s skin looked dryer but I think Cheryl might be giving them Salmon oil to help with dry skin. Its so dry here even PEOPLE have to get used to the low humidity & comment on how dry their skin is here! Maybe that’s part of the problem?

  16. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    This morning we have a lovely round back view of Sawyer’s and s/he’s scratching! Oh, misery! Help, Dr. W! . . . When Dr. Willets checked over one cub who’d been out on its own for awhile, there was an enormous pile of vegetation and organic matter on a paper towel — all taken from the ears! Well this itching will soon be remedied; maybe treatment has begun already and just takes time.

  17. emily in NH says:

    I’m shocked to see Sawyers and Hoopa together on the upper deck!! I hope they play nice up there… it does look like they are tolerating each other at least. Poor Sawyers (the black one I think) spends all her/his free time scratching… do bears get fleas or skin problems? It’s so nice to have someone to watch again and interact with each other. I’m so happy the other cameras are back so we can watch the other babies (which look huge now compared to the two new babies!) too. Thanks everyone and LTWC and Happy New Year!!

    • emily in NH says:

      s/b “at LTWC” – oops

      • Nadine says:

        Hi Emily!
        I think many young bears have ticks (until treated), and that’s one reason why new arrivals are not allowed to mix with other bears until they’re given the all-clear. Dr Willitts has not been able to see the cubs yet (afaict) due to the holidays but I think he’s going to be seeing them any day now or he just has. Bears do love a good scratch but yes I agree, Sawyers more than most!
        Thanks for letting us know this Cam is back up too.
        Yippee! I very much missed visiting every day here with y’all too.
        Good to see you and hope your holiday was fun and festive.

        • emily in NH says:

          Hi Nadine,

          Good to see you too and hope you had a nice holiday as well… we had a great family one with our son & family coming home (all hearts come home for Christmas) from MN and a new granddaughter here in NH! Sorry to hear your shoulder isn’t doing well… one of the worst joints to heal, unfortunately, but I’ll send good thoughts your way. Our health is everything is it not? Not money, things, possessions … nothing more important (except love) in life.
          I do hope the bears get some relief soon for the scratching… one was literally climbing the walls above the ledge and biting the chain link… he/she even disappeared out of range to the left of the camera, then would come back to the ledge and do it again… looking desperate to get out or the itching was driving the poor baby crazy. I haven’t seen them yet today so I don’t know how it’s going but I’m thankful anyway that they are in the best place possible for them.
          Take care, Nadine and blessings to you too!

    • KC says:

      Well Sawyers is scratching away with anything he/she can. You can see in his fur where it has been rubbed. Hope they get checked out soon. And figure out if they are male or female.

  18. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Denise and Nadine, love to both of you. Just learning about animals and hoping to work with them again also keeps me sane. I loved working with you, Denise, until my car wouldn’t go. Nadine, Denise is a beautiful lady and so full of good energy and great knowledge of the animals and take-charge approach. I couldn’t keep up with her but noticed when I offered to do the aviary, she looked happy about that! Mostly Steller’s Jays who need frequent feeding, like, three times a shift. I am only a “nestling” volunteer! I am also going through something that’s unfair and should not be happening. Going out to be with those people was better than church. And petting Cinder, oh my! . . . I am on a survival program, personally, with discipline and prayer. I had to take charge somehow. Now I will put my pictures on a CD and go to some public computers, try to put them up, Mimi Routh. I sent Tom several but he’s very busy. My home computer just doesn’t do FB. . . . Nadine, you deserve! XO

  19. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Yup, she’s gone! She’s already in a huge container in the back of Tom and Cheryl’s Yukon and headed north. Cheryl had TWO kongs packed and a big bag of gorgeous red grapes ready to put in with Cinder. T and C had not had breakfast. They were concerned about reports of snow in Idaho. Just got their all-weather tires. One volunteer brought her daughter, son-in-law, and two handsome grandkids. We had quite a crowd upstairs in the office watching the cams. Then in the garage Barry (dude with hat) had the scale set up and a large table, another table with the strong container. When the time came, they put her head first with the window at that end, but she has room to move around. It was well worth the early wake-up getting to pet this gorgeous wild bear, feel her strong heartbeat, admire her teeth, see the white scar tissue on the edges of her ears, and get a good look at her paw pads. All the claws that were missing are now little nubs that are growing very well and promise to come back completely. A couple in the front and many on the back feet. Dr. Willets took a blood sample. On her last weigh-in, Cinder weighed 96 pounds. Dr. Willets cut small fur samples to give to the two kids for show ‘n’ tell. Her fur is not soft like the new microfiber fleece. It’s very thick and puffy — 2-3 inches — with a rich under-coat and the coarser outer hairs. And then my specially arranged Blue-GO bus showed up and it was good-bye! Wow! Amazing!

    • Teresa Bibler says:

      You are so lucky. Hopefully the gentleman that saved her can be at her release in the spring. It will then be full circle.

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Yes, lucky! I felt lucky living in San Francisco for 30 years. In the best locations, people still have to take baths and pay bills. It was like church being with that bunch of neat people, two half-grown kids, and a magnificent Cinder. Sometimes when things don’t go swimmingly — a hangup in the grocery line — I remind myself, “Yeah, but we’re in Tahoe!” The man who saved Cinder won’t recognize her! She’s huge! All set up to become a fine mom.

        • Nadine says:

          Mimi! So glad you got to witness Cinder’s departure.
          I was watching. The first tranq. looked like it reached its target, but I don’t think the second one did at all – she caught the stick in her teeth – clever bear! Probably all the flashing lights gave her enough adrenaline to stay awake – I was a bit worried that there was so much flash photography – but she’s a tough bear.
          I hope they made it up to Boise by now. Light is fading up here in the North.
          Thanks everyone, especially you Denise, for the very kind words. I have a gimpy leg needs surgery, and all sorts of messed up joints while I am supposed to be in the prime of my life, and I can’t work or travel much. Watching the bears keeps me sane, and if I can put myself in their world somehow it helps. And, if I ever get better I know what I’ll be doing! :)

          • Denise@LTWC says:

            Nadine – I understand your comment about the bears being your sanity! Without going into detail LTWC is MY sanity & it keeps me centered! We’re glad to have you & hope someday you can come see us! Remember we still have 8 cubs & next step is hibernation!

  20. Teresa Bibler says:

    Miss definitely does not like that poke stick. How mnay pokes did it take? Looked like at least 3.

  21. MF says:

    Hi sweet Cinder,

    It was a joy watching you these last few months grow big and healthy. I am glad you have healed enough that you are onto the next part of your journey. I am sad a bit and I will miss seeing your face everyday. I wish there was a live cam at your new temporary home so we could keep seeing you everyday. I hope they will keep us updated with videos.

    Thanks to everyone that made Cinder’s recovery possible. It has been really amazing to see Cinder recover and grow. Knowing that she will be released back in her home state is inspiring.

    Safe journey beautiful Cinder. Lots of love and hugs. You will be missed.

  22. Teresa Bibler says:

    Well Miss Cinder in about one hour you will have one last visit from the doc and then be on your way to one last layover before you find your way home to WA. I will be looking forward to the videos that IBBR will post of your progress with KOA and the final recoop process. Wish i could give you a hug but perhaps the caretakers will do that for us. God speed miss bear.

  23. Nadine says:

    Dear Cinder-Bear,
    By the time you get this, you will already be packing up your kongs, fishies and apples into your little case, and making sure you have all the right Bear
    passports and papers for your trip to Idaho, so this is the last chance to really sit down and spend some QT together (since Sally doesn’t have Live cams yet).
    I just want to say, and I think I speak on behalf of all your fans, numerous throughout the globe now, that we love you, we are gonna miss you, and we know you’re going to be in wonderful hands (paws) in Idaho, as well as with WFW’s Bear specialist Rich Beausoleil when he dens you back in the Methow Valley.

    We’re also gratefully thinking of and thanking EVERYONE at LTWC., and I will name them all if I can here: from Dr Willitts, Cheryl, Tom, and Denise, to the volunteers/all the unpaid workers, the very nice firemen who carried you, and the v generous donors who helped keep all the bears in kongs, fish, apples and all sorts of nice bear dinners. But, also let’s thank the Radio & TV stations who helped publicise your plight, as well as right back to the Pilots and Paws pilot – Bill Inman, WFW’s excellent and very nice, Rich Beausoleil, and last but not least to Steve Love – whom I know I want to hug and thank personally for saving your life, with around-the-clock
    care, diligent attention, and the gentle nurture an injured bearcub needed that first night you came to us looking for help.

    Many of us will be thinking of you, perhaps even years from now, hoping you are doing good. We’re wishing you a long and happy life with generations of cubs and the goodness that is being a ‘WA black bear'; roaming the hills free with plenty of apples and blueberries.
    So, stay a little while longer sleeping here, our now big & round,
    beautiful, darling bear, before you go with our hearts and gentle prayers, and be a happy bear!
    Safe travel to you, and to all of you who go with you this weekend.
    <3 <3 <3
    Ps. Nip Koa on the ass when you get there – he looks feisty and will need a firm paw. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • emily in NH says:

      Well said as usual Nadine! I will miss everything about you Miss Cinder including your small army of care givers, commenters, well wishers and everyone else that loves you too! Please don’t think too badly of people when you see them in the wild because a lot of us mean you no harm… only good… Have the best bear life ever!! I, for one, will miss you and love you a long time…

    • Chris says:

      Oh Ms Cinder, enjoy your last morning of somber sleep before you make that 8 hour journey to Idaho. May you have safe travels and don’t give Tom and Cheryl a hard time. Be the good bear and hopefully become good friends with Koa once you arrive. Koa is a little fistey but with some patience you 2 could be best friends.
      Pack your Kongs and some sweet treats. We will miss you sweet bear, but your journey in life is just about ready to take the next step..
      THANK YOU LTWC and everyone involved in Cinder’s care. AND THANK YOU IBBR for taking Cinder to finish her Rehab.. She’s quite the bear.

    • Teresa Bibler says:

      Very well said. Thanks to all for taking care of our WA Black Bear.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Well said Nadine! I fixed up a few of Cinder’s kongs ( most are upstairs with her) but thanks to kong donations had a few extras! She’ll have a nice bed- kongs- grapes & will be in Idaho in no time! BIG THANKS to all her followers for keeping us informed as to what Cinder was up to during her stay with LTWC! Her happy ending is what wildlife rehab is all about!!!

    • Cabojones8 says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m going to miss all the bears (ie Cinder, etc) I have grown accustom to watching. Thank you to all the men/women who help save these precious animals. :)

  24. Martha Bubel says:

    Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc. added 5 new photos.
    21 mins ยท
    Cinder is Going Home!
    I am very pleased to inform you that Dr Kevin Willitts, the official volunteer veterinarian for Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, has released Cinder, the bear from Washington (state) – with burns on all four paws – from him medical care and will allow her to return to the area from where she came to complete her rehabilitation and to hibernate for the winter.
    On Sunday morning, Novembeer 23, 2014 at 6:30am, Dr Willitts will be at LTWC to immobilize Cinder – one last time – give her a final ‘Good By’ exam, weigh her and witness her being placed into a transportation cage for an 8 hour car ride to Garden City, ID. She will spend the rest of the winter at Idaho Black Bear Rehabilitation Center, just outside Boise, in a cage next to a first year bear cub (for at least a short time, until they get to know each other).
    In the spring, Sally Maughan, founder of IBBR, will inform Washington wildlife bear specialist, Rich Beausoleil, that she is ready to go, then Rich will pick Cinder up and take her on her last car ride. It has been Quite a Ride! Rich will then release Cinder in a suitable habitat and she will AGAIN be free in the wild. The reason she will be at IBBR for the next 4 months will be to allow her now healed burned paws a chance to ‘toughen up’ so she can be as natural as possible when she is released.
    On August 4th, Cinder was flown – by plane (pilot Bill Inman) – from Washington to South Lake Tahoe so LTWC could treat her wounds, just as we did 6 years ago with Li’l Smokey. On September 30th, after almost 2 months of having her bandages changed every other day, Dr Willitts decided that she did need bandages any more and it was time to let air get to her paws. That was the first time she did not have any dressings on her paws since August 3rd.
    At approximately 4pm, this Sunday, Cinder will be placed in the cage she will spend the rest of the winter in. Dr Willitts and LTWC volunteers will get Cinder out of her ‘home’ at LTWC – where she has spent the past 3 1/2 months, at 6:30 AM (that is in the morning), THIS Sunday. The whole process will take about 25 minutes.

  25. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Good morning, Cinder! She’s brought something to eat upstairs. Hunkered down, then standing up, stretching, yawning (what a long tongue!), carefully placing her feet, settling back down. Living in the moment. We love you, girl!

    • Deanna says:

      She sure is a lucky girl to have such amazing care here and soon will be taking another journey which will lead her to freedom after winter.

