Snowsports Week is February 11-14

Benefit LTWC — and yourself — by getting $40 lift tickets to Sierra-at-Tahoe for Snowsports Week! (That’s nearly half-price from the $79 regular cost. Wow!)

Snowsports Week tickets must  be purchased in advance at one of the 20 participating locations, and must be used on February 11, 12, 13 or 14. Proceeds benefit LTWC and other great local organizations.

Click here for more info, including participating locations.


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Video: Raising orphaned bear cubs

KGO-TV in San Francisco aired the second part in their series on Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care last night — check out the clip below to meet the orphaned bear cubs at LTWC this winter, and learn more about how we care for them.

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Video: LTWC has its busiest winter in decades

Thanks to KGO-TV in San Francisco (ABC 7) for running this great story on LTWC last night!

Typically, winter is our slow season. But this isn’t a typical winter! Watch the video below to see just how busy we are this year, and meet some of our wintertime guests, including bears, a bobcat, a bald eagle and a great-horned owl. The ABC-TV team also captured Tom and Cheryl releasing a recently-rehabbed peregrine falcon. Enjoy!

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Two River Otters Meeting for the First Time

In May, WildCare (of San Rafael, CA) admitted a young baby river otter. The otter, who was too young to swim, was found drowning in Corte Madera Creek. After stabilizing the cold and hungry baby for several days, WildCare transferred the young otter to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, so she could learn to swim in our river otter pool.

By August, the young otter had mastered swimming. However, since she was the only otter admitted to LTWC all summer, we transferred her to Sonoma Wildlife Rescue in Petaluma, CA, which had a (male) orphaned river otter who was also alone.

The video below takes the story from there. Thank you to WildCare for this wonderfully funny and heartwarming video!

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Chips the Bobcat

Many of you may already know that LTWC has a new visitor — a young bobcat kitten named Chips, who was rescued from the Chips fire near Lake Almanor, CA.


The little kitten is on her way to recovery after suffering second degree burns on her paws.  Please check out our new Chips the Bobcat page to check in on her progress, and see Chips photos, videos and news stories.

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Photos: Open House 2012

otter-picture-taking-2Thanks to everyone who showed for our annual Open House this past Sunday! Nearly 1,100 people visited LTWC to see the river otter pup, bobcat kittens, raccoons, and the many other orphaned and injured birds and animals that LTWC is raising and rehabilitating this summer.

Thanks also to all our wonderful volunteers who made this day possible.

Missed the Open House? Check out the photos from this year’s Open House, courtesy of local photographer John Adamski. Want to see more wildlife in action? Be sure to check out our webcam and video pages.

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LTWC Open House this Sunday, August 5!

Be sure to visit LTWC this Sunday between 10am and 4pm for our Annual Open House!

The Open House is the only day during the year that LTWC invites the general public to tour its grounds. This is a wonderful opportunity to see wildlife and learn about the work that LTWC does.

Watch the video below to see some of the animals that are at LTWC this summer, and click here for more information about the Open House.

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New Video: River Otter’s First Swim!

Click below to watch a new video of a young river otter taking its first swim!

This video was filmed in LTWC’s River Otter Rehab cage, which is a great environment for orphaned otters like this one to learn to swim and fish–skills that are vital to their survival. This otter will get a lot more practice here over the next couple of months before it is released back to the wild.

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Bear cub arrives from Humboldt County

LTWC received its first bear cub of the season on Memorial Day (May 28). The little cub, shown here, was found on the Hoopa Indian Reservation in Humboldt County, after its mother was killed.

Humboldt County bear cub

This little cub arrived at LTWC on Monday, May 28, from Humboldt County.

Dr. Willits gave the cub a full examination and found only a couple of ticks, which is great news for this little guy!

We’ll keep you posted on his progress.

Bear cub examination

Dr. Willits giving the cub a full examination.

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LTWC’s search for a new home

Check out this great article in yesterday’s Tahoe Daily Tribune about LTWC’s search for a new home:

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care looking to expand

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