Cam 8: Ravens

Video provided by LTWC (c) 2012 all rights reserved

63 Responses to Cam 8: Ravens

  1. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Ravens, really? Looks to me like raccoons — big ones, too! And they have a hammock.

  2. Bobbie D says:

    Hmmmm, Wonder what is under the tarp?

  3. Kat says:

    So nice to see him laying down playing with a ball :)

  4. Kat says:

    Man he looks so lonely pacing back and forth. Hope he heals quickly and get in with the others!

  5. Mimi Routh - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Oh-boy, it’s raining! That’s why he was restless, looking out. Strange day! Be easy, little guy!

  6. Mimi Routh - South Lake Tahoe says:

    He is walking to the left-hand corner, looking out, then walking back out of camera range. Pulling the broken leg along. Ears so big! So, Kat, is he Charlie? He is indeed special. And he seems antsy but surely senses that he’s being helped. I’m off to empty his picture and many others out of my camera. L’il Smokey reunion, sunset, moonrise, twinkies . . .

    • Kat says:

      Hi Mimi, from the comments on facebook, this would be Charlie bear! If you got good pics, be sure and share :)

  7. Kat says:

    Sheesh Charlie, even with a broken leg you have to climb off the side of the platform vs using the ramp??? I guess you are healing!

  8. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Uh-oh, he went on up and is now helping Tom adjust the camera!

  9. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    I swear I just saw a little skinny bear cub climbing the screen. Still wild and not appreciating rescue one little bit! Well, good! I sure hope “we” get to keep and help this one.

  10. Deanna B. says:

    Beautiful bird!! He was picking at his bandaged wing while I was watching him today, hopefully it will heal up soon.

    • Deanna B. says:

      How is this cutie doing lately? He is sitting right next to the camera so I had a perfect view of him and he is even more beautiful then I thought he was.

  11. Bruce Richards says:

    This is a recently received Peregrine Falcon in one of our isolation enclosures recovering from a broken wing. He’ll be in this area for a few weeks until his (or her) wing has healed enough to start flight exercises and then he’ll be moved into a larger enclosure. He seems comfortable and is eating like a little horse!

  12. Bruce Richards says:

    The two new cubs have been moved to the Bobcat Enclosure which is served by Cam4. The Bobcat enclosure (this camera) is now empty for the moment.

  13. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Finally, I see my little friend, Ojai girl, up on the ledge, just looking around, stretching. She’s growing. I would be bored silly, but at least she is alive and eating. Yesterday her food dishes were up on the ledge where the raccoon hide-away is. I wonder if she won’t grow out of that soon. There must be a cozy place in the corner . . .

  14. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    I don’t see my little friend in here. There are rumors of her eating and hiding out and NOT hibernating. I mean the tiniest, Ojai girl. Over a week ago Cheryl said she was finally taking in interest in her food. Would be nice to watch her grow and play while the others are snoozing.

  15. Deanna says:

    Who is this bear and where did he come from? It is much to big to be the little cub from the south.

    • Deanna says:

      Never mind… I figured out that they moved Sierra and Chips to the little cubs cage and moved the cub here. She sure looks bigger in this cage and I am happy we can see her hiding place here as well. She does look lonely though, too bad the Luther girl wasnt such a brat so they could keep each other company.

      • dayna says:

        I agree with you regarding chips. I think she is a lovable, kindred spirit who should not be returned to the wild. Let people enjoy her and the love of wildlife. If I was allowed to adopt hee I would. I have a lynx-bobcat who brings so much joy to everyone

  16. bones says:

    How is Sierra’s leg? He’s limping. What happened?

  17. Kat says:

    Note, new bears are on 2 cams — Ravens and Racoons!

  18. Kat says:

    What a size difference. The little one is an adorable explorer!

  19. Kat says:

    Aww, cute new babies, trying to find an escape route. Totally confused I’d imagine!

    Thanks for the update Mimi.

  20. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Okay, let’s see if I can put down what Cheryl just told me talking very fast:

    The cub resting on the shelf in the bear house bedroom with the door down — he is alive. He hurt a back leg/foot and has been to the hospital. He’s on pain-killer and Dr. Willets wants him to be quiet and isolated. So he is just resting and healing. The other four were gathered around that door, almost like a prayer group. We will see a volunteer go in there to give him food and water, etc.

    Chips and Sierra are in the aviary where Chips was before. They are fine.

    The two cubs in the raccoon house — their mother was killed on Luther Pass last night and the police begged LTWC to just take them because Fish & Game could not be contacted.

    Everything is essentially just fine, except for the dead momma.

  21. Michelle Westrum says:

    Where did these cubs come from? Are they new rescues? One is much bigger than the other……. do tell us their story

  22. Paul Nowak says:

    Daaaaa Bearss Da Bearss Da Bearss Da Bearss!!!
    They are cute… BUT
    I want to see Sierra and Chips wrassel some more!

  23. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    I am so smart, I know this is not a raven and not a bobcat. This is a bear cub! Something is going on. He’s cuddled on the shelf all alone. There is a story here.

  24. bones says:

    Where’s the hot tub?

  25. Bruce Richards says:

    They’re Back!

    We’ve moved this camera from the original “Chips” bobcat enclosure to their new digs for another view of our two youngsters.