      Here is what they said on Facebook yesterday.
      Cinder is starting to pack up her Kongs for her trip to Idaho which will be SOON! Rumor is she couldn’t fit thru the door of the plane so will be having a road trip instead! LOL! Will post details as soon as we have them!

    • Terry says:

      Still any plans to put the other little guy in there with her for company? Would be so nice to see her have a playmate. I’m thinking she hasn’t seen another bear since she was rescued. That’s so sad, especially since baby bears love to play so much. Her feet were all too sore to play for so many months so she’s been robbed of her “baby” months of playing with someone. How lonely she has been. My heart aches for her.

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        Terry please don’t feel bad for Cinder! She was a yearling when we got her so a year ahead of the others & probably in no mood to play with all her burns. She will be with another cub soon & then have the rest of her life to play!

        • Nadine says:

          Terry, do you mean Koa at IBBR or a cub at LTWC?
          This from Sally in IBBR (Nov 10):
          “We are very excited for her arrival and for Koa to have a buddy. He is very good at entertaining himself as you will see from the new videos, but assuming they merge together he will be a happy bear to have someone to wrestle and play with beside the apples & logs and poles. Even though Cinder is a yearling, there shouldnโ€™t be any problem merging them after a while. We have merged yearlings and cubs of the year and even two-year olds. Itโ€™s really up to the two of them. Cinder will stay in the front of the enclosure & Koa in back and they will tell us when they are ready to open the gate between them. Then it will definitely be up to them when or if they merge and begin playing and being together. We are expecting that to happen, but also aware itโ€™s their choice. The enclosure is large enough they can both be in it and maintain their own areas if they want. However, from past experience we just donโ€™t see that happening.”
          So it won’t be long till Cinder has someone to bond with. :)

          • Terry says:

            Thanks for your reassuring comments :) I’m excited that Cinder and Koa will have the company of each other. Wish IBBR would get a live cam there so we can continue to follow Cinder until her final release.
            Will they be teaching her how to fish? Her food has always been brought to her on a silver platter so to speak. She’ll not find carrots and melons in the woods, but now that she’s developed a taste for them I hope she doesn’t get shot for raiding gardens in residential areas. That’s a worry. I often wondered why there wasn’t a child’s plastic swimming pool brought into her den loaded with carp so she could try to fish them out live.
            I’ll follow as best I can on the IBBR site. Thanks so much to everyone for all that has been done for her. Burns are such a very painful injury to have to endure.

  26. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    i love your perceptive comments, Nadine. Denning hits the kids in the bear house a bit hard. L’il Smokey got awfully hungry and was overjoyed when he turned up a carrot he had disdained earlier. Cinder has already denned last year, so she knows stuff. Right now I see a voluptuous round hump of lady bear and a few pixels shifting when she breathes. There’s some hay or grass there. She must be flying out soon. Just because I live here, I don’t call and bother the Millhams unless something alarming happens, i.e., a cub climbs the wall and can’t get down, etc. Wish we could tell Cinder how many people are committed to her going free and happy.

  27. Nadine says:

    It’s 3.30pm PST, Miss Bear is active and looking for denning materials for sure. She’s looking outside at the snow, and walking around her enclosure; she seems to be analysing/sniffing any of the natural materials in case she can drag them upstairs. She’s definitely looking at the snow periodically. I wonder if she remembers the snow of last year in the Methow. Then, she’s sniffing all over the place downstairs, like she is looking for something. She was scratching around (on her bough, upstairs) and downstairs on the floor covering up her food a bit. Finally she grabbed a tasty fish or was it a log smeared with peanut butter? (it was big) and took it up to the top floor, to snack on while nesting. She looks happy but also, she has a particularly impatient quality about her today…her collection of Kongs are lined up against the wall in a row as sealant against the cold. She’s a canny bear! :)

    • KC says:

      Well Cinder is enjoying her Kongs along with her other goodies up there. It is nice to see her using her paws more. All the bears will be missed once they hibernate then are released. But know next year will bring more wildlife.

  28. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    There’s the bear! Looks like she brought food upstairs to enjoy with the view. She keeps looking up. It may be a whole fish. Very cold today, 30 tonight.

    • Teresa Bibler says:

      Curled up with her head covered she is ready to hibernate

    • Terry says:

      So nice to see Cinders sleeping so peacefully all night now. She used to fidget all night long because the pain kept her awake. She seemed to think it was the bandages hurting instead of the burns and she’d pull and chew at them until she got one or both of them off her front paws.
      She’s grown so nicely.
      Do you know if there will be any cams where she’s moving to in Idaho?? I’ll miss looking in on her if not.

      • Andy says:

        Cinder will be going to Idaho Black Bear Rehab very soon now. Here’s a link to their website
        She will be in an enclosure with a male yearling they have named Koa. Koa is quite frisky and playful so Cinder better be on her “toes”. I think she will love it there with dirt under her feet and a lot more room to move around. She will be going into hibernation fairly soon and then it’s back home to good ol’ Washington in the spring. And yes they have cameras however I don’t think they are live webcams, however they are very good at posting videos to Youtube.

  29. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Just watched another CVS quit-smoking film. Great motivation even for non-smokers! Makes me want to GO FOR IT — whatever IT is! Then watched this huge bear scoot back up her ramp. What she sees out her “window” is a pretty yard with paths and big trees, the bear house, and people walking past at least twice a day cleaning and feeding over there. The other enclosures are probably empty. Still, plenty to catch her attention. The squirrels are still out and about. Weren’t they winterizing the bear house playroom roof recently? That would have been fun for her to watch! I feel like all Humanity gained brownie points in Heaven for helping this beautiful bear heal and get back to her bear business. What a good mom she’ll be, huh!

  30. Linda G says:

    She is doing so well – I just saw her walk down the ramp, wander around her living room for a little while, and go back up to her loft. Great that she will go back to Washington after a stay in Idaho. Must be tough sitting, healing, and looking out chainlink fencing – I hope she has a long wonderful life when she gets back to her woods!

  31. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    She’s sitting up and looking out, probably wondering about her travel arrangements. She has a red Kong there. Her bib is so pretty! And she’s huge! WA won’t recognize their bear! I was going to ask the Powers That Be about Cinder if I saw them at church. Car wouldn’t start. Maybe there are denning details and plans for Cinder on FB. It’s getting pretty cold at night and you need a wrap in the daytime. While trying to start the car, I saw a bunny — little grey and white bunny. This type never gets very big and looks so helpless that people want to rescue them! Made my day!

  32. Linda G says:

    She looks so cozy tonight, all curled up at the end of her shelf – and she’s grown so much! I’m going to miss her.

  33. Teresa says:

    She is so cute.
    Laying there holding the KONG.
    Definitely need to send those with her.

  34. Andy says:

    I’ve never seen you so restless Little Miss Cinders. It looks to me like you’ve had your fill of LTWC and are ready to get out of the enclosure you’re in and back to where you came from. I know I’m going to miss you but I also know you’ll so much happier being back where you belong. Be happy, be strong and have some babies! and don’t forget to say thank you to your hosts at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care for all they’ve done for you!

  35. KC says:

    How is Cinder doing? See she was out and came back to devour everything. Are her paws continuing to heal? Also are her claws continuing to grow in?

  36. Teresa Bibler says:

    Did not hear how Cinder’s last exam went?
    Is she still taking the pain pills?
    She appears to be moving much better and faster. Cleaners better be on their toes when they clean her cage. I see her up there eyeballing that door.
    Love watching her but hope she gets to go home soon.

  37. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Well, Nadine, between your comments and Denise’s, the rest of us are well filled in. At the moment Cinder is just resting. And now I’ve read somewhere that there is a plan for her to do further rehab in Idaho. And then thumb a ride home to WA. Shame about the cub who missed the net! I happen to believe animals can come back. Still, let’s respect THIS life, respect all life. I get some funny looks; there are wonderful books about this.

    • Nadine says:

      Mimi, I believe that too. :)

      • KC says:

        Nadine I liked the story you wrote, visible by clicking on your name. Also what became of the picture of Gardner that was altered with the guitar? Did you have it removed?

        • Nadine says:

          Thank you KC! That’s nice feedback to hear.
          So what happened to the Gardner pic is that I deleted a personal profile on Facebook, to just run a FB page and blog, because I mostly posted about bears anyway. Therefore, the original post with Gardner bear holding a guitar went away when I deactivated that account. However, Rockstar Gardner definitely deserves a repost (as long as that is OK with Denise?) and anyone is welcome to share it.

          Regarding Madam Cinder Bear, tonight I don’t see her. I think she might be snoozing in a corner upstairs – I know there is maybe a bit more to her enclosure than I can see on the Cam, but I am a tad concerned. (I figure F&W would not have arrived so suddenly and so late at night, and neither would Dr Willits, plus I have never known her to be out of cam shot.) She was here earlier tonight. Aaron and I watched her eat apples and mooch back up her ramp circa 9pm. Is she hiding in a corner? She surely cannot have gone far, her Kongs are still up top!

          • Nadine says:

            Figured it out. There’s a little house/den to the left of where Cinder has been sleeping for the last few months. She normally doesn’t go in there (unless she’s hiding from Dr Willits) but lately she might be in there as the temps do plunge at night in SLT.
            I notice all the cubs of the year now sleep in two groups on the shelves, because it’s warmer than the playhouse.

          • Denise@LTWC says:

            Nadine I think you are correct! Cinder is going in the little house to stay warm! It was in the 20’s a few mornings here! remember this is originally a Bobcat enclosure so Miss Cinder must take up most of the house when she decides to squeeze herself in there LOL! She is so funny- ALWAYS up top when I put her food out & I leave for a few minutes & when I check back I just see grape stems & she’s up top! Sneaky bear that loves her grapes! Yes please repost Rockstar Gardner- everyone loved it!

  38. Chris says:

    Good afternoon Ms Cinder. I see your hanging up in your perch while your fellow bears are busy playing in their areas. Never gets old checking in on your guys and watching your progress. However today I was saddened when I learned that a fellow bear died in Washington State yesterday when wild life personnel decided it would be smart to tranquilize him way up in a tree and see if he would climb down. Unfornately the bear did come down, via falling out of the tree and dying as a result of the fall. The bear wasn’t harming anyone and the area where he was found took the right precautions giving them time to attempt and bring him out of the tree so they could relocate him. Just poor planning and excution. :(

    • KC says:

      Chris that is sad, would say they screwed up. The bear did not need to die. So glad Cinder has been given a second chance. Thank you LTWC for giving the bears a chance at life. I appreciate the bears so (((HUGS))) to all.

    • Nadine says:

      Oh no. Where was this Chris?
      I have seen Alaska F&W tranq a bear in the tree like that, but they caught him in a firefighter’s sheet. Granted it’s a rough landing but the bear didn’t die.
      WTH. I think I may have to write a letter of complaint to someone about this. They didn’t have to do it that way.

      • Nadine says:

        Chris: OK I found the news report. It says,

        “…a safety net was set out to catch the bear but because the tree was at an angle, the bear missed the net when it fell.”

        I feel rather that the bear did not miss the net; the net missed the bear. :(

        Well, at least we have lots of Black Bears here in WA. Approx 25000. More than there are Polar Bears in the world.

  39. Debby Spencer says:

    Just saw Cinder use the rafters as a back scratch and then walked down the ramp. You go, Cinder!!!

  40. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Right now Cinder is sitting up top, first up quite straight, then down in a great ball. I saw two tiny black critters run past on the floor. She may have been watching them. We have some quite tiny squirrels. Or mice perhaps. . . . Yes, it’s quite maddening when the stupid system doesn’t take your input and completely removes it. I try to remember to block and copy my priceless glowing text before I try to post. Then if anything goes wrong, I can put it back. In fact I’m getting crabby and impatient with any website that wants me to come up with who I am and yet another stupid password! Don’t make me jump thru hoops! . . . As for going to Idaho, I do believe this bear is from WA and will be returned to WA. . . . So she was dreaming! Great fun! Thanks for describing that, Nadine!

    • Nadine says:

      Hey Mimi, I saw the same thing – a small, black thing ran right up Cinder’s ramp last night. Tonight, Madam is snoozing – in fact she snoozed lots today. I saw her look out her window for a bit, and then go back to sleep.
      So, I tried to ID’d all the bear-cubs in the wrassling-room this afternoon. This is what I think was going on: Tahoe was lying on her back enjoying tackles from the Conway boys. Ms. Tahoe sure is tough as nails having to deal with a whole group of boy bears this year. I think the only other girl was the Paradise twin, and she’s gone now. Tahoe’s going to be such a tom girl, I fear for her future suitors! In fact that’s how I ID her usually. It’s a cub that’s medium brown and wrassling? Yup. It’s Tahoe. :)
      Both Conways (I think) were fighting her from on top. It was too funny. She was on her back the whole time (by choice) and at one point I think they literally swept the floor with her, pushing her right across it on her back. And her buddy, Meyers, was hanging by keeping an eye on them. (But it could have been Brockway.) If anyone knows how to distinguish between Brockway, Meyers and Tahoe pls tell me.
      The two Biebers were on the top shelf (in the restaurant) both watching with their paws crossed in front of them as usual. I love the Bieber boys. This is a pose they both strike, often. I think Bieber 2 (the black one) might be my favourite bear cub apart from Cinder of course!

