Cam 7: River Otter South Side Play Area

Video provided by LTWC (c) 2012 all rights reserved

7 Responses to Cam 7: River Otter South Side Play Area

  1. KC says:

    Looks like Heavenly is recovering and moving around. Someone cleaning make a quick exit when he started to come down on the logs. Ok have to ask what is on the floor with 4 legs? Was standing up yesterday never moved now is laying on its side. Thank you for all you do there.

  2. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Oooh, this is one wild bear — and he’s healing fast! Right now he’s halfway up the cyclone fencing wall! If only we could TELL these creatures that we want them to go as soon as they’re ready! Even with Cheryl’s meal service, the little guy is looking for a way out!

  3. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Great camera placement! Good for up close with the very long nose. Good for when he goes downstairs. He was looking out, maybe wondering how this all happened and if “they” are going to let him go free. I bet he’s appreciating Cheryl’s spa cuisine! Boy! To just lie down on a ski run . . . poor little bear!

  4. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    There seems to be a bear cub in the raccoon house! And the bedroom door is down in the bear house. Didn’t see kids in the bobcat house. Well, as long as we don’t see giraffes or hippos . . .

  5. Bruce Richards says:

    The two bobcat youngsters are on Cameras 5 and 8. You’ll usually find them on one camera or the other. Sometimes they sleep inside their little hideout on the top shelf at the upper center view of Camera 5.

  6. Joanne D says:

    OK, I give up, where are Sierra & Chips?

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