  26. Tim Stewart says:

    Chips is on camera 5 now with her new buddy.

  27. Kat, NC says:

    Watch cam 5 for the meeting — after the coon cage is emptied and cleaned

    • Deanna says:

      Thanks for moving the sign so we can read it. I am happy the coons get to be released today and cant wait to see the meeting between Chips and Sierra.

  28. bones says:

    Where’s the Chipster? What happened to Chip’s mondo pad?

  29. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    I can’t read that sign.

  30. Deanna says:

    I cant read the sign to see what is happening with the big meeting of Sierra and Chips :(

  31. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Oh, wow! A really bare studio with the white plastic cushioning material on the floor and one hanging ball. I brought a gorgeous Red-Tailed Hawk down the coast yesterday and watched Cheryl care for him/her. When I asked about Chips, she said today would be the day they refurbish Chips’ space, then put her AND SIERRA back in there together. Something like that! Should be a great show! God bless!

  32. Vicki E - Tucson, AZ says:

    Sure do love watching all the cam’s on my iPhone! Can’t believe how BIG Chips is getting. WOW! So adorable!

    Thanks LTWC for all that you do!

  33. Paul Nowak says:

    You got my vote for a poster of Little Chips while she is still a kitten.
    (probably for not much longer though, seeing how much she has grown since her first debut with Tad.)

  34. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    Where’s Chips? For that matter where’s the 2%VbIRst?p0 word to type in? Oh, this is an improvement! But no bobcat! Maybe she’s in transit to her new arrangement with the little boy. . .

    • Cindy says:

      She sure is active now! What a joy to see her jumping and pouncing (on both a little flying critter and imaginary prey) after so much damage to her paws. She must have healed very well, thanks again to LTWC! It’s awesome to see her behaving like any other playful kitten!

  35. Theresa says:

    She is very active and that seems to be a good sign. I am guessing she is a little bored, hopefully there is some company coming soon.

  36. Tim Stewart says:

    I have had an emergency and hadn’t seen Chips in a week. She has grown a lot, 12 to 20 mice a big leap. Seems to be doing really well. Thanks for caring.

  37. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    I agree with you, Mary, about making posters to sell. I begged for a poster of L’il Smokey looking up, wearing his red shoes. He knew they were making plans for his benefit! Right now Chips is sitting in the cat tree, far right, and grooming herself like any housecat. Last I heard she was up to 20 mice/day. No longer 1.5 pounds! Look at that roundness! Oh, goodness! Now she’s looking around. This girl doesn’t have a bad angle! As to Sierra, last I heard the people were not sure what kind of wintering-over home the two should have. For sure they’ll put a camera if they can!

  38. Mary Stortz says:

    She’s so cute, just full of it. Obviously her eyes and paws are just fine. Glad to see it. LTWC needs to put out a poster of her and use it as a fundraiser. I think tons of people would buy it.

  39. Laurie Pearson says:

    OMG I love this! She’s doing so great. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  40. Bob Mason says:

    Chips is the new webcam star at LTWC.

  41. Paul Nowak says:

    Sounds like Chips is getting a new room mate anytime now! I hear they named him Sierra! Being a real “Wild” Bobcat Kit”, Sierra will be able to help show Chips the ropes of hunting and other real “Wild behavior”! I am sure she will pick up his tricks quickly.
    I hope the two will get to hunt mice and other rodents inside their habitat. Maybe the white sheets can be replaced w/ something more natural as soon as her paws can handle it. This is going to be really fun to watch!

  42. Chris says:

    Chips is really enjoying her stuffed “playmate”–it looks like she’s feeling pretty frisky, a good sign. Thanks for putting her on-camera for us.

  43. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    This little lady is really responding to her inner bobcat!

  44. Adam says:

    she should become the new smokey the bear

  45. Tim Stewart says:

    So much more responsive. Chasing flies and playing so much more. She is cute, but what will happen to her? Is she scheduled to be released? When I worked in a zoo/rescue facility, animals like Chip’s were usually kept for educational purposes. Mainly because she was so young and has some imprinting by humans already. Who is going to teach her to hunt? She is a special ambassador. We all love her. Please contribute to her care.

  46. Bill says:

    OMG. Watching this little Bobcat play is just adorable! Can we adopt Chips please?

  47. Sue Morneau says:

    Cutie Chip’s secret to health is team LTWC, (poor little) mice, and an awesome new playground !

  48. Paul Nowak says:

    How are her eyes healing? She seems to be alert and looking around quite well. Is she responding to sounds or movement? Are her paws healed 90% yet?

  49. Cindy T. says:

    It’s 7:00 PM on Sunday. Do you know where Chips is ? He’s not in his room, and his bed is gone. Did he run out for dinner with friends ? Hope he’s home by curfew !

  50. Parker says:

    I would’ve named him Dorito.

  51. Mimi - South Lake Tahoe says:

    What wonderful custom gym equipment! She’s rambunctious!

    [Hi, Vasiliy! Sasha, Vova, Vitali! Yes, and Masha! Tell Babushka I'll mail a letter SOON! XO!]

  52. Bones says:

    Chips is complaining about the lack of privacy these days.

  53. Donna Clark says:

    She needs a toy!

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