      OK, night all. I am getting to bed early (for me). Ian McAllister (he of the Great Bear Rainforest) is talking in Seattle tomorrow night and I can’t wait!!

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        Nadine- Help with bear ID? Tahoe STILL paces a bit waiting for the door to open-.OR works on removing the doorknobs! Meyers is the largest bear & hangs out with Brockway in the back den – in fact he seems to protect him a bit when it’s time to move everyone to clean! Gardner became ” one of the gang ” quicker then any other bear we’ve put in the bear house & is a big wrestler even though he’s not real big – YET! Hope that helps!

        • Nadine says:

          Denise: That’s a help – thank you so much. Yes, it’s much more relevant when you can ID the bear. I see the pacing of Tahoe at mealtimes or when she got trapped in the play room by herself a few days ago.
          Gardner is so small compared to the others – he must feel so dwarfed. I bet it doesn’t take him long to catch up on the calories. Back tonight watching Cinder having REM sleep again. Less paw movement, but her eyes are always open and move around when she’s dreaming. It’s easy to see this on the cubs in the other rooms too – because their eyes reflect well at night. Never knew bears dream with their eyes open. That explains why their eyes are open while they are sedated too. Interesting difference to humans/other animals too. (My cat sometimes will dream (do REM) with his eyes open. It can be spooky.)

  41. Nadine says:

    I am pretty sure Cinder was experiencing REM (like my cat when he play-twitches) but her eyes were wide open, and she was doing it for a longer time than a cat REM period.
    That was amazing. I think she was climbing a tree in her dreaming the way her legs were going. I wasn’t sure that it was REM at first, but suddenly she settled into a deep sleep so I now know it was for sure. Totally honoured to have witnessed that in a bear! These cams are amazing, guys! Thank you, for putting them up. I know they’re helpful to you too, but they are so instructive. Every school should check them out.

  42. Martha Bubel says:

    KC, I don’t mind having to re-admit the Password, but when the comment disappears is what annoys me. Especially when you have made a detailed long comment….

    • Nadine says:

      My text doesn’t disappear when post does not go through. It might be due to your browser settings…or something else on your computer.

    • Andy says:

      Hi Martha,
      If you’re having a problem with your text disappearing, you might try typing your comments into a simple text editor such as Microsoft WordPad or Windows Write first and then copy them and paste them into the comments section on this site. At least you can go back and re-copy them if they somehow disappear again.

  43. KC says:

    Martha think that Cinder will be going to finish rehabbing in Idaho next month.

    • Jerri Berg says:

      I am so happy Cinder is progressing this well. If she goes to Idaho, I certainly hope we will be able to follow her progress. I believe all of us who have been watching her healing at LTWC want to be able to keep up with her until her return to the wild. I, for one, look forward to watching her each day and am so hoping to see her actual release as the fat, healthy, happy, healthy bear she was always meant to be. I would hate to lose sight of her before that time.

      And thanks as always to everyone at LTWC for all you do for the animals.

  44. Martha Bubel says:

    Why was my comment erased. Now I can’t remember all I said and how I said it….if I made a mistake in the password, you should not take away the comment. Darn.

  45. Chris says:

    Is Ms Cinder out for a check up on her Bear paws??? I see the cleaning crew in her area, but no Cinder. Hope she gets a good report from the Doc.

    • Martha Bubel says:

      I witnessed them taking Cinder from the loft a short while ago. I was wondering if she was being taken to Wa, or Id.?

      • Chris says:

        Cinder is now back. Check-up time. Hope all went well.

        • Nadine says:

          I saw Dr Willits sedate Cinder this morning.
          I was wondering about the tranquiliser. I read or heard in a documentary that sometimes when they are trying to tranq. a bear in the wild, they can get it wrong. Is it because they got the weight of the bear wrong, or is it quite risky in general (to the bear) to sedate bears? Does Dr Willets use the same sedative as F&W biologists? (Judging my how many times Cinder has been sedated, I am guessing it’s easy & not risky when the weight is known.)

  46. Nadine says:

    Miss Bear still sleeps soundly, while in the 1st year cub-class lounge, we await the Paradise cubs departure. Tom just told us you’re going to Sally’s in Idaho in November. And as I watch your lovely, round, curled up body lost in dream-woods, I know I will be so sad not to be able to see you anymore. I think many people will miss you here, lady Bear. But in our hearts we will know you are happy, and soon, very, very free, and doing your wild bear thing. Maybe in a few years, you’ll even have some little Cinders. I hope so. You are one loved bear!

  47. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Good morning, pretty girl! [She just shifted — yes, her bulk! — toward the camera and is licking a bit, then a big yawn!] I wish you could read the beautiful reports people send of your home country. And you’re going back! We have plans for you — all what you want for yourself! You’ve been through the worst. Now it just gets better.

    • Teresa says:

      Is Cinder still on pain meds?

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        Teresa- Yes Cinder still gets her muffin with her pain meds once a day. She really has been such an excellent patient! She’s QUITE a bear!

        • Teresa says:

          Thanks so much for the response.
          I am an Okanogan County girl born and raised but transplanted to the Olympic Peninsula so I know where Cinder will be and hope that here neighbors are nice to her.

          • Denise@LTWC says:

            Teresa- Her neighbors BETTER be nice to her! We’re hoping she lives a long happy life- she deserves it!

        • Geri Sullivan says:

          Denise, Can you explain why the Paradise cubs are being released already? It seems to me that in the past, cubs were released in the Winter, during hibernation. Won’t they be competing with adult bears for food before winter.

  48. Andy says:

    Good afternoon you Beautiful Bruin girl. You’re packing on the pounds lady and that’s good! The word going around is your ticket back home is about ready to get punched. I’m going to miss you sorely Sweet Girl. I’m very thankful there was a place like LTWC that was willing to take you in and provide the care you required so you’ll get a chance at a long and happy life in the Okanogan.

  49. Nadine says:

    Mornin’ Madam,
    No I can’t sleep either. Must be something in the air tonight.

    You were lying on your side with your eyes wide open. Then you decided to go onto your front and tuck your nose under your chest. Now you are a big, round ball again, and your breathing is nice and normal.

    They are not kidding about your voluptuous curves lately. Seems like every day you seem noticeably larger. I suspect the 100 lb mark is close to being hit.

    Here the trees are shedding, and all the golds, reds and blazing colours are out in full force. Where you call home the Larches are wearing their best Golden Blaze. The rains have begun now too, (late!) and it is still quite warm. We had some amazing thunderstorms and even a small waterspout down by the South Sound, for ten minutes. The mountains are slowly putting their winter coats back on – water for us all in our state though we wish we could send some down to the Californian bears – we know you badly need it and we’re praying for you all this winter to fill up your reservoirs to their maximums.

    Sweet dreams, Lady Bear (you are all grown up now in such a flash of time). Dream of your dark forests. They come closer.

  50. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    She sure is staying busy with that foliage! This is the time when bears are eating like crazy! Must be from the yard there, with those stalks. She’s stripping the little leaves. Cinder’s face looks a lot better, fur coming back. She IS pretty! Yesterday’s local paper has a story about momma and two cubs raiding first a bar out near the airport — they enjoyed the grenadine syrup and creme de menthe! — and then the charity pantry at Christmas Cheer across town. Left big messes, not much damage. My friend thought it was “cute.” Just what happens about this time. Pages later in the same paper, a nice shot of Tom holding an artist’s rendition of our new venue; he looks hopeful and determined. Below that, a shot of two raccoon kennels with the lids unscrewed and they’re just sitting there, contemplating freedom. No more marshmallow omelets for those kids! Released into real boonies, too!

    • Nadine says:

      I heard about those bears hitting up the bar! I guess they’re in the seasonal mood already. Let’s just hope they didn’t drive home. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. Saltaire says:

    What IS that green, leafy stuff on a stalk that got tossed up to Cinder’s loft today the 18th of October?
    What ever it is, she is chomping it down with GUSTO!

    • Saltaire says:

      It might be peas or beans perhaps?

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        That was branches of little crabapples I gave Cinder & the cubs today & they LOVED it! I thought they were chokecherris but when I asked permission to take some was told they were crabapples. I tasted one & yuck! But bears really like them!

        • Nadine says:

          There are apple orchards close to where Cinder is from and I heard her Mom was seen feeding on them last month, so Cinder probably remembers apples from her first year.

          So, a neighbour of Steve Love’s had seen the mother in some apple orchards near the burn. Don’t ask me how he knows it was the Mom but his info seems legit. I guess the local landowners get used to the bears, and what they each specifically look like. (This was a horse rancher too – country folk.)

          So, I called him Rich to give that information to him, because I know daughters like to stay close or within Mom’s range. He said it didn’t matter about the Mom. He said he’s done 75 successful rehab releases and is confident it will work out well. (Knock on wood X3!)

          Rich says he’s gonna put her near where they found her – can’t put her in the burnt forest, but she’ll go back nearby where the forest is untouched in the Methow Valley.

          In hindsight, it’s good to know Mom (seems to have) made it out alive too. I have the notion that Cinder freaked and tree’d herself during the fire, and Mom had to leave without her, then that would explain why Cinder, eventually driven out by the smoke, had to run/crawl through fire and hot coals to get to safety.
          What a survivor!

          • Denise@LTWC says:

            THIS is why we do what we do! To think Cinder will be out in her ” home forest” soon is amazing! She has endured through it all & is one tough girl! Can’t wait to hear back from Rich as to what her timeline might be as far as heading back to Methow Valley- her REAL home!

          • Saltaire says:

            Thanks so much for all the great info and updates!!
            Rich has done 75 rehabs! Man…THAT is impressive. Our little girl is in good hands and getting a second chance! I hope Cinder will be collared so we can stay apprised of her condition and general whereabouts. There are many good souls among us and of course the work and deeds of LTWC can’t be measured or put in adequate words. Thanks to ALL!

  52. Nadine says:

    Hmm. Ms Cinder? What do you have up there? You’re workin’on something, and I think it might be your paws.
    I don’t see a kong or any grapes where your paws are.
    Every now and again you’ll look up and raise up and I see nothing on the bench where you are licking.
    Hmmm??? Do you want to go home? I connected with Rich Beausoleil yesterday – the Fish and Wildlife guy in charge of your denning. He says you’re getting denned close to where you cam from. He sounds very very experienced. All you have to do is stop licking, dear. This bear might need a new Kong to distract her! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Some Bitter Apple on her paws might not go amiss either!

    • Nadine says:

      Well, maybe there is a Kong there after all. Or maybe she finally caught that chipmunk! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Chris says:

        It might be a nice Salmon she’s working on or it could be that pesky chipmunk.. But definately distracting her and she’s leaving her paws alone, for now..

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Beausoleil. Lovely! Right now, 24 hours later, Ms. Cinder is a lot further down her shelf, close enough for cursor pats! Now she’s turned toward the camera and lifted her head. Cuddling down. Yes, sort of licking the paws. There’s a blue cylinder right there — looks like an aluminum drink can with a big X cut in one end. Is that a Kong? It’s not yielding any treats. And now she’s sat up very straight, looking out. It’s getting colder at night. About this time the cubs appear to become contemplative, sniffing the air. She can’t imagine our dreams for her — freedom in WA next spring, her own cubs someday!

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Good to hear Nadine about a place for Cinder to finish healing! I forgot – are you from that area? We haven’t heard back from Rich but heard it could be in Idaho or Wa ? He give you any details? Not that we want Cinder to leave anytime soon but keep hearing of other cubs in need & could use the room for them if the need arises! We’ll have to see if she’s too chubby to fly home or if there’s a MUCH bigger plane then the one that brought her available OR she might be doing a ROAD TRIP!

      • Nadine says:

        Hi Denise!
        I’m in WA state on the other side of the Cascades from the Methow Valley, which is about 3 hours from me by car.
        Rich says Cinder is going back to the Methow Valley for sure, and he has no concerns about the success of her release, but of course the timeline and intermediate plans are up in the air.

        I have contacts here in WA state for Bear rehab/holding, but I will call Rich on Monday and see what his plan is. It is possible I can help him if he needs it.

        I hear you – regarding space. In terms of transport, if it must be by road, I offer my car and time. It is only 11 hours between SLT and my house. I also have a friend who will be willing to help with a long drive, or maybe a “meet you halfway” drive. I have a lot of time for Cinder and LTWC.

