Chips the Baby Bobcat video is the most popular USFS video ever!

LTWC received a message from the US Forest Service that their video highlighting Chips the Baby Bobcat is now the most popular Forest Service YouTube video ever, with nearly 210,000 views as of this writing.

Chips was just four weeks old when she was rescued by a firefighter during the Chips fire in August 2012. LTWC rehabilitated the cub and released her successfully back into the wild in April 2013.

You can check the heartwarming video out for yourself below.

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Heavenly Bear Continues to Heal

Heavenly (the bear rescued from Heavenly Mountain Resort earlier this month) is continuing his recovery. Below are a few photos from his examination at LTWC last week.

Heavenly gets a checkup

Heavenly gets a checkup last week at LTWC.

Heavenly's lacerations are healing nicely.

Heavenly’s lacerations are healing nicely.

Heavenly is expected to continue his recovery, has a good appetite and is getting along well with the other cubs that are rehabbing at LTWC. Be sure to check them out on LTWC’s webcams:

Cam1: Bear Cub Play Area

Cam2: Bear Cub Feeding Area

Cam3: Bear Cub Sleeping Area

Bears are one of the most costly animals for LTWC to rehab. With the cost of food and medications, it will cost about $1,000 to rehab Heavenly before he’s released. If you can help, please click the “donate” button on the right. Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc. (LTWC) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Our Federal ID number is 94-2799765.

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Update: Injured bear on the road to recovery

The injured bear rescued from Heavenly Mountain Resort on Monday is doing well. Although the lacerations on his feet are making him reluctant to walk, he is eating well, resting and healing.

Webcam 7: Heavenly bear cub

Webcam 7: Heavenly bear cub

Visit our webcam pages to check in on this young bear yourself:

Webcam 7




The national media also picked up this story! Check out the links below.

Huffington Post
New York Daily News


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Injured bear rescued

An injured bear cub found on the grounds of Heavenly Mountain Resort here in South Lake Tahoe today was sedated and brought into LTWC for treatment. The first-year cub is expected to make a full recovery.

Click here to watch KCRA Sacramento’s coverage of the story (including some great footage of LTWC volunteer Bruce Rettig carrying the bear into LTWC!)

Click here for additional detail and photos from KGOTV San Francisco.

An injured bear cub found at Heavenly Mountain Resort was sedated and brought to LTWC for treatment today.

An injured bear cub found at Heavenly Mountain Resort was sedated and brought to LTWC for treatment today.




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Meeks Bay Bear Cub Video

KTXL, Fox40 in Sacramento, did a very nice piece on the Meeks Bay bear cub this past Tuesday (June 11th) — click the here to check it out. Thank you to Dennis Shanahan!

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Chips the Bobcat

The US Forest Service assembled a fantastic video about Chips the Bobcat, who came to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care last summer after the Chips wildfire, as part of their RESTORE video series.

The USFS’s RESTORE video podcast series features stories on ecological restoration that highlight people, projects, and the associated inroads and successes made in their restoration activities. To learn more or to see additional videos in the series, visit the USFS’s RESTORE website by clicking here.

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From injured and orhpaned to rehabbed and released

ABC-7 (KGO-TV in San Francisco) recently aired a fantastic update on the injured and orphaned animals that LTWC rehabbed and released this past winter, including the bear cubs, bald eagle and Chips the Bobcat. Check out the video below!

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Video: Bald Eagle’s First Flight

This bald eagle has been in rehab at LTWC since December 2012 with an injured right wing. Two days ago, it got its first taste of flying again at Lake Tahoe Golf Course after four months of healing. It flew five times and did fantastic!

The eagle is now on an exercise program, and has a potential release date of April 14. Stay tuned!

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North San Juan Bear Cub Release Video on KGO TV

KGO TV (ABC 7 in San Francisco) aired the third and final part of the series on LTWC earlier this week. This segment focused on the release of the two North San Juan bear cubs  who came to LTWC last year. Click the video below to watch!

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Snowsports Week is February 11-14

Benefit LTWC — and yourself — by getting $40 lift tickets to Sierra-at-Tahoe for Snowsports Week! (That’s nearly half-price from the $79 regular cost. Wow!)

Snowsports Week tickets must  be purchased in advance at one of the 20 participating locations, and must be used on February 11, 12, 13 or 14. Proceeds benefit LTWC and other great local organizations.

Click here for more info, including participating locations.


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