        My number is 206 – seven seven nine – two eight zero five.

  53. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Ms. Cinder is awake, wiggling her ears and was nibbling something facing the camera. Maybe she brought food up. Maybe not her paws. The deep grooves between her toes took the longest to heal and may still be itchy. As for belly buttons, puppies and kittens don’t pop out still attached to Momma — do they? But we’re all mammals, yes? As for fixing cars, I have a Swedish wedding crown listed on eBay ($2K) with LTWC getting 10% of all “Prsilla” sells. While the animals hunker down, so do people. The town has Blue-GO city bus system. I will manage. For the Cinder watchers who may not know, Denise is not just another pretty name! She’s our head honcho who will actually live at the new 27-acre venue! Ground will be broken next spring. Next growing season is the last year we use the enclosures you see on camera! In spring 2016 we hope to receive creatures in the new space, have all the critters gone from Tom and Cheryl’s back yard, everybody at the new place with room for sanctuary for bears and others (animals who need lifetime care) plus huge capability for rehab. Denise will have cameras nearby and a “warm room” near her quarters so she can go check on baby squirrels et al in her nightgown if she needs to. The complex is two two-storey buildings, parking lot, acres of woods, a pond and park . . . auditorium, gift shop, cafe, clinic, big freezers and refrigerators, garage for trucks and golf carts, 6 intern rooms and a meeting room with kitchen for catering and restrooms and balconies with a view — great place to get married, yes? Tom and Cheryl won’t ride into the sunset; they’ll be fund-raising and plenty busy. Just that when Denise jumps in here, we’re getting the straight scoop. This lady knows stuff! She’s coordinating the volunteers’ efforts and working hard, herself. This is such an exciting time and a huge transition. People will come here from around the world.

    • KC says:

      Mimi thank you for the info. I know Denise has a lot to do with LTWC she is a help to Cheryl and Tom. I’m looking forward to seeing everything come together at the new location. Also Mimi hope you get the car issue solved, and get the car back if you haven’t. I like when you post here. I am not a Facebook person either.

  54. Cinder says:

    Excuse me kind people, Thanks for the clean cage. Could I get some Kongs and grapes delivered up to my den??

  55. Cinder says:

    Excuse me kind people, Thanks for the clean cage, but could I have a couple of Kongs and some tastey Grapes delivered up top my Den..

  56. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Thanks for all your good comments — Bobbie, Denise, everybody. I do love someone who doesn’t know what FB is. This has been a hard summer because after June I could not drive out to do my volunteer stints. Having to sue a car dealer! I remember how many things I didn’t know, watching L’il Smokey as he healed in the same enclosure as Cinder now. And taking the training I asked every possible dumb question, like, who stays up all night to feed the baby birds every 20 minutes? Nobody. They sleep, too! One evening when a sedated cub was being checked over, I asked and Dr. Willets pointed to the cub’s belly button. So much to learn, all wonderful! And rehabbers are continually developing better ways to do things.

    • Nadine says:

      Mimi – we definitely love reading your updates. You give us the inside tidbits and really help us understand what is in store for those of us who want to be doing what you do (when you have a car). BTW I sure hope the transport issue sorts itself out for you very soon! Good luck to you. I will put in a good word for you with the guy(s) in charge and let’s hope things resolve real soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Bear cubs have belly buttons? Now I think that is a really good question Mimi, because the cubs are born while Mom is asleep (I want to be a female bear!!), so how exactly does the umbilical cord get cut? Does it just drop off? I suspect it might not even be known to biologists because that part of the bears’ life cycle is hard to observe. So, good call!

      • Bobbie D. says:

        Nadine many of us that follow the animals and help support LTWC also follow NABC in Ely Minnesota and were blessed to be able to watch a black bear cub being born. Let me assure you that Mom was very much awake through her labor and delivery and felt every contraction just like humans do. Dr Lynn Rogers from there has studied black bears for many years in the wild.

  57. cathy elizabeth levin says:

    HI LTWC!!
    the CINDER-PRINCESS is more and more GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL each and every day-
    QUICK QUESTION— I know that her paws are still healing …but I was just wondering- a lot of the time that I watch Cinder, I keep feeling that she is very very lonely and she would probably LOVE to play with the other bear cubs who are all together in the other play area-
    My Question is- IS it too late to integrate Cinder with the other cubs?? IS it Not advisable because she is still healing?
    She just looks really really lonely- but maybe she isn’t and I am just reading too much into this…as a TRUE CINDER LOVER that I am!! lol
    I just want her to be happy and OK …. the other cubs are having so much fun over there socializing with each other- Will Cinder get a chance to play with them?
    A TRILLION THANK YOUS again for ALL you DO every minute of every day !!

    • cathy elizabeth levin says:

      PS…I think Cinder’s paws are itchy !
      Time for More Yummy KONGS pleeeeeease!! :)

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Cathy- Cinder is a at least a year older then the other cubs. Some rehab centers are placing cubs with yearling sows & using them as mentors which seems to work with the right bear. They all have different personalities! Cinder won’t be put with the cubs as we want her to be as quiet as possible to facilitate the healing process. If she was with that rowdy bunch no telling what would happen! So far she has been an EXCELLENT patient & she’s in the home stretch now! Soon she will go back up north to another rehab to finish her healing . Probably be put into hibernation & we have great hopes for a Spring release for her. Even though she seems bored – she needs to put all her energy into healing from those traumatic burns & remember this is just temporary & allows her a second chance to live out her life as a free wild bear!

      • cathy elizabeth levin says:

        Hi Denise-
        THANK YOU SO MUCH for explaining this and everything you say makes perfect sense!
        Thank goodness Cinder is healing beautifully!- especially Keeping her ‘quiet’ so her body can repair itself perfectly. She is getting more and more gorgeous as every day passes!
        Her excellent healing is a blessing, especially after all the trauma and loss she has been through!
        Denise, All the wildlife as SO LUCKY and BLESSED to be with YOU and LTWC!
        THANK YOU again for ALL your care and love for Cinder , the other cubs and all the wildlife !

  58. KC says:

    Debbie FB is Facebook you can click on “f” on the right side of the page up above, will say visit LTWC on Facebook! above it. Can get some information even without being logged into Facebook.

    • Debbie says:

      Thank you so much. I must sound dumb, but I’m new to Facebook also. People keep using abbreviations on there and I have to figure them out. I found Ciner’s story from the Care2 website and that’s how I found her. I’ve been checking in every few days and am so glad to see her improve. Thank you again.

  59. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Good morning, Cinder-watchers! The volunteers had a lovely party here yesterday — close to 90! No boom boxes. Still, Cinder certainly noticed! I finally got to see her up in her loft. The food they put out for her was quite magnificent! A heap of apples, I think I saw a huge peach, and a gorgeous fish that had to be 14″ long and I’m not bragging about him — really 14″. I asked Dr. Willets about plans for her hibernation or denning, how soon, here or WA, etc. I didn’t know that the Fish & Wildlife experts have the say-so when such a bear is put into hibernation. Now, don’t quote me, but . . . she might be returning to WA in a month or so with a recommendation that she be put into hibernation at a WA rehab facility so the long rest would further toughen her feet, give more time for healing. By spring she would find herself wild and free — and of course at home in WA. Well, duh, she needs to wake up in spring in WA, so we better get her back to WA. Hope this makes sense. Watch for Tom’s announcements on FB. We’ve loved having her. As for peeing on people’s heads, Cinder is not an especially mean bear; someone yesterday said wild bears up in trees love to wait until people are directly under and then pee!

    • Debbie says:

      What is FB? I’m new to this site. I’ve been watching Cinder for a while now. You’ve done a wonderful job with her. Thank you for sharing her with the world.

    • emily in NH says:

      Happy to hear you volunteers had a nice party because you all deserve it! I’m sure everyone working there agrees that the volunteers are an integral and VERY important part of the whole team. I also love reading your contributions, Mimi, because you give us so much background info. I hope also that the Fish and Wildlife people take Dr. Willets suggestion and winter her over under observation… she’s been through so much and everyone’s great care has gotten her so far I would hate to see it be for nothing. So we’ll send her off with good thoughts, crossed fingers and prayers that she has a good, long, happy life and NEVER has to experience any pain again. We will miss you, Miss Cinder, but you are getting your happy Cinderella ending! Great job guys!!

  60. Martha Bubel says:

    Looking at Cinder this afternoon, she is up in her loft licking her paws. All 4 of them. Maybe they are itchy. Hope they are not raw and hurting. I love watching her and come quite often during the day to watch her. Thanks for caring for her so well during her re-cooperation.

  61. Chris says:

    Okay what is that running around the bottom of Cinder’s cage??? Looks like a mouse, but it could be a squirel?? It’s fast what ever it is.
    Nice to see Cinders not distracted with it as she chewing on her Kong.

    • emily in NH says:

      If it’s what I saw a few days ago, Chris, it’s a chipmunk… and a gutsy one at that! It went up the ramp where Cinder was napping and investigated her and three of her Kongs. On it’s way out she moved a little when it sniffed her again and it “flew” away… it was very funny to watch … I don’t think it climbed down it just appeared on the floor below and RAN!!

  62. Andy says:

    It’s kind of unfair to you sweet Cinder girl, getting you all used to those Kongs full of goodies that you LOVE soooo much!! Those won’t be around for you once you get back where you belong. I hope you mistake a beehive for a Kong after you’re back in the woods! I looks like your paws are coming right along and you’ll be ready to return to the Methow Valley fairly soon. I love that you’re still a wild bear and you give Dr Willits a hard time when he tries to give you a shot of that sleepy juice. I hope you have a long life and mother at least a couple litters of cubs. I know you’ll make a superb mother. Go be free and wild sweet girl!!

  63. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Right now she’s a great dark oval shape. No kongs in sight. All curled up and just waiting to get better. HELLO, CATHY! Isn’t it wonderful to learn of such good works wherever they’re happening — that someone is picking up poop and hosing down and squee-geeing the damp away and setting down Good Food so these beautiful creatures can grow and heal and do their lives! Anyone watching at a distance can probably do something like this close to home, tho the rehab facilities licensed to work with bears are more rare. I will finally get to see Cinder Sunday, maybe learn more. She does have a sweet face, and the burn damage is receding.

    • cathy elizabeth levin says:

      Hi Mimi!
      THANK YOU THANK YOU for ALL you are doing for Cinder and her wildlife friends at the LTWC!
      LOVE YOU Guys! and especially the CINDER PRINCESS!
      Cinder sure grows more Gorgeous every day!

  64. KC says:

    How was Cinders follow up with Dr Willits? Are her feet doing ok without the bandages? One thing is she certainly eats everything when she wakes up. She is sleeping now.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Cinder had her ” bear-foot” check up yesterday & she’s left her paws alone the past week or so! Claws growing back & new pads are filling in! She has more healing to go BETWEEN her toes but it looks good! Hoping Tom will post a more detailed report but this is the short version of it & all looks good! PLUS she weighs over 80 pounds now!

      • KC says:

        Thank you Denise, glad to hear her paws are getting better and I can see her claws are coming back. Burns heal at their own pace.

      • cathy elizabeth levin says:

        Thank You Denise!
        The CINDER- PRINCESS is growing Beautiful and Gorgeous and Healthy each and every day!
        I feel so lucky and It is so precious/priceless to me for the chance to watch Cinder on a daily basis!
        Unlimited Blessings to you and Cinder (and all of your wildlife) and All of you at the LTWC for everything you have done and continue to do for her and all who you care for!

  65. cathy elizabeth levin says:


  66. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Just now Cinder is curled up in a great ball facing the camera. Hard to see her face. She’s grown so much! Just shifting pixels show her breathing. Better ‘n’ better is a natural law, sweetheart!

  67. Teresa says:

    Was watching this morning while Cinders cage was cleaned. She reminds me so much of my Sara dog. She is very timid and shy, will not approach strangers, but watches you very closely. She also lumbers and swings her head like a bear. I am so glad someone rescued Cinder and are able to help her. Hopefully when she is released she will be safe and remain cautious of us humans….

    Thanks to all of you who are taking care of her .

  68. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Right now Cinder is just humped at the end. I saw boots go past. The volunteers are out there coordinating efforts, carrying food to the enclosures, etc. That might interest Cinder. Careful with the eyes, Nadine! Maybe wear safety goggles next time. I had both eyes operated on this spring — what a miracle! The pain was controlled, still, it’s pretty scarey. . . . Tom uses a special website for volunteer sign-ups. He used it to invite us to the shindig on Sunday. I could see all these names equally divided between salad, veggies and dessert. It’s going to be a good little crowd, 60 or more. We work in pairs or small groups. Such neat folks, and no time to chat! Many are very young. Gives me hope for the future. Our new venue has rooms for interns so people who can come work and learn will have somewhere to stay.

  69. Jerri Berg says:

    I am so happy to see that others bought more Kongs for Cinder!!! I crack up now every time I come to this site and see several laying on her perch with her. It is so much fun to see her interact with them. I laughed out loud when I saw her sleeping on her back, stretching in all four directions and surrounded by Kongs.

    Thank you to the others who purchased Kongs for Cinder and to everyone at LTWC who is taking such wonderful care of her and all the other animals !!!

  70. Nadine says:

    Hi folks!
    I must say, I have not seen Cinder look this happy or contented.
    She was sitting closer to the cam tonight circa 7pm, and licking her Kong with her ant-eater tongue while holding it a tad gingerly with her paws. He paws look very stubby without their pads, fur and claws now that I see them up close. I presume the claws always grow back unless the nailbed is destroyed but that is a question I have. Are they growing back sufficiently for her to climb trees again eventually? I have yet to see her lick them in front of the cam but am knocking on wood in case I said that too loud on here.
    I swear I actually saw a smile on her face tonight. Later she went downstairs for more apples. Definitely trying to get her calories in, her apetite is heartily busy and she just motors through all the food. I’m gonna start calling her Queen Kong soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I would love to see her play with her toys a little but maybe she’s a little mature for that. She had to grow up fast this year. I agree Mimi, it will be very interesting to see what occurs vis a vis the denning. I know I would love to join in with the volunteering there, and the luncheon sounds wonderful – a dream to be with other people and just talk about bears and other animals a lot/be on the same page.
    Oh and I just saw a white thing zoom across the floor. It was either a poltergeist apple or a chipmunk!
    Well, I managed to jab myself in the eye 3 days ago while picking grapes off my vine, (yes I wish I lived a lot closer – I would have 100lbs of grapes to give to the bears) and I ended up in the ER in writhing agony with a corneal abrasion/gouge right on my iris. I did not sleep for several days, and many times all I could do was just held on tight in the darkness and I thought of Cinder, and what she went through with her paws, and that really helped – that if a young bear deal and get through so much, so can I deal with that weekend of agony. Thank you majestic creature. You teach us so much, and I think that is why we admire you so.

    Finally, at 8pm, she is lying far in her upstairs corner again. Though I can barely see her, I sense a happier bear. Maybe she can tell she might go home soon. California must smell so strange to her. She’s dreaming of Fall huckleberries, and the morning mists that settle in the valleys, and finally the rains and snow that will feed everything, our salmon, our berries and our bears.

  71. KC says:

    Was nice seeing you eat Cinder, even trying to move the bed hoping to find a little something more to eat. Now time for your beauty rest Zzzzz!

  72. KC says:

    Well Cinder spent at least 1 and 1/2 hours eating fish and fruit and drinking some water. She is now upstairs, she walked carefully laid down and licked her left front paw thoroughly, now think she may sleep. She has a full belly now. :-)

  73. sandi says:

    I am so happy that this beautiful creature is doing well. Hope she has a great, safe life when she is released into the wild. My prayers are with her. She is one of God’s noble creatures.

  74. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    What a beautiful bear! She’s eating something just now. She lifted her head and I think I saw red. It just might be salmon! Wow, what a nice treat! And something she will catch for herself back in the wild. Probably she’s tasted it before. Hey, is this a first class establishment or what! . . . There’s a thing behind her, closer to us — white, looks like three balls. Anybody know what that is? Was it full of treats? And a black ball. Well, Cinder, you are much loved.

    • KC says:

      Mimi those look like the Kongs one is black the other is light blue. They more than likely had treats in them. Cinder is laying down napping now and you can see her feet, what a nice thing. Hope they continue to get better. Know they must be tender.

  75. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Thanks for your good reports, Nadine and Andy! A good thing her paws are healing so well. One wonders how much longer Tom could have carried her! Good that he’s big and strong! I am wondering how they will handle her denning because it’s almost time to den. The healthy orphaned cubs in the bear house will get very hungry soon and be given straw to push around. We have to enjoy watching them play just this short time. Whatever is done re Cinder will depend on combined wisdom of all concerned to give her the best chance and least amount of upset. Some injured or “pitiful” bears are not put into denning or hibernation — just loved and fed so they will have the best chance in the wild. Will be interesting to see what develops for this special girl. Volunteer appreciation luncheon is a week from Sunday. After that, only a few volunteers will be needed to clean the bear house and everyone else scatters until next spring when more wild kids will need help. Raccoon release is next Sunday.

  76. Nadine says:

    Sleeping solid in a big ball – she seems to be so much more rounded lately – she’s curling up more when she sleeps and sleeps deeper. Such a good sign. Her feet will surely heal faster now with exposure to the air, and since she is sleeping much closer to the camera, I wonder if she is feeling more relaxed now that she’s not being ‘harassed’ (from her perspective) every two days or so. I watched the ABC7 news report. Madam feisty there. I suspect many people at LTWC find it ironic when so many of us fans here online talk about ‘sweet Cinder’ – all we see the quiet, shy side of Miss Bear as she snoozes and eats her Kongs.
    Say, how does the return transport occur financially? Do Pilots for Paws do it again or does Wash. F&W pay for it?
    I’ll drop in a lot tomorrow and watch Madam a bunch, and the liddle piggies too. My gods they looked SOOO CUTE on TV. Even our wonderfully feisty Madam. WA Girl Bears Rule! :)

    • Andy says:

      Thank you Mimi for telling us what to expect to see in regard to the Bear’s denning behavior. That time is almost at hand and I’m sure it presents a bit of a dilemma for the decision makers at LTWC. I have much faith that they’ll do what’s best for the animals in their care.
      I agree with you Nadine that Cinder has been curling herself into a big ball while sleeping. I have also noticed the she IS sleeping deeper than she was a week earlier. Whether or not that has to do with the removal of her bandages or the nights getting cooler I cannot say. I tend to look in at her late at night, when I can’t sleep, and she is holding her paws vertically and tending to them with her tongue. Not a lot but enough to let you know they are bothering her. She likes to hang her paws over the end of the log platform too. She looks a little confused like she knows she should be somewhere else but isn’t sure where that is. I was wondering what some salt water would do to speed up the healing of Miss Cinders burns. Maybe I’m crazy, I’ve been told I was by my kids. lol! Keep up the good work and thank you again!!

  77. Andy says:

    Oh Cinder, you sweet little girl! This is going to be the hard part that you’ll just have to tough your way through. It’s clear to see those front paws are hurting you but you’re going to have to go through some pain to make some gain. You are being a real good girl and not doing too much licking and that will help those paws heal up sooner than later. Hang in there sweet girl you’re on your way to getting home!!

  78. MartaLCD says:

    Cinder is being adorable right now, holding her Kong in her teeth and acting very possessive of it. She’s really becoming a beautiful animal, and it does my heart good to see her so well taken care of.

  79. emily in NH says:

    You do so love your kongs, Cinder! Great to see you without those pesky bandages but it looks like you have beginning of summer “bear feet” not end of summer toughened-up feet… that will come soon, hopefully. You are doing beautifully and I wish I could give you and all of your care givers a BIG bear hug… love you all for what you do for the animals… thanks… you are the BEST!!!

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Well, Emily, send us the airfare and we’d love to come see the foliage in beautiful NH! We’ll even hug you back! These people are big huggers. I am seeing news about bear hunting in Maine. I feel bad, but can’t even throw money at the problem. As a spinner and knitter, I have a soft spot for your part of the country, haven’t been there in a long time. Cyberhugs back at you!

      • emily in NH says:

        Hi Mimi that was my nickname when I was young… I love it! Also, if I could send you all the airfare I would but you are all welcome any time… our door is always open and we live near the seacoast (about 10 min.), about one hour from Boston and an hour and a half from the mountains… so we have the best of all worlds. And, yes, the foliage is getting down to us and is looking like it is going to be a spectacular year. I am a knitter too but envy you the spinning. I love all the info you give about LTWC and the animals… thank you for that too. Is this just a trial run for Cinder or are her feet really ready to toughen up? They look so tender, poor pooh bear. People that love animals are kind hearted and huggers… and lucky people. Take care!

  80. Nadine says:

    Miss Cinder is snoozing in a lovely, black ball, with her back to the camera, and her nose stirring occasionally and pointing out the ‘window’ keeping one eye on the world she will one day go back to. Good job, baby girl. Wonderful job, Lake Tahoe. Thank you.
    Love, love.

  81. Chris says:

    Cinder bear you ate a good lunch today. But I see your walking “gingerly” back up the ramp for your afternoon nap. Poor girl, but at least your free of bandages and going “bear” feet for a trial run.. Hang in there sweet girl..

  82. Andy says:

    I wish sender would turn around and move closer to the camera. It appears that Dr Willits has decided that the pads on Cinder’s paws have healed enough so they no longer need to be wrapped. I hope that’s the case anyway, she has suffered enough frustration with those wraps on her paws!

  83. cathy elizabeth levin says:

    Wakey wakey! It is 11 am here on the east coast…Time to wake up and see the sun shine!
    You can get the rest of your beauty sleep later at nap time!
    What would you like for breakfast? Eggs Benedict?, Pancakes?, Waffles?, omlettes?? AlLL of the above?
    And I have your favorite hot chocolate with whipped cream on top all ready for you!
    You are the Cutest little SUGAR BEAR!~
    Cinder You make my day FULL OF JOY! I LOVE Watching you Heal and Grow more Beautiful!

  84. Ruby Thompson says:

    Just wondering why the last couple of times I tried to view Cinder the video blacks out after a minute or seconds. I wonder if it is the webcam

    • Andy says:

      Seems like once the camera gets 10 -12 concurrent sessions it runs out of processing space to service all the requests it’s getting hit with and starts to studder.

  85. sandi says:

    I lost this connection to Cinder. Need to get it back.

  86. Chris says:

    What is put in the Kongs? Cinder is going to town on her this morning. Better the Kong than her bandages… Good Girl Cinder

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      The Kong filling varies but always peanut butter- today dried cherries- fig newtons- a few mini marshmallows & a dribble of honey! We opened up one end a bit so she can really get inside to lick out the filling & keep her busy longer! I try to throw it at the camera end of the platform for better viewing but I’m not known for my throwing skills!

  87. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Yeah, I got the Pop-tarts ad in Spanish just fine. The screen keeps going dark after a couple seconds. HELP! Cinder is sitting up and looking out. Lookin’ good!

  88. Andy says:

    Cinder, you naughty girl! I know those bandages are uncomfortable but you have to were them for a few more weeks until your paws heal up. But you’re pretty smart figuring out how to get them off!

    • KC says:

      Andy think what you see that looks like a bandage is one of the Kongs. :-) She has had those close by her a lot.

      • Andy says:

        Hi KC,
        I watched her take the bandage off her front left paw last night at about midnight PDT. She then licked all the suave off her paw. Looked like she kinda liked it too! I’ll bet her paws itch like crazy now that they are really healing up. I hope she’s past getting an infection!

        • Saltaire says:

          Andy, I believe you are correct. I was watching Cinder this morning and her left front paw is dark, no white bandage on it. She was also busy all morning licking at something. She generally has been VERY good though at leaving them alone. The KONG helps a lot too. But LTWC said that they MAY have to put on dog boots, as that was the only thing that worked for the other burned cub they tended to.

          • Andy says:

            She was laying down at the camera end of the log platform as big as a full moon and worked the tape loose with her tongue and then, when she could bite it, she just pulled it off like a sock. After that she went after the suave like she had gotten her paw into a jar of honey! She was a busy girl. I don’t blame her. She has been very good about leaving her bandages alone. Maybe this one was just bugging her.
            I’ve grow quite fond of her and really hope she gets a long life in the N.W. woods after her treatment at LTWC. They have treated her like a queen!

          • Linda G says:

            She’s done amazingly well for many weeks! I’m surprised she didn’t gnaw at her bandages earlier. Wondered if she might need a “cone” at some point. I bet she would not be happy about that. Sounds like dog booties might help.

  89. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    So this morning Cinder is a dark beautiful round shape down there. Her breathing shifts the pixels regularly. Better ‘n’ better, pretty girl!

  90. KC says:

    Looks like Cinder had a dressing change and then a snack attack. She is up laying down and a Kong is not far away. She sure keeps those close and really enjoys them.

  91. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    At the moment, she’s napping way down at the other end, just a significant shape with one bandaged foot sticking out. I think her head is to the left. Really quiet. All good.

  92. Chris says:

    OH Cinder you’re looking good today and how nice it is to see your pretty face up close to the camera.. Definately filling out and looking better. Keep it up little girl, your on the path to healing.
    I’ll be shopping on Amazon for some goodies for you and the other bears…

  93. Nadine says:

    Cinder, you seem to have doubled in size lately. Who is this voluptuous, gorgeous, rounded bear I see before me? No wonder they had the biggest firefighter carry you back to your cage the other day!
    OK, now I know there’s an Amazon wishlist, I shall go check it out.
    I can’t type much more this week, so I’ll just leave this here, and I hope you know I am still thinking about the bears, and everyone doing the Great Work.
    Blessings to all,

  94. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    At last I get a good look at Cinder’s pretty face! She was standing up there, then gingerly dropping down on the right elbow. Now she’s lying down with upper body moving, ears moving, licking, looking around, then her chin on that ball. They say animals are in the moment. What is she thinking? That it’s windy and things aren’t too bad here after all? It just gets better, sweetheart!

  95. Jerri Berg says:

    So happy to see Cinder enjoying her Kongs and so glad they arrived as scheduled.

    Thanks to each and everyone of you for all you do to help the animals at LTWC !!!

  96. KC says:

    Oh Cinder is really enjoying her Kong, nice reward for getting better.

  97. Chris says:

    Would like to purchase some items for Cinder as well as the other bears. Went to the Amazon wish list and didn’t see any “toys” listed. But there was a heating pad on the list. Is this still needed as well as some of the “older” items on the list??

    • Chris says:

      Oh nevermind, I hit refresh and new items popped up on my screen. I’ll get to shopping…Thanks for your great care in taking care of the bears and other animals in your care.

      • Mimi at Tahoe says:

        Chris, they use heating pads with some of the other animals like squirrels. Low setting, no turn-off. Little guys burrow into nests made of . . . chunks of old bathrobes, velours, soft fabric. The steady warmth really helps them stabilize, get better. Each one is a different case. There’s a warm room upstairs for those guys and downstairs the tiniest birds are in the office where people first bring in the animals. The nestlings’ nests are inside incubators. If there are no nestlings but even a chance of receiving tiny birds, the incubator is kept warm. Thanks for your help!

  98. Saltaire says:

    Blessed Be The Blue KONG!! lol!
    (and the generous person that bought them from Amazon!)

  99. Saltaire says:

    Question please:
    Does Cinder (or any of the bears for that matter) drink much water? I only observed her once drinking out of her bowl. I would imagine they get a lot of their fluid needs from all the water content in the fruit and veggies they consume. Thanks!

  100. Chris says:

    LOL tuned in to see Cinder this morning and caught cage cleaning time. Ms Cinder doesn’t like having a clean cage and not patient while they get the job done. She’s pacing back and fourth and peeking down the ramp keeping a close eye on them..
    But good to see her moving around better.

  101. Andy says:

    Cinder looks as though she has slippers on her back feet. It great to see her getting better. I can’t wait until she is moved back home and gets to wander free again! Thanks for all LTWC is doing for her.

  102. Jerri Berg says:

    So happy to watch Cinder get better each day. Love watching her with her Kong dispenser. I just ordered 3 more XL Large Kongs for her from Amazon. They should be delivered on Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014. Hope she can wait that long.

    Thank you for all you are doing to help this poor baby and all the animals you look after.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      THANK YOU! I have the other one in with the cubs & know Cinder will LOVE having a ” kong a day” schedule!!!

      • Kim says:

        What other types of treats/toys would be helpful to send to you?

        • Denise@LTWC says:

          Kim- we found some new “big indestructible horse toys” for the bears this year. One looked like a big plastic fire hydrant ( it’s in with the cubs) & they have other types. You can put treats in it & they roll it around & they slowly dispense. They have been GREAT & really ARE indestructible ! I’ll try to find them to put on our Amazon wish list!

          • Mark Johnson says:

            Hi Denise,

            Can you provide me a link to the Amazon Wish List please? I would like to purchase some toys for the cubs.

      • Jerri Berg says:

        You are very welcome. Wish I could do more. Will be looking forward to her having one each day and of course you should use them as needed for the other animals too!!!

        • Denise@LTWC says:

          Mark- tried to supply link but had a problem – SOOO – just go to Amazon website & on the right it says ” find someone’s wish list” & enter Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. Hopefully it works!

  103. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Just watched Cinder come down her ramp. The bandages are smaller but she has only a fraction of the speed of a bear who hasn’t gotten hurt! She did some stretches at the top. Must’ve been a movement that felt good — like one of us doing ballet bends at the kitchen sink! God bless!

  104. MartaLCD says:

    I love seeing that Cinder is gaining weight. She looks much fuller in her body now, and seems to be feeling much better. Watching her stretch while she’s sleeping is just like watching any other animal who is comfy and happy in a safe spot.

    Much thanks to all of the people who are helping her to heal, and taking such good care of her.

  105. Saltaire says:

    KONG ALERT!! Awesome!
    That will keep you busy little girl! lol!
    What little goodies is it stuffed with today?

    • Saltaire says:

      So darn cute!
      Cinder is hugging/protecting her KONG between her paws just like my Border Collie does with her squeaky toy. What a GREAT idea this is!

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Cinder got rice Krispy treats / a BIG marshmallow / some honey & peanut butter jammed in her Kong today! Special treats for all the pain she goes thru! Might have to get a few more Kongs to rotate up there as she doesn’t like returning them to us!

      • Saltaire says:

        Yes, more KONGS on standby…OR when the cleaning crew comes in someone with a thin dowel or metal wire/rod (like a straightened coat hanger) can slip it up between the logs and flip the KONG over the edge of the loft to the floor (or slide it along towards the edge if it’s further back. For example, where the KONG is right now, it should be an easy task IF there is a gap between the logs. I doubt that Cinder would even see you doing it. Just trying to be helpful here! Carry on and what a tremendous job you all are doing.

  106. Jerri Berg says:

    I finally got to see Cinder being tranquilized and taken out of the cage for her bandages to be changed. Yay!!! I am so happy to see how uncomfortable she is with humans. It is sad to see her so stressed by us, but very good news for her that she is.

    I noticed a man with a camera set up in the cage and then following her out. Will this footage be posted somewhere that we can access it? Please let us know. I for one would love to see footage with sound and I believe others would too.

    Thank you for all you are doing for Cinder and thank you for sharing it with all of us!!!

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      The only thing I DO know is a news crew from Washington State was supposed to be there today for an update on Cinder but that’s all I know as its my day off! Tom will probably post an update soon – maybe a link to the story!

      • Jerri Berg says:

        Thank you for replying Denise. I will wait for an update. She looks very sleepy tonight and seems to be moving more easily. I love watching her heal.

  107. Saltaire says:

    Does anyone know what that pink/orange thing is that was tossed up to Cinder’s loft a couple of days ago? (and is still there) It must have been initially stuffed with food as she was eating from it. Is it a “toy” of some kind in the hopes that it would keep her busy messing with it and leave her bandages alone? Thanks!

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      The “pink orange thing” is a Kong dog toy. You are correct – stuffed it full of things to keep her busy. Only problem is she hasn’t given it back to us to refill yet! Next bandage change we should be able to retrieve it & return it to her! Hopefully!

      • KC says:

        Denise will there be a bandage change today? Is Tom going to be brave with the stick and Cheryl changing the bandages? I know that kong toy will not be accessible until Cinder is not there. She did enjoy the treats though.

        • Denise@LTWC says:

          KC – I think Dr Willitts will be doing the next bandage change but not sure if it’s tonight or tomorrow? I’ll check with them & let you know when I find out. Since Dr has his own vet practice & donates his time it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly when he’s able to come but will do my best to keep you updated!

          • KC says:

            Denise, Cinder has new dressings on her feet now. They were changed just a little while ago.She is having her snack now. ;-0 I saw her get tranquilized. Will have see if her Kong was refilled. All in all think she is doing pretty good considering what she has been through. Thank you LTWC for everything.

  108. Jerri Berg says:

    When will her bandages be changed again? Can you give us an approximate time when she will be sedated? I would love to see the entire process and how she interacts with the people who come for her. I keep missing it.

    She is making such great progress and I find great joy in watching her recover. Thank you to everyone at LTWC for all you are doing to help sweet Cinder and all the animals there.

    • Kaweah says:

      Cinder just had her dressing changed yesterday. It was the 2nd time I’ve seen t done. Now I’m obsessed with the Cinder cams haha. Both times it was in between 5-6pm. You can see her huff at the Doc sticking her with the sedative and get a bit aggressive (which is a good thing) and then they wait for what seems like maybe 5 or 10 mins while it takes effect. Then they carry her out like a baby over the shoulder. While she is having her dressing changed they do a thorough cleaning of her loft and down below and once in a while the guy will get in front of cam 7 and wave lol.

  109. KC says:

    Nice Cinder has new bandages. Guess Dr Willits was not around. Cheryl good for you for changing the bandages. Cinder is making progress with all the caring she is receiving. She will do well back in the wild and hopefully never have to see a fire again.

  110. Chris says:

    Oh Ms Cinder bear.. Youre not suppose to add chewing banadages to your afternoon snack you sill bear. Try eating just the melon and leave your paws alone…Other then that, you’re looking good and healthy.

    • Helen says:

      May I ask a question? Is it possible Cinder is getting too acclimated to humans, making it difficult for her to be re-introduced into the wild?

      • Denise@LTWC says:

        Helen- Cinder getting used to humans is NOT an issue. It’s exactly the opposite- she thinks of us as something to get as far away from as possible! Big plus that she came in as a yearling but I guarantee you all she views us as is something that sticks her with a needle every few days & she probably will never want to get near humans again when she’s released!

        • Nadine says:

          Yes. Cinder seems to _really_ hate having any proximity to humans. It was the most dire of circumstances that forced her to find help, my gosh.
          Tbh, I am pretty sure they know what the cams are for (bears seems to be more clever than many humans imo not that that’s much of a comparison!) and Cinder stares at the cam sometimes with a glare that has a chill of some of our mountain streams.
          She is our strong and stoic WA bear!

          And it is sooo heartening to see her eat and sleep so well lately too. Is she still on her pain meds in her muffin every morning?


        • Helen says:

          Thanks for answering my question! It was just something I was wondering about. I’m so glad she is recovering!

  111. Kaweah says:

    Cinder’s keeping a close eye on the person cleaning her enclosure hehehe. So cute

  112. Denise@LTWC says:

    Tom checked on Cinder & her bandages & all is good! I think it was just corn husks/ stalks seen up on her “balcony” NOT gauze bandages. We need to get some more of those as she seems to really enjoy chewing on the attached corn & making a pillow out of it!

    • Bobbie D. says:

      Thanks Denise! It sure looked like her bandage was flopping as she was trying to walk up the ramp. Maybe she had husks stuck on it to give the appearance of coming off.

  113. Saltaire says:

    Something NEW in her diet! There was a pile of some long shredded green stuff added to her menu. Whatever it is…she REALLY likes it! She just carried the entire mass bundle up to her lair to savor it in private! Cracks me up!
    (wonder what it is!)

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      I believe that was corn stalks WITH the corn attached! Someone donated the stalks & all the bears & raccoons loved playing with & ( maybe) even eating the corn! We’re trying to keep Cinder busy so she DOESN’T mess with her bandages! We have X Large doggie boots on standby just in case. It’s the ONLY thing that worked with our previous burn patient “Lil Smokey”! Time will tell!

    • Terry says:

      So sweet! She’s made the corn husks part of her bedding up there. lol

  114. Sandy says:

    It’s 4pm eastern time – looks like she’s got her front bandages almost off. tape or gauze dragging behind.

    • Saltaire says:

      I hope she isn’t developing a new habit, thinking she’s clever, ridding her paws of those “pesky” bandages and tape. They might have to wrap the tape all the way up to her “armpits” to she can’t find and end/edge to unravel!
      (her next bandage change was supposed to be Thursday about 6 we will see)

  115. Nadine says:

    Baby girl, you sleep so much better lately. I’m so glad.
    Sweet dreams of our hills filled with Huckleberries and Blueberries!

  116. Saltaire says:

    Cinder…what are you up to?
    She’s been intently working on something for over an hour now and I don’t think it’s a GOOD thing. Pulling her bandages off perhaps? (you just got NEW ones put on)

    • Saltaire says:

      Well…whatever she was doing, she’s given it a rest and is down for a nap now. Good!

      • KC says:

        She does have the right front bandage loose, I see it. hope it does not all come off. Know she holds on to food with her front paws so they smell like food but also meds.

    • Linda G says:

      I’ve been wondering how those bandages have managed to stay on this long – amazing.
      She sure is getting around better. Really great to see!

  117. KC says:

    All the webcams are offline now. Hope they get back to functioning soon. Missing all the animals.

  118. Kaweah says:

    Can someone please move the pillow back to its original place before Cinder craps on it from the loft. I watch her all day long and I’ve seen her do her business from up top. Please. =)

    You guys are SO awesome!!!

  119. Kaweah says:

    Just watch Cinder get sedated and then carried out like a baby lol. To cute! My prayers are with her, the other animals and for all the people who dedicate their time to care for these beautiful animals <3

  120. KC says:

    Is anyone else having a problem watching Cam 7? It shows up and you can see Cinder then when the play button (triangle) is clicked it shows up dark like it is night time.

    • Kim says:

      I’m having the same problem

      • KC says:

        Know I’m not the only one, other people having the problem too. All other webcams of bears show up and some of the other ones.

    • Kaweah says:

      Yes, on both cams.

      • Nadine says:

        Cams look good tonight. I’ve not experience issues with Cam 7, but I did on Cam 4 last night – I was only getting one snapshot at a time – it was a temporary thing.
        Sometimes it can take a while for a cam to show you/connect to the live feed after the advert, which is when you get black for a little while.

        You guys might want to refresh the page or check what else is running in the background/what else is downloading/uploading through your connection – the stream quality will vary depending on how busy your laptop/PC or internet is.

    • KC says:

      Ok it is loading up properly now. Thank you!

  121. Denise@LTWC says:

    Hi everyone!
    There’s been some questions about Cinder being uncomfortable on the logs so thought I’d try to explain. First of all she’s in our Bobcat cage instead of the bear enclosure. That actually is a GOOD thing as she has a big wood den up top & to the left on the webcam that she could choose to sleep in instead of the logs. In the bear enclosure all we have is log platforms to keep it more natural & the cubs are fine with it. In the wild they sometimes spend LOTS of times in tree branches. With Cinder we don’t want to put pine boughs ( too much sap) or beds up there as she would probably just knock it down or tear it up. She could choose to sleep in the nice comfy box but she likes the platform so we just let her ” do her thing”! If she seems uncomfortable it’s most likely bandages bugging her or just still healing pain from the burns. Thanks for caring!

    • KC says:

      Thank you Denise for taking care of Cinder along with all the other animals there. Cinder is doing just fine or you would do something about it. Have a great weekend.

    • Nadine says:

      A sleep number bed!! LOL. Thanks for that Mimi. :) I purchased that book you recommended – it looks great.
      It’s fabulous everyone pops their head in to check and calls or posts when they notice stuff, like the loose bandage. Note: Cinder can take a while to walk down her ramp, with or without a bandage.
      Three cheers to Cheryl for doing so much of that veggie chopping, and to everyone who works so hard at LTWC. I really do wish I lived closer to help out, I’m a dab hand at veggie chopping, and I have no problems with bear poop/piddle. Bless you all.
      Nadine x

    • Terry says:

      Being carried out like a little doll – wish I’d seen that :)
      Glad she’s staying wild too – not warming up to the presence of people. That makes her survival chances better.
      Denise – before she’s ready to be released will you teach her how to hunt and fish? After a year where she is I hope she won’t expect dinner served in abundance when she goes back to the wild.
      Also another question for you: If Cinders is released back to where she came from, won’t everything be burnt and with a lot less prey and vegetation for her? How will she find food or a place to sleep and hide with so many acres of burnt forest?

    • cathy elizabeth levin says:

      Thank You Denise for explaining this, and a million THANKS YOUS are never enough for ALL you and LTWC are doing for sweet baby Cinder and ALL off the babies and animals at your center!
      I am greatly appreciative to have the opportunity to watch Cinder via your webcams- THANK YOU for sharing Cinder with us !
      I wonder if the bright light is keeping her from falling asleep.?..she looks a little bored but she has to heal and stay in a protected environment now.
      Maybe soon she can meet and hang out with other little bear cubs- maybe get some socializing into her schedule~
      THANK GOODNESS she found a savior in LTWC!!

  122. Deanna Pine says:

    Why does the bear sleep on bumpy logs? Is it because you have keep them in what would be their most natural surroundings? Oh and I want to tell you how wonderful you are for what you are doing for Cinder. If the world had more people like you it would be in a lot better shape than it is now. Thank you!

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Bumpy logs! Actually they’re sort of smoothed off. This is an older wild bear! She isn’t expecting a sleep number bed! Remember, she poops wherever she is. Some of us watched people hosing down that upper deck the other night. It seems a whole team goes in there to clean while she’s gone for bandage change. She wakes up to a clean home and plenty of nice food choices plus the liquids she needs. The sedative makes her thirsty. And last time I looked, there was still a big upholstered mattress thing for her on the ground floor. . . . Much of this work is organization, phone calls, diplomacy, fund-raising, negotiation, coordinating efforts, knowing how to work with the government agencies. . . . There’s a goddess named Cheryl sitting in the garage where the food is. She’s doling out salad greens, avocado, carrots, fruit, grapes on the stem and melon wedges into buckets for the bears! I’m glad to learn Cinder has sort of turned a corner in her recovery. She knows people are helping her.

      • KC says:

        Very well said Mimi. Cinder is doing well and has what she needs to recover. So thank you to all involved and to Cheryl for cutting up the food.

      • Dawn says:

        I’m concerned that the bandage on Cinder’s right front paw has come off, leaving her paw exposed, and that she might trip on the loose bandage.

        • Denise@LTWC says:

          Bandage change later today is on the agenda so she shoud be fine until then! Thank you for watching out for her!

      • Terry says:

        What a dear little soul. Watched her chew off her right paw bandage last night. She didn’t sleep well at all, very fidgety. She’s very unsteady on her hind legs, I was a little worried when she came so close to the front end of her log bed – looked almost like she’s lose her balance and fall backwards. But after a good poop and a pee she went downstairs for more snacks. lol My heart bleeds for Cinders as I think there isn’t a worse injury than burns. It hurts for such a long time and it will also take quite awhile for her paw pads to develop that leathery texture so it won’t hurt anymore to walk. At first, climbing up rough bark trees will be hard on her tender pads but hopefully will keep toughening up more.
        Thanks for all you’re doing for Cinder. Great job well done!! โ™ฅ

  123. Nadine says:

    Cinder looks like she’s feeling noticeably better. She seemed a tad more active after she got back from her bandage change. She had her dinner, and then snoozed a bit right in front of the webcam again. I took some more pics of her like that, and then she got up, went downstairs for a few more snacks, and then went back up into her dark corner to sleep. Glad she’s moving around a lot more now. She’s fidgeting her paws at night in her sleep and waking (like right now) but it’s hard to say if she’s uncomfortable because of the wooden platform – it might just be her paws hurt – she moves them the most. (That wooden platform looks uncomfy for us humans but I suspect it’s fine for bears.)

    Today, I think notice a change in her spirit. She seems to be getting used to her routine but also feeling better. Her paw looked wonderful in the photo you guys posted on facebook. Way to go Dr Willitts and all the team there! Have yourselves an excellent Labour Day weekend!

    <3 <3 <3 to Cinder. This WA state gal is cheering you on home to us!

    • Ellen says:

      I think the tail of the right front bandage is getting caught by her back foot when she’s walking – she seems to be having a little trouble getting down the ramp

  124. Susie says:

    Cinder’s story moved me greatly, but that I can now follow her recovery tops it all. I visit the nursery ever day. You guys at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Center are marvelous.

  125. neughhay says:

    The maid just came in and cleaned Cinder’s hotel room!

  126. Kaweah says:

    Awwwwwe she/he is right in front of the camera. I just wanna love her/him to pieces hehehe =)

  127. KC says:

    Cinder is sleeping so peacefully and is getting bigger. Glad her burns are healing up.

  128. Sandy says:

    or even a flat board on top of a section of the logs. as she keeps moving, looks like she’s trying to find a position where she’s not putting pressure on the paws or other sore places. a flat board maybe she could more comfortable rest on her side.

    • Saltaire says:

      That’s what I was kinda thinking too…a piece of plywood maybe. It would be easy to hose off and a smooth even surface. But hey…what do I know?
      There’s probably a reason why not that we’re not thinking of and these folks have been in this business a long time and know what they’re doing. But…?

  129. Sandy says:

    Thanks for making her safe. You are the experts, but is there any way to put straw or something soft on the logs? She looks so uncomfortable – keeps moving around like the logs hurt. Especially with burned skin on the hard logs; plus if she’s under weight, bones against logs, ouch.

  130. T. Fitzgerald says:

    Thank you for caring for this poor little guy. I wish him and you good luck.

  131. Wendy Knothe says:

    Cinders seem restless tonight. But I know he will be ok..I can not thank the fantastic staff at LTWC enough for the help they have given to wild animals in need. Thank you again..I can not wait till Cinders is able to go back to his home.. Love ya Cinders….

  132. Sharon B says:

    That little creature must have been in such pain. You all are wonderful for helping this little bear. The pilots who donated their time are to be commended.

  133. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    It’s me again. Anybody who wants to learn more can simply google “wildlife rehab” and I believe somewhere on this website is a list of organizations — umbrella groups. In designing the new facility, other facilities were studied for enclosure design, etc. They’re all using the Internet for this work, exchanging bear milk and squirrel milk, etc. recipes, etc. Best Friends is another group that one of LTWC’s benefactors gave to also. Their website is wonderful, and there’s a book by the same name that tells how they started. They help domestic animals as well as wild, not bears, but they have lots of acreage in Idaho, so they work with horses. I got the book on audio. Another print book I loved is “Smiling Bears” by a zoo worker. Thanks for your interest! I wish we could meet.

    • Nadine says:

      Thanks for the tips, Mimi! I wish we could meet too.
      Good luck with your car repairs. Blessings!

    • Sharyl Thompson says:

      could you not put some pine boughs up there to cushion those hard poles. She looks uncomfortable. I would not enjoy sleeping on those hard poles without cushioning either.

      • Linda Simonis says:

        It’s a wonderful rescue effort. However I agree, she looks as if she can’t find a comfortable position on those poles. She keeps shifting to find a better spot for her head.

    • cathy elizabeth levin says:

      Hi Mimi and ENDLESS THANKS!
      GOD BLESS YOU and LTWC for ALL you are doing to help Precious baby Cinder and all of the bear cubs and animals you have at your center!
      Just wanted to echo the above commenters— Perhaps it may be more comfortable for little Cinder if you maybe put some large fir branches down over the logs – just to make Cinder more comfy as she sleeps-
      Is that possible? Those logs look so hard on her and her little body- She is healing so I am thinking the more comfy she is, the better and happier she will be-( Sort of like fluffing her pillows – just to make her more comfy as she heals)!

  134. Nadine says:

    Cinder spends a lot of time snoozing or awake and staring out of her enclosure – she seems very curious about her surroundings. She eats a lot too. :) Can she hear other bear cubs or are they so far that she is isolated. I appreciate she might be too big and hostile to be with the 1 year olds, but she seems so bored and so sad. She’s been through a lot. It is hard to watch her be so restless. Be patient, Miss Cinder Bear. The fires that wrecked your home, clear the woodland so that when you return you will have rich berry harvests in years to come. Heal, and dream of days to come roaming with your own litter of cubs. When do you project her return, and how do the bears hibernate when they are in the sanctuary? I presume she’ll be there for the winter…what about the younger cubs?

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Hi, Nadine! Yes, Cinder can look out and see people walking back and forth. The bear house is just across the yard, and when the cubs get fed it sounds like they’re killing each other — but of course they’re not! She would hear that. Also birds in the aviary. Sometime around Thanksgiving (pumpkin! orange poop!), their food is cut back. Straw bedding is delivered and they get busy pushing it around and getting comfortable. Then they mostly sleep except for sips of water and a little pee and some rasseling. Then back to sleep. Oh, in the woods the wild bears strip tree bark and that bulks them up. So our cubs get branches. They don’t poop and they get over hunger. L’il Smokey, the famous burned cub, lived and healed in the Bobcat House where Cinder is now. He pushed his straw into a big plastic igloo and didn’t come out! What happens with Cinder, I’ve no idea. The experts play it by ear for each cub. She’s wild and has to “den” or “hibernate” somewhere. Sometimes a cub continues to be fed because it badly needs to be built up. Anyway, around February, each sleeping cub is taken, sedated, to a den in the wild in the area each one came from. These wild dens are carefully chosen by experts. When the bear wakes up in the spring, it’s all alone and wild and free! L’il Smokey had a transmitter. In flying over his area, the experts ascertained that he stayed in the nice area they placed him. Streams, old farms with fruit trees, lady bears, pretty country, few people. That’s it in general. Pretty neat, huh? Now others may tweak or add to what I put.

      • Saltaire says:

        What an extremely well-written and informative post!!
        I learned so much and I am excited to watch this timeline all play out for Cinder!
        Thank you so much and I’m eagerly looking forward to reading your next posts!

      • Kat, SC says:

        Nice response Mimi. I remember watching Lil Smokey get grumpier as his food was cut back til finally sleep was what appealed most to him. He looked outside a lot too and was very curious, but he was younger. Cinder knows what is outside so like we do when we are stuck inside in bad weather or from an illness (or like a pal of mine from a broken foot), she is probably dreaming of being out there and free. But I’m sure she is in the right place and the fact that she’s not been bothering her boots is a good sign I’d think…..hopefully she’s adjusting and healing. And once they hibernate, they awaken free and alone, so this is probably a good “prep” time. We love you Cinder, keep on healing :) And Mimi keep on keeping us informed :)

        • Mimi at Tahoe says:

          Thank you! I think I told you all I know. I was in Mount Shasta when Smokey was rescued in summer 2008. We were so pulling for him to heal completely and get the complete rehab he got. I quit eating meat, took the volunteer training, waited for subsidized housing to open up, and moved here. Now I have a 4-figure estimate to fix my car. Getting legal help. Selling on eBay. Anybody got two mil for a Swedish wedding crown? And LTWC gets 10%! Bidding went to $1125 last week. Not enuf! I planned to sell it anyway. Not much else to sell. I came here with no knowledge or aptitude. Just it’s such a wonderful cause. In the training, Cheryl told us, “There is no room for ego in this work.” The society ladies don’t last long picking up poop in the bear house around Sept. when the bears are making more poop than ever, sweat drips down and runs your makeup and little things are flying around. . . . Pay attention to Denise! She will be in charge when the new venue is built.

      • Nadine says:

        Hi Mimi!
        Thank you so much for your very informative reply. Goodness! I can just imagine the noise those cubs make when it’s dinnertime! Your description has been making me giggle every now and again for the last 24 hours. :)
        Also, pumpkin poop. Too cute! (I took a photo of Black Bear poop last week in Whistler B.C. – it was completely purple from all the berries and did not smell at all because their diet is usually berries only, and boy was that mountain covered in about ten types of berry!)
        Hibernating through winter sounds awesome. I read that often female bears will give birth while hibernating. Now that’s my kind of lifestyle!
        What a wonderful way to release them. That’s fantastic. You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much for everything you do for all the bears, and all the other people you save!
        Bless you all.
        Nadine XXX

        • Mimi at Tahoe says:

          Oh, lovely! Purple berry poop! Well, I don’t have such a good sense of smell. I will say each incident of poop is a unique production of that cub and whatever it ate! The enclosures get a thorough cleaning twice a day, so nothing bad can build up. . . . Much of this handling and rehabbing of bears and others is by law! Not just that we’re so good and so inspired! In the training, Cheryl pointed out that when you answer the phone, you have to know the whole area, where they’re calling from, because Nevada laws are different from California’s.

  135. Tina says:

    I don’t think Cinder’s feet are hurting too much this afternoon. She’s been busy going up & down the ramp. She goes down, grabs food, and takes it upstairs to eat it. Then, does it all over again. I’ve watched her now do this at least 4 times. Hey, at least she’s getting some exercise! :-) OH, and I think the little chipmunk was in there again awhile ago. Something small was running around across the floor. (Saturday 3:05 p.m.)

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      I found a chipmunk this AM cleaning & escorted him to the door! So we are having somewhat of a chipmunk explosion here so the smart ones learn Cinder’s cage is an easy meal!

  136. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Just now she was walking very slowly on her upstairs deck. Her legs don’t look so raw. She’s coming to terms with the improvement. Maybe they’ve lessened the pain-killer and she’s feeling some pain along with all the improvement. She looks around. She sits. Makes a lovely round shape, sitting. Then settles on her elbows, head down, to chill for awhile. She will naturally get the exercise to go with the healing. Animal psychics say that injured animals picture feeling good again — flying or at least being strong and pain-free. You GO, little girl! [If she flies, that WILL be a record!]

  137. Linda G says:

    Napping. Hope her paws are healing well –

  138. Martha Bubel says:

    I was wondering where Cinder sleeps at night? I have looked to see her at night before I go to bed and she is not in her usual sleeping place. She looks like she is doing better and eating all the fish. lol

  139. Linda says:

    Ms. Cinder just climbed up the log to her perch ~ I think she is looking for an escape route ~ she started to go back down the log and thought better of it as she backed up and returned to her perch. Whew! Her feet must be feeling much better! Hoping she gets a play mate soon as she seems to be getting restless.

  140. Chris says:

    Oh Ms Cinder, you’re a sneaky bear. Go down just long enough to grab food and bring it back to your perch.. Glad to see your walking better and putting on weight. Gonna be a big strong, healthy bear before you know it..
    Thanks Bill for getting Cinder to Lake Tahoe. Yes, it’s definately going to be a bigger plane needed when Cinder’s ready to be released..

  141. Bill says:

    Its amazing how much I enjoy watching a blurry picture of Cinder curled up sleeping. I can’t wait to fly her back to Washington to know that she will live out her life in the wild.

    • Denise@LTWC says:

      Hi Bill! You probably enjoy watching Cinder because without you & your “little”
      Plane she might not be here getting care! She’s eating so well though you just might have to look into getting a ” bigger” plane to squeeze her into to fly back home to Washington LOL!

    • Nadine says:

      Hallo Bill,
      I can’t wait for you to fly her back to Wenatchee either!
      Thank you for all your aid. She’s walking better today I notice, more speedy movement up and down the ramp – and she’s also moving less gingerly.
      Bless you all.

      • Bill says:

        It definitely won’t be in my plane. She is huge! Looks about 3x as wide as when I met her.

        • KC says:

          Bill you did a great thing to fly Cinder down to Lake Tahoe. She is definitely getting bigger. Was thinking that you would need a bigger plane, she is continuing to eat and gain weight. Hope she never will have to go through a forest fire again.

        • Denise@LTWC says:

          Ha! Bill- I think you are right! Not sure if she’s been weighed lately but if not we need to do that! We’ll keep you updated as to how much she’s gained & if she’ll need a wide body jet to return home! LOL!

  142. Linda says:

    Cinder would very much like a dumb weight elevator installed. She was hanging off the edge of her plat form and not able to reach her goodies! Such is her

  143. Linda says:

    I love the way Cinder is becoming well “rounded” and “plumping” up with the good diet she is on! I think she really loves her grapes or something that looks like grapes! Pat, love your comments!!!

  144. Pat says:

    Of course, now she moves.

  145. Pat says:

    I just have to ask, has anyone seen Cinder move for awhile or is the camera stuck?


  146. Tina says:

    Gee, wouldn’t you know it – as soon as I post – Cinder heads down the ramp!! Way to go Cinder!! Be very careful tho!

  147. Tina says:

    Sunday Afternoon 2:40. I think Cinder is hungry but her rear unbandaged foot is hurting too much to attempt going down the ramp. Hang in there Cinder – Dr. W. will be there soon to fix you up & then you’ll feel better!

  148. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    It’s not quite 11 and she’s sitting up top facing the other way, looking up, looking around, just chilling. The way an animal copes: just curl up and wait. Except her feet and legs hurt. She’s fidgeting, too. Down below she has bunches of grapes and looks like melon rind, some round fruit. Strips of white on the ground — sometimes that’s what’s left of fish. And down below you can see foliage and people walking. The volunteer shift is 8 to noon. Lots to get done. The people talk and sometimes call out because things have to be carried back and forth, out to the animals. But no radios; nobody is bored. It’s all about the animals who we hope will be released.

  149. Pat says:

    I really hope someone tells me I’m wrong, but does it seem like Cinder is breathing heavier than normal?


    • Nadine says:

      Maybe it’s the effect of the painkillers, or just the pain.
      Are you concerned her lungs are damaged by smoke/burning?
      Love you Cinders!

    • KC says:

      Cinder appears to be sleeping soundly, it may be warmer in there and she may be breathing that way to keep cool. She was not doing it all the time. Looks like maybe her bandages are off not sure.

    • Mimi at Tahoe says:

      Pat, even before I read what you wrote, my first thought was that bear is really panting. I just called Denise and she called up the webcam. Of course as soon as Denise could see her, the cub went back to gentle breathing. Denise weighed all the factors like it’s 87 degrees today and heat rises and any sensible bear would be BEAR-foot in this weather, plus Cinders’ fur is quite thick and she can’t jump into water to cool off. They will watch her and Dr. Willets will be there tomorrow to redo the bandages. Denise said Jo went in the enclosure and approached Cinders in the loft. Cinders charged her! Being a more mature bear and very wild. You haven’t lived until an injured bear tells you with great emphasis: “Kkkkkkkk!” So it goes. God bless!

      • Bobbie D. says:

        I was watching Cinders go up and down the ramp 3 times a little before you noticed her breathing hard so she may just have been feeling some discomfort from her efforts at trying to find more melons. I noticed she has trouble holding the melons still so she can get the good stuff so has resorted to using her forearm instead of her paw like most normal bears do. It looked to me like she had no bandage on her left rear foot and was favoring it a little.

      • Pat says:

        I just wanted to thank everyone that responded.

  150. Nadine says:

    I saw her sleeping last night – you could just make out her nose in the darkness, and now she’s chilling out and moving around a little. She seems relaxed. I am so glad she is doing well. I cried my eyes out when I heard the story and prayed very much for her.
    Thank you everyone for all you have done for her!
    Grow strong Cinders! Live long and happy! <3

  151. Kat says:

    What a pretty face Cinder has. And cool, she’s on this end of the ramp, can really see her and her booties. She looks curious and healthy considering, glad to see her moving around so much. WTG LTWC!

    • Joan says:

      Is Cinder in the same cage as Brockway (North Tahoe cub)?

      • KC says:

        Joan this is Cinder in here now. Her feet are bandaged. Brockway is in another place on the property that is not on a camera. If Ciinder is not here on camera 7 she may be on camera 4 eating or may be out getting bandages changed. Now if any of this is wrong someone will correct me. Just thought I would give you an answer.

  152. Chris says:

    Wonder what Cinder is thinking as she s sitting there, staring out the cage window.. Soon Cinder you will be able to run and play with the other bears once your paws heal..

  153. Mimi at Tahoe says:

    Wow! Here’s Cinders up in her loft just chilling! NOT a river otter at all. And in the bear house the rest of the kids are up in their lofts. Naptime. It seems peaceful. We got our pretty weather back. And . . . weekend! . . . I wonder if it would help little kids to see that bear cubs nap. Naps are good!

  154. KC says:

    Where is Cinder? She has been gone since last night. The new bear was in there and is now with the other ones. Hope she is doing well. See that some other people are wondering too. Looking forward to seeing her back here and making progress.

  155. Deanna says:

    I just watched this little bear sitting in front of the camera scratching its front legs, belly and then rolling over on its back and scratching its back on the logs. What a sweet little face it has and I am wondering if it is the new one that just came in from North Tahoe. If so I am very happy it is here because it already seems so much better then it did on the video the Bear League posted on Facebook today. Bless this little one and hopefully soon it will be in with all the other bears having fun all summer long with its new buddies. It truly deserves it after everything it has gone through in its young life.

    • KC says:

      The cub you see now is the female from Paradise. She has a mouth injury and is healing up. Her brother is with the other bears. Will have to see where the one from North Shore ends up.

      • Deanna says:

        Thanks KC. I knew they had the two paradise bears in here the other day but since I only could see one I was thinking maybe it was the North shore bear. This little girl is a cutie and she sure is going to be happy once she gets to go to the bear house with her brother. I am hoping the North Shore baby is doing OK where ever it is.

  156. KC says:

    2 new bear cubs, where are they from?I hope at least one if not both are female. Now there are 8 bears. Well thank you for being there for them. :-)

  157. KC says:

    See that the windows are uncovered now so Tahoe can see out. Was there a problem with them covered?

  158. KC says:

    What type of bird is in here and camera 9 also camera 6 have a bird in there? They can’t be viewed if clicked on. At one time they all were viewable.

  159. KC says:

    Looks like Heavenly is recovering and moving around. Someone cleaning make a quick exit when he started to come down on the logs. Ok have to ask what is on the floor with 4 legs? Was standing up yesterday never moved now is laying on its side. Thank you for all you do there.

  160. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Oooh, this is one wild bear — and he’s healing fast! Right now he’s halfway up the cyclone fencing wall! If only we could TELL these creatures that we want them to go as soon as they’re ready! Even with Cheryl’s meal service, the little guy is looking for a way out!

  161. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Great camera placement! Good for up close with the very long nose. Good for when he goes downstairs. He was looking out, maybe wondering how this all happened and if “they” are going to let him go free. I bet he’s appreciating Cheryl’s spa cuisine! Boy! To just lie down on a ski run . . . poor little bear!

  162. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    There seems to be a bear cub in the raccoon house! And the bedroom door is down in the bear house. Didn’t see kids in the bobcat house. Well, as long as we don’t see giraffes or hippos . . .

  163. Bruce Richards says:

    The two bobcat youngsters are on Cameras 5 and 8. You’ll usually find them on one camera or the other. Sometimes they sleep inside their little hideout on the top shelf at the upper center view of Camera 5.

  164. Joanne D says:

    OK, I give up, where are Sierra & Chips